Thursday, September 25, 2008

september twenty-five

This morning Sean had his class at the Y. He got down & dirty with the paint. Never fails, every week, he's in the paints.... The kid never comes home clean, but a dirty kid is a happy kid, right?

Today I inquired about the cancellation policy at the Y for the separation program he's in. I'm not sure that the class is necessary as Sean is now in full time daycare. But, if it's not worth it to cancel, then I'm just going to keep him in there - as his friends are in there, and I think he'd enjoy the little change of scenery at the Y twice a week, instead of just daycare. I'm not decided on what I want to do, but I need to make a decision shortly.

After the Y, I dropped Sean off at Daycare. He cried and tried to cling. He was distracted by the teachers, but still crying. I ran home because I forgot his blankie and his Nunu at home, so I went to pick them up and bring them back. I had someone call out one of the teachers to get them from me, so he wouldn't see me. I gave them to her, and then before getting into my car, I peeked into the classroom over the painted window, and saw that he snatched the blankie & Nunu from his teachers hand when she came back into the room. He wasn't bawling, but he was still sniffling. They were just about to feed the kids lunch, so I got into my car and headed out.

I came home to some mail.
I received my September Vesper Sock Club yarn.
It's called Pumpkin Spice.

This afternoon I ran some errands with a mommy in Mack's playgroup and got some of the items on my to-get list. More errands will be ran tomorrow to finish off the to-get list for items that are needed.

I picked up Sean after doing some groceries for dinner. They were playing on the playground when I went to get him. I noticed that one of the teachers was holding him. He was a little upset, and SUPER happy to see me. I got greeted with a super huge hug. (And a few tears). Oh, I can't wait until this period is over, and he loves going into daycare and wants to be there because he does indeed have a good time - he tells me he does. He's very good about using the word "NO" now... so when asking him if he had a good time at school/or did you have fun playing with your friends - he could have easily told me no... but chooses to tell me yes. I'm hoping in a week or two time, he'll depart from me in the morning with a "bye mom"....

Some Halloween decorations are popping up around our house. There are 3 that are "put up" already. Today, I showcase the pumpkin that sits on the ledge of my bedroom balcony on the front of the house. This "light up" pumpkin dates back to when I was a kid - my mom found it in her house. Just over a month left until Halloween. Very excited.

Tonight, Jamie & I watched some Survivor, it was the 2 hour premiere, and I am about to crash. Maybe I'll get to read a few pages in the book I'm currently reading (so I can finish it), I'll talk about the book when I'm finished reading it - I'll save that for tomorrow's post.


g-girl said...

how many days a week does sean go to daycare? it's only been the first week. it's going to take some time for him to adjust to being away from you for so long! at least he's able to tell you that he's having fun though.

Secretly Spun said...

The pumpkin reminds me... I'd better put up the Christmas tree before we go on holiday tomorrow (yes really, we usually have it up in October, it's only little and more fun to watch the fiber optic lights than the TV). Hope Sean starts to enjoy Daycare soon.

Bea said...

Paiting looks like fun! I love that pumpkin spice yarn.

Amelah said...

Aww breaks my heart to hear that he cried lol!! Give him at least a week or two! It was only day 3! And all he knows is being with you 24 hours a day!! :)

Big Girl Feet said...

aww Sean! I'm sure once he gets used to going he'll just love it! my nephew adores his daycare, he goes every day and doesn't want to go home after- LOL!

that pumpkin spice yarn is gorgeous!!

halloween is special to us as we got married on halloween, we're having our 11 year anniversary this year... :)) we have so many decorations!! this is the first year we're in a house so we'll get trick or treaters- I'm very excited...!!

Fall Swap Partner said...

I love the look of concentration of Sean's face. It's so adorable! Painting must be great!

Tara said...

It's funny, on some pictures I think Sean looks like such a big boy, but I still need to remember that he isn't yet 2. He'll get used to it, don't worry. He's used to being around you ONLY, so of course it'll take time to adjust. He'll get there.