Friday, September 19, 2008

september nineteen :: 90 weeks old

Sean is 90 weeks old today.

Today he helped me do some dusting (since apparently my cleaning lady doesn't do it). There were some cobwebs that were bothering me, and I had to do the ceilings.

He's such a good helper! His fave thing is to clean. Maybe he gets that from me. I hate to actually clean, but I hate things out of order, and disorganized. (Though, if you saw my office right now, you'd laugh!)

This morning I hadn't heard from the daycare, and I called to find out about Sean's spot at 11 am - when she told me to call her by. By 11:25 am I was sitting in her office (Jamie ran home from work to watch the kids while I went) and by noon all the paperwork was filled out and Sean starts daycare on Tuesday. I am so super happy that he has a friend in the class (a girl 2 days younger than him) and that we know a teacher there (though she's with the 4 year olds). I also learned that they do not allow bottles for milk at naptime - sippy cups only - and I'm SUPER happy that he will hopefully get off the bottle at home, and get his milk only in a sippy cup. They told me not to worry, that they'll get him trained off the bottle. That he'll see his friends in class drinking it out of a sippy cup and want to do like they do. This is a good thing!

What I'm knitting with deadlines:
1. Test knitting the Moss Block Cardigan for Jenn (September 30th)
2. October's Sock Club Pattern for my shop

And what I need to be knitting because there is a deadline:
3. Skull Hat for Merlyn for his 6th Birthday (November 8th I believe is the party)
5. Katja for Bonnie's baby shower. (Oct 11th)
6. 1 Pattern from the 5 that will be in the November's Ultimate Sock Club Kit (I'm having a really fun time designing patterns these days! I just love it!) (In the process of having Ravelry set me up as a designer to show my patterns!)

Oh my...! Deadlines! I think I work very well with deadlines....!

And you know what I badly want to knit? Swedish Fish mittens. The PDF is now available, and I'm somehow hoping that the PDF will end up in my email inbox. A girl can dream, right? I want it bad!

Laila in NDG - can you email me at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com so I can email you the information you requested? Thanks!

I can't believe it's Friday already. I find that every week flies by. That when it's Monday, all of a sudden it's Friday already. And then the weekend flies by and it's Monday again. But then Monday turns into Friday and it's that all over again...! Where does time go? Seriously?

Off to go dream about Swedish Fish...! We have to get up super early tomorrow, the boys start swimming lessons!


Jen said...

Beautiful wedding pic from the other day. :) If you think the week flies by fast now, just wait until Sean is in elementary school. I swear my oldest just started kindergarten yesterday how can she already be almost 10 yrs old now!?!?

Thanks for the comment about the Barbies. I have ones that each girl will get when she hits 18. They have been given a few to open and play with.....and then the scissors made their way into the room and destroyed the clothes! >.< My mantra these days has become "I love my kids, they drive me crazy but jail is not an option." lol

Bea said...

I love the first photo. You two are so cute together.

Jennifer said...

yay - so glad sean got a spot in the daycare you wanted!

Amelah said...

OMG Seans face in the close up is priceless! Surprised you were able to hold him upside lol Good weight work out!

Happy he got into daycare, as long as its not Monday's :) I enjoy my time with him! Can't wait for apple picking!!!

Maggie said...

Sean is too cute with that Swiffer! Oliver loves to dust, too. I wonder if it's just a kid thing because I hate cleaning!

(btw, Wyatt was 10lbs 10oz at his last appt about a week ago so he and Mack are pretty close in size - meant to email that to you but can never find the time to do anything. I'm sure you understand!)

twinsetellen said...

I'm not sure which way is up in that first picture. Sean is certainly growing up.

dawn said...

Hopefully he'll still like to clean when he gets older lol.

LD said...

Can you send Sean over to clean our house???
It's amazing how daycares can get kids to do stuff. They say it's the group dynamic and all that. Personally, I think they forget to mention they have magic wands hidden in the cupboard!

Jenny Girl said...

Congrats on all your milestones! Your wedding picture is beautiful and I'm glad Sean got into the daycare you wanted.
And apparently he likes to clean...bonus! Have a great week :)

Tara said...

Yay for daycare! Sean will love it (eventually), and you'll get some time to do everything you need to do. This is definitely a good thing!

g-girl said...

how cute is he helping you dust! congrats on getting sean into daycare..and so quickly! wow, lots of knitting deadlines indeed but I know you'll finish them all!