Wednesday, September 17, 2008

september seventeen :: 3 months old

Mack is 3 months old today.

How cute is Sean watching his morning cartoons?

This morning I had my first Aqua Strollers Class with Mack. It was the same teacher as the previous 2 sessions that I took it (January - March and March - June). I love her. She's awesome. And she was super excited to see the little one outside in the world that she's seen grow in my belly! Mack was very good during swimming today. The class is from 11-11:45 am and he was all smiles until about 11:38 am. For the last 7 minutes during the last part, I held him in my arms and finished off the class by holding him. I wasn't the only mother holding their child in the class. Next week though, I have to bring a small towel to fold up in front of Mack as he sits up very well in the floating device, but he's a little too small for it, so I will need to put a towel to hold him from flopping forward. Usually the class is for 4 months + but I used my judgment as I am not a petrified mother. Plus he'll be 4 months old in a month!

We had lunch at my mother's. Sean gave Bosco some love.

I received another antique piece of furniture from my parents. This piece actually used to be in my room growing up. It ended up in the hallway in their house when I got custom built white furniture when I was a teenager. Now, it's in my office holding books & yarn. (Oh and some craft supplies in the door part on the bottom). I just love this piece.

Some garden updates (from this morning):

My bell peppers before they were picked.

My oranging pumpkin. Still the only pumpkin in my garden.
(Even though the pumpkin patch is taking over the ENTIRE garden now).

A cucumber that should be ready by the weekend.

Two more cucumbers that I hope will grow despite the fact that it keeps getting cold outside each night. Frost is now upon us....

A very large zucchini. Half I will make a soup with. The other half, will become puré for Mr. Mack which I will freeze until he's ready to start solids.

And some of my tomatoes.

And here is today's loot that got picked.

Zeus and Jazz wanted to say hello today on the blog. We had an issue with our garage door opener, so it's the front door that's getting used, so Zeus & Jazz came to see us off today for the day and take in the morning air. I don't think they'd ever run away. They're well fed here and they know where they get love and belly rubs.

I am IN LOVE with these mittens. I HAVE to knit myself a pair. The pattern apparently should be available by this weekend. I have to have it. I need to get my hands on it. I'm drooling over these mittens. Here fishy-fishy-fishy....!

Forgot to mention yesterday that the Baseball Sweater that Mack was wearing is the sweater that I knit for Sean, and that he only got to wear once. Well, guess what? Mack's only going to get to wear it once as well. He barely fits into it. And the weather JUST turned to sweater wearing weather... dang it! Oh well. At least I got pictures of each of them in it! And they both looked handsome in it! Maybe if we ever have a third child, we'll have to make sure it is born in colder months! Sean was, but I only knit it for him when he was around 3 months old. And I believe at 3 months old he was heavier than Mack is now.

This evening I went out with West Island Knits. We may try a new restaurant next time (in 2 weeks - October 2nd), as we weren't 100% happy with the service where we were. Just need to scout out a new location. Tonight it was Amy, Madeleine, Julie, Christine (whom I'd met last year at the Knitting Guild), Ottawa resident Melanie and her Montreal Mom (and myself & Mack too!) It was nice to get out of the house, and chat with everyone and get some knitting done. I realize that I have to only bring mindless projects to knit night, as there is way too much talking to concentrate!

I'm debating between this skull hat and this skull hat to cat on for my nephew for his November birthday. Which hat do you think I should do? I think I'm leaning more for the first one I linked. What do you think?

Tomorrow I've been married 3 years! Hubby is taking me out for dinner. Fuck, I have nothing to wear. Do I have to dress up? Tomorrow on tap is Sean's class, my appointment at the daycare to see the facilities and dinner with Jamie for our anniversary. My parents are watching the boys, and I cannot wait to have a meal with Jamie without the kids. It's been a while. Tomorrow, Jamie's uncle is having surgery, for the same thing that Jamie's mother (real mother, not step-mother) went under the knife in 2005 for. I'll get more into details tomorrow, but please keep your thoughts with us for good results. The jist of it is that he has to have inches of his intestines removed. I'm praying that Jamie will never have to have this surgery, as it runs in the family. (Which is why colonoscopies are done VERY young in the family). I am not sure what time his surgery is at tomorrow, but I'll know tomorrow.


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Happy 3 Month-day little Mack!
Those mittens are cute, and both of the skull caps are totally cool! Tough decision.

Jennifer said...

I think I like the second hat best, but they are both cool. Also, those mittens are great! I'd like a pair w/ purple and pink fishies :)

Happy Anniversary - hope you have a great romantic dinner w/o the boys!

Amelah said...

Sean is wayyyy to cute with Bosco! Can't wait for him to meet my puppy!

Happy Early Anniversary! Have fun! xoxox

Wow, can't believe Mack is 3 months already! They are growing way to fast!!

Delly Bean said...

I like both skull caps, but the Skull Island reminds me of Dia De Los Muertos which makes it cool in my brain.

Bertha said...

I know, I am totally obsessed with those mittens too, I can't wait to make some for myself, and maybe a mini pair for June??

Anonymous said...

Sean and Bosco ... OMG that is SOOOO adorable!!!

Happy Anniversary!

Tara said...

Gotta go with Jennifer on this one, I like the second one best. But I'm not the one knitting it, right!

I'm, again, jealous of your antiques. Very nice, wish I had the space for that kind of thing.

summer said...

Mack is so adorable!! Happy 3 months!!!!

I like those mittens!! adorable!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Jennifer Lori said...

Those mittens are so cute!

I like the second hat best if it was for an adult, but it is a little busy for a child. I would knit the first one for anyone under...10 I think. :)

Hattie said...

Gosh, 3 months. They get big so fast!

I love those mittens too, super cute!

Bea said...

I love the picture of Sean with Bosco.

All your veggies look yummy!

Bea said...

Oh yeah. Happy Anniversary!

Shelley said...

Those mittens are so cute! At first I thought they were socks but then I saw the

Happy anniversary!!

g-girl said...

hope it was a happy anniversary! :) did you dress up?? hope jamie's uncle's surgery went well. love the piece you picked up from your parents! :) how adorable is sean?? i think i would go with the first skull hat too--just because there's less fair isle goin' on.

laila in ndg said...

your tomatoes are phenomenal! i tried tomatoes for the first time this year, and only one turned red so far...!?

Nell said...

I can't believe he's 3 months already! Wow, time flies!