Tuesday, September 22, 2009

september twenty-two

Sean went into daycare this morning with no issues. Hopefully we're back on track now, and the mornings with crying are long behind us again. He comes home every day saying he's had a good time, that's why I don't understand why he got off track for a bit there. Here's to hoping.

It was raining this morning, so I didn't walk with my friend Dara to our mom & tot class that we're taking together. Though, we had plans to walk and meet up where we would meet up if walking from home. Like last week, we met halfway and I parked my car there, as I work on Tuesdays after the mom & tot class. But today it's raining. Maybe we'll get to walk next week, if the weather doesn't get too cold. We're already the end of September!

Class was fun this morning. It's half an hour in the gym & then half an hour of music.

The mom sitting down with her son joined us today. Though, all the children in the class are way older then her son, and I think she felt kind of out of place. I know her from before this class, but I don't think she'll be coming back next week. While most of the kids are 14 months + (the class is for 14-24 months old), her son is almost 7 months old. That's a huge developmental difference. Most of the kids in the class are walking, while her son is just learning to sit.

Mack & his best friend (on the left).

After class I dropped Mack off at daycare, and headed to work. I'm in the middle of cleaning up a huge pile of harddrives. We are trying to figure out which ones are covered by the supplier and which ones need to be sent back to the manufacturer, and it's a huge mess (from before I started working there). Slowly but surely it's coming along at work. I hope to have my office organized and clean within the next few weeks. I can dream, right?

After work I picked up Sean from daycare first. I do this so that Sean sees that Mack really goes to daycare, I think I've mentioned this before. Anyhow, our conversation on the way to picking up Mack was too cute not to share.

Sean: "My brother's name is Mackenzie Riley".
Robyn: "Yes it is".
Sean: "The Cookie Monster told me so".

Apparently the Cookie Monster has been telling Sean a lot of things lately, including teaching him French.

I was told at Mack's pick up that he had a bit of a rough day today. Whenever another kid cired, he did too. It makes me upset/sad that he is like this, but I don't have a choice but to bring him to daycare. He's only been here for 3 weeks now, I'm hoping it'll get easier. I'm sure it'll get easier.

I came home tonight to my Swap on a Budget package being on my front step.
I love everything that I received!

I got a lovely skein of Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn.

And a skein of Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn, a brand I've never heard of before.
I love discovering new things!

This evening Jamie & I took the kids to go meet his friend Larry's new son. He's adorable. We spoiled him with lots of cute outfits, and we had cake & coffee. Another mutual friend was there with his girlfriend and we had to unfortunately cut the evening short as soon as Mackenzie demanded to be put to bed. Sean used to go to bed whenever he wanted (a learning experience for us, let me tell you) but, Mackenzie, like clockwork goes to bed at the same time every night. We felt bad to cut the evening short, but we had to get the boys to bed.


Amelah said...

Nice loot!

Bea said...

Excellent swap package. I can see where the class would be a bit overwhelming for a 7 month old.