Tuesday, September 23, 2008

september twenty-three :: 14 weeks old

Sean's first day of daycare. I decided that I was going to take Sean to daycare before Jamie leaves to work for the day. This morning we were lucky and Mack was sleeping still, so I was able to get dressed, get Sean dressed, and after Sean finished his milk, we headed off to daycare. I wasn't sure how long it was going to take this morning, but surprisingly I was home in 20 minutes. We got there, he was a little hesitant at first, as he's never been there before. We get to his classroom, he gets a little clingy. I give his teacher his crib sheet (for his mat during nap time), a crochet blanket (for nap time) (the blanket was a gift from a family friend), his diapers, his bib, his sippy cup, etc. I gave him a kiss goodbye (gave the teacher my house & cell number in case anything) and while he was distracted with a toy telephone, I snuck out telling him that I was going to put his backpack away and I'd see him later. No tears. Just some clingyness. I was totally expecting tears. I think I was sad there were no tears. But he's a very outgoing kid - this shyness is new, and I'm hoping a phase.

I was told to pick him up just before nap time today. They had a girl there today whose parents work, the girl just started yesterday and she was freaking out during nap time. They said that they couldn't deal with 2 new kids freaking out at nap time in one day, as it would disrupt the other kids. Not saying Sean would disrupt nap time, but just in case. They said we'll try nap time tomorrow.

I came home and folded laundry, fed Mack, and did a few things around the house. I got Mack ready and headed out to do some errands including some groceries & the bank.

When I went back to pick him up, he was just finishing his lunch, and before I entered that class room, I peeked in. He was smiling with the teacher, she was cleaning his face from lunch (which was fish sticks, mashed potatoes & vegetables), and enjoying himself. As soon as I opened the door and he saw me, he teared up, yelled "Mommy, mommy, mommy" and hugged me. He was HAPPY to see me. I told him that I was coming back for him, and that I would never ever leave him anywhere to never come back. I kept asking him if he had a good time, and he told me yes. I asked him if he was going to go tomorrow to play at school again, and he said yes. He's very good at saying no, so these yes answers are great.

We came home, I let him watch a little bit of TV while I cleaned up and put the groceries away, and then Sean went down for his afternoon nap.

This afternoon instead of going out for my "meeting", it was held at my house, as I had to pick up Sean and he had to take his afternoon nap. Two moms from playgroup came over as we had some playgroup issues to discuss. Myself with the other two mothers that were here, we are the ones who "started up" playgroup. Anyhow, we're having a few issues with some of the moms/babies that attend, and we are trying to work out to make playgroup go more smoothly, and hopefully it'll all work out and regulate after the Jewish holidays, which are next week.

Sean woke up while the two moms were over and charmed them both. He's such a flirt that kid.

This evening I made Cheese & Spinach Ravioli for Sean & I. Jamie worked late and then went to visit his uncle in the hospital (more about that in a minute). We both really enjoyed the Ravioli, and it was just delicious. I definitely hope to make it again sometime. Feeding pasta in any shape or kind to a kid with sauce is not good. Sean makes a HUGE mess each time. So much so, that even if it's not bath night (he gets a bath every other night), we have to give him a bath because he gets sooooo dirty from pasta sauce. He had sauce in his hair, in his ears, all over his face, all over his clothes, wedged in the booster seat, on the floor. I love eating pasta, but it's such a freakin' mess!

Mr. Mack is 14 weeks old today. I really love this picture of the two of us today.

This evening I did a lot of laundry folding and watched the first televised Habs game of the season. We beat Buffalo 3-2. I see some potential in some guys that were brought up. We'll see what happens though. I also caught up on tonight's episode of House and Law & Order SVU. I love that the new seasons are starting up!

I wound some more mini skeins for the blanket project. I need to sit down and count out how many there are. I'm not repeating any color ways in the blanket, so I need to make sure each one is unique! I however didn't get a single chance to knit a stitch today. I did however (before dinner) get a chance to close my eyes for a little bit with Mack sleeping on me, while Sean destroyed the playroom (I napped on the playroom couch), as he dumped out the entire toy bin, rearranged the furniture, etc. Funny kid. Loves to make mess. It's funny too how he cleans up his messes at other people's houses (like my mother's), but not at his own house. Fun.

Tomorrow, Sean's off to daycare in the morning and is staying for nap time as well, Mack & I have Aqua class, and then we made plans last week to go see an afternoon Mom & Baby movie (Starz & Strollers program) with my mom and another mommy from Mack's playgroup, with her son, one of Mack's 2 best friends. What's funny is that Mackie's 2 best friends both have names that start with the letter J. Lots of babies with J names this summer! And tomorrow night I've also got plans and I'm taking Mack with me. Busy busy day tomorrow, and before I know it, it'll be Friday already, the weekend will go by really quickly and then Monday-Tues-Wednesday are the Jewish Holidays = family & good food!


summer said...

Mack is so adorable and so is Sean!!

Bea said...

Yay! for daycare that makes Sean happy and will make Mom happy too.

LizzieK8 said...

We took my Youngest Granddaughter to her first day of school on Monday. She's just been accepted into a special ed pre-school for delayed speech. She's never been left with a "stranger" before. She had a bit of a "deer in the headlights" look about her when we left, but did very well, and was raring to go back on Tuesday.

I homeschooled all my kids so this was the first time I had to take a kid for the first day of school.

Tara said...

Yay Sean! You might have more of an issue today, as now he'll KNOW that you're leaving him there for a while? But hey, maybe not! He definitely is active, so he'll probably enjoy having some activity time with other kids his age.

Jennifer said...

So glad daycare went well! And I love both pics of the boys...such cuties.

Amelah said...

Very cute pic of Sean! Do like the one of you and Mack!

Jamie's uncle doing any better?

What kind of issue's did you need discuss for playgroup???

Glad Sean is enjoying the daycare! Must be hard to explain to him that you are not leaving him and you will be back!!! Hard to know if how much he understands of what we tell him! Can't wait for him to start talking sentences!!

g-girl said...

wow, so glad to hear sean did great on his first day of daycare!!!! hopefully he'll continue to do well. i hope naptime works out for him too! cute pic of you and mack!