Monday, September 07, 2009

september seven

Since Jamie was home today, I got to sleep in. Though, both boys got up at 5 am, because Mack got up screaming. It's the first time in a LONG time that one boy has woken up the other. I was able to get Mack back to sleep after his bottle. Sean I had to change as he was soaked again, and change his sheets as well. After he had milk as well, he went back to sleep. 5 am is just too early. I am certainly not a fan of 5 am. I hope to not see that time again for a very long time.

Sean entertaining Mack with Peek-a-boo this morning.

This afternoon I went to pick up an order with Tanis Fiber Arts. I just love her stuff and am glad she's dyed another colorway for my sock club. I love chatting with her, she's super sweet. Her stuff is one of my fave. If you haven't tried out her yarn yet, you totally have to.

Since I was in the city, I took a few minutes to stop off at the magazine shop near my old place to see if they got in the issue of Simple Knitting that I'm looking for. No such luck. However, they did happen to have in the new Debbie Bliss issue - Fall/Winter 2009. Great issue. Already spotted a few things I'd love to make. I'm also curious as to when Interweave Weekend is coming out. I had no idea they were even making that magazine issue until I saw it advertised.

When I got back I dropped Sean off at my parents house. He wanted to go over swimming and it was nice out, and they keep their pool at 90 degrees, so for September, I'm glad he was able to take advantage. I came home to a sleeping Mackenzie, so that Jamie could go to the driving range. I worked until Mack got up from his nap and then once Jamie got back we went to my parents house for a BBQ dinner. My grandmother was there tonight as well as my dad's best friend and his family. I can't believe how big my dad's best friends kids are getting. I used to babysit them. A long time ago. This makes me feel old. I had a nice time at dinner.

Tonight while at my parents house, I mentioned to my mother that I had lost my 2 blue spatulas and that I was looking for them when I was making muffins the other day. She went into her kitchen and said "What, these blue spatulas?" Apparently, they have been at my mother's house since Mack's 1st birthday party back in June. Not sure how they ended up there, but they've been there since. Glad to have them back.

Tonight after the kids were in bed Jamie and I watched an episode of Dexter. We're really trying to squeeze in as many as possible, as it's getting really good and we keep just wanting to know what happens next. What a strange strange show though. It's insane!


Bea said...

Oh how different we are! 5AM is my normal time. I don't sleep much past it even on the weekends.

I didn't know Debbie Bliss had a magazine? I haven't seen that before. Interweave weekend was a surprise to me too.

Tara said...

I really liked the IK Weekend (I picked it up for a friend in Ireland). What'd you think?

g-girl said...

glad you found those blue spatulas!

dawn said...

Yay for sleeping in! I love Tanis fiber soft and pretty!