Saturday, September 27, 2008

september twenty-seven

This morning Mack slept in until 6 am. I'm okay with 6 am (or any time after that). I've been getting decent sleep at night, though I wish it could be longer. Hopefully in due time!

We had swimming class this morning, Mack's from 8:30-9 am and Sean's from 9 am - 9:30 am. This morning Mack was really good again. I'm really happy about this. And he doesn't freak out when I dunk him under water. In Sean's class, I discovered with the teacher that he's in the wrong class. Apparently the class Sean's in is for 13-18 month olds. They did NOT tell me this at registration. All it said was 13 months +. Ugh. Anyhow, I have a choice to make. Either I keep him in the class he's in - so I do back to back lessons then get to go home after, and the teacher will give me more advanced things to do for Sean to work on to prepare him for the next level next session, (as Sean is SUPER comfortable in the water), or I move him to his level, which is from 9:30-10 am, and I don't really want to sit on the side of the pool for half an hour to wait for Sean's class. So I think we're going to probably stay in the level he's in now - and get more advanced stuff from his teacher for him to work on. I think I'm okay with that. Next session I'll do Mack's swim class during the week while Sean's in daycare, and Sean's class on the weekend alone, and Jamie will stay home with Mack. It's super hard to do them together on the same morning. Besides, I'm WIPED by the time I get home. So super tired.

So, being that tired, I napped all afternoon. Much needed. I think for the rest of the session of swimming, I'll be napping most Saturdays! Oh wow does it tire me out!

In knitting news, I have some updates that I've been meaning to add to Ravelry and what not, so I'll show you:

My Chevron Scarf (which I hadn't knitted on in a while), needed a new picture in Ravelry. The last updated pictures was rows ago. I did have to take out a bit, as I had an error in it, and it was bothering me. Once I get through the deadlines I have, I plan on finishing my Chevron Scarf, once & for all. I've been working on this scarf since July of 2007. Way too long! Must get some of these WIPS as FO's...

Close up of the Chevron Scarf.

I had cast on the Drop Stitch Scarf, but it got forgotten about, and I'll pick it up after my deadlines are up. It's a great project, and I love the colorway of Cherry Tree Hill that I chose for it. I had no image for it in Ravelry, so I wanted to include something, even if it's just barely started.

And I've been asked to see my Misty Garden Scarf. Here it is!!! This scarf was supposed to be for a woman in the Ravelry Scarf Exchange, but she got booted after some really rude emails that she sent to both myself & the hostess of the swap. So, I get to keep it all for myself now! Which is good, because I'd fallen in love with this scarf during the time I was knitting it. I will be picking it back up to finish it off after my deadlines are met. This scarf is so super soft. It's got angora in it!

The current progress/length of my Misty Garden Scarf.

And here are two more Halloween progress photos:

The Spider Web that Sean picked out.

And Casper the Ghost by our front door.

Still got more decorations to hang up. Just haven't gotten to them yet. Soon!

This evening we ordered in food, and I had a hair in my veal parmasean. Gross! I called back the restaurant and they sent me a new one. By the time it got here and I gave them back the old one, I wasn't hungry anymore, and so now I have food in my fridge for one of the next few days. Gross. I swear, I lost my appetite. It's a restaurant we order from on a regular basis, so I'm sort of grossed out right now. And it was definitely NOT my hair, because I pulled it out from in between the veal and the cheese. No way my hair was baked into it while at the restaurant still. Gross!

Tonight we're trying Mack in his crib. He's been sleeping through the night, but in the swing. I'm crossing my fingers that he makes it through until at least 6-7 am tomorrow morning, in the crib. If so, I'll be super happy. That would be super.

This evening I knit (working on the October Sock Club Pattern for the kit still on sale until Tuesday night). It's coming along fabulously. I watched Terminator from Monday night with Jamie, and then we caught up on some Chuck. Jamie went up to bed and I'm just watching some King of Queens while I blog. I plan on going to bed now and trying to finish (finally) the book I'm reading. I have exactly 15 pages left to read. I can do it. (If I can keep my eyes open that is!)


Bea said...

I think your plan for swim lessons to be on different days will be good next session. Hopefully Sean won't be too far behind when he finally meets with the right group again.

All of the knitting looks spectaculr. I'm really liking your Chevron scarf.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the announcement of the yardage? It's been a while and I was away, but when I looked through past entries, I couldn't find it. I looked at your Ravelry page and couldn't believe how many yarns you have stashed.

Kelly said...

I love King of Queens. I was tagged on my blog. And now you have been tagged. Check out my blog to see what I mean. :)

g-girl said...

your chevron is as pretty as ever. :) i think it's smart to keep sean in the same level, nothing wrong with that. cute decorations! gross about the hair. :P

Tara said...

Too bad about the swim lesson mix-up. You might have planned differently if you'd had the right information! Maybe not have been so wiped on Saturday afternoons!