Friday, September 26, 2008

september twenty-six :: 91 weeks old

Never finished the book I'm reading last night. I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I couldn't even read a sentence. I was passing out on the couch while watching TV with Jamie last night. I've been so tired lately, it's unbelievable. But, good news is, last night Mack slept until 6 am this morning. He did start kvetching around 5:15 am but dozed in an out of sleep until 6 am. (Yesterday morning I got up with my alarm at 7:30 am and Mack was still sleeping from the night before! I'm not complaining). So, I'll hopefully get to finish the book soon. I like to read before going to sleep at night, but lately, it's just not happening.

Sean is 91 weeks old today.

Sean went to daycare today. Now the crying starts in the parking lot when he realizes where he is. It's upsetting to me. I'm hoping that in another week or two he'll want to go and not want to come home - type of thing! Today I dropped him off at 8:30 am and squeezed out while his teacher was distracting him with a toy. When I picked him up this afternoon they said that he cried off an on all morning, but after nap time (which they moved him to the back of the room because they said he's a light sleeper), he was really good this afternoon and didn't cry. Today's lunch was soup & sandwiches which they said he ate really well. He told me he had a great time today, and played with his friends. I'm glad that there was no crying this afternoon, makes me feel better after a rough week of crying - there's hope!

Today I ran errands in the city, had to pick up some medication for Bosco (my mom's dog) at the vet (It's unreal how much meds cost for animals!) and did some Robyn's Nest drop offs/deliveries too. I wish I could have stayed longer at both my destinations, but just couldn't stay to chat today. (Thanks Melanie for the Pecan cookies, they were absolutely DELICIOUS! and ended up being my lunch).

I ended up getting into very heavy traffic on the way home, even after taking a shortcut to get to the highway to avoid even more traffic. Ugh. I hate traffic. But with only Mack in the car I got to listen music. When Sean's in the car, it's Elmo all the way. Sean loves Elmo. Big time.

Picked up Sean on my way home, and then once we got in, it was bath time for Mr. Mack.

He was all smiles during his bath time today. He's getting better and better in the bath. It was the same way with Sean, cried the first few weeks of bath time - but then started to like it. Swimming lessons also help with water liking. Mack just doesn't like the "entering" of the water. For bath or swim lessons. He pouts and cries a little fake cry (what a little con-artist!) at initial contact with water but then is okay.

Tonight Jamie & I had Habs tickets. They played the Ottawa Senators. Upon getting to our seats, we were welcomed with this HUGE new screen, which is a new high definition scoreboard that is the league's largest, at 25 feet by 40 feet of video space. It is five times larger than the Habs previous screen. The Habs, are celebrating their 100th season this year. The Habs were created on December 4th, 1909. Their official hundredth birthday will be next December. The festivities celebrating their 100th season have started, and will go on until December 4th, 2009. We won the game tonight 5-0. GO HABS GO!

Yep, there was knitting at the game. Though, I took the shot this way on purpose, as I can't show you (yet) what I'm working on. It's for the October Sock Club - which is on sale only a few more days until September 30th. So get it while it's still available! The yarn is being dyed by Anne-Marie of Sprouty25. It's super delicious!

I haven't done a garden update in a while. The most exciting thing in my garden is my almost fully orange pumpkin! How cool is this? Now here's the question. Do I take it off the patch and let it ripen or do I leave it on the patch until it's fully orange? I have no idea? Do I leave it on the vine until the week before Halloween, when I plan on carving it? Anyone, tips? Advice on pumpkins? Also - anyone have any good pumpkin pie recipes for when I do go and carve? I probably will make both a pumkin pie and as well, roast the seeds.

I'm tired. I'm off to bed.


Jennifer said...

great pumpkin! i think all of our's rotted already. it's weird - we heard on the news that everyone's pumpkins around here orange-d early so i'm curious what will be around once halloween finally gets here. we still have one, but i'm sure it'll be bad before carving time :( hope your's lasts - it looks great!

Bea said...

Yay for orange pumpkins!

Maggie said...

Mack looks like he's chunking up a little. What a cutie!

g-girl said...

wow, look at your pumpkin!! :) you know it might take longer than another week for sean to stop with the tears. it all really depends on when he realizes that you do come back for him after you drop him off @ daycare. it's a lot to get used to and he's been brave thus far. :)

Tara said...

Mmmm, I lurves me the baby pictures. I just wanna kiss that belly :)

Maxime used to hate getting OUT of the bath. I think he was cold. He loves bath time now, all I have to say is "bain" (the French word for bath), and he heads to the bathroom and tries to climb in!

Craftlover said...

how big is your garden?
you've got many GOODIES huh. :D