Monday, September 15, 2008

september fifteen

Babies? Babies! Who wants babies?

Mack had playgroup this afternoon. Here he is with one of his two BFF Jordan. (Jakey's his other best friend, but Jakey was sleeping today during playgroup). Jordan's dad has season tickets to the Habs two seats away from ours. Small world. I'm glad to have become really close with Jordan & Jakey's mommies.

Above left to right: Jordan, Mack, Aviva & Kennedy.

And all the babies that were there today (minus one who left early). We have:
On the couch: (Left to right): Jake, YY, Dylan, Ella, Jordan, Mack, Aviva & Kennedy. On the floor in the bucket is Marshall.

I love playgroup. I probably won't go next week as it's in the city, and I'm finding it really hard to go to playgroup when it's in the city, unfortunately. The week after next, playgroup is at my house (which also happens to fall on the day that Rosh Hashanah starts, but only at night, and since it's not at my house (dinner), we're still doing playgroup for those who can make it. But since Mackie will miss out on playgroup next week, at least he gets to see his best friends during the week, as I always end up going for lunch mid-week with Jordan & Jakey's mommies (amongst anyone else who joins us too).

This evening I had the privilege and the pleasure to meet author Rebecca Eckler. She sometimes blogs here. She's the author that sent me the copy of her book signed by her daughter and herself. It was Rowan's first autograph ever. Remember? She held an event tonight at the Jewish Public Library in the city. I headed down with my mother. The event was called The Me in Mommy. She talked a bit, read some excerpts from her books (I've read all three), held a questions & answer period, and signed books. She even had 25 copies of her latest book Toddlers Gone Wild that she gave away for free. I already had a copy, but my mother got a free book, which Rebecca signed for her. I'm really happy I went. It was great to get out of the house for an entire evening without the kids! It was my first time out alone since Mack's birth. It was also my first time out alone leaving Jamie at home with both kids.

On the way home from the event I told my mother that I hope the kids were well behaved for Jamie tonight, so that he lets me out again sometime without bringing at least 1 kid with me....

And when I got home, I asked Jamie how the kids were.... he told me his kids love him.

Mack hadn't woken up since I put him to (what I thought was a nap) before I left this evening. I left at 6:30pm, so he's been sleeping since. And Sean - he was asleep since after his bath. He went to bed at 8:30pm. I got home around 9:30 pm.

That's not fair! They were angels for him! Lucky!

I'm going to go catch some Zzz's before Mack does wake up - and who knows when that will be. Yarn was delivered to my door today, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it before the sun went down, so pictures will have to be done tomorrow. (There was a sale at Littleknits - how could I resist?) Oh, and thanks to Tara, I now want 2 skeins (they're 50g each) of Regia Design Line in Landscape Fire. I'm drooling over it now. Must one day make socks in that yarn. Must. Must. Must. Want. Want. Want. Thanks Tara!

Tomorrow on tap - Sean's going to the doctor to get his head measured. There apparently was no change between his 15 month and 18 month check-up and she wanted to see him again at 21 months (he's almost 21 months - where does time go?) to make sure that there is a change. I also have an appointment after Sean, I haven't had a check-up in forever. Plus I want to stay on with this doctor and not go back to Sean's doctor who went on maternity leave when Sean was 11 months old. This way, when that doc does come back in January, I can tell the new doctor (Dr. F):

1. You've seen Sean more than Dr. C has. (Dr. C only saw Sean from 0-11 months old. Dr. F will have seen Sean from 11 months old until 25 months old by the time Dr. C comes back to work).
2. You've seen the rest of my family - whereas Dr. C hasn't.
3. Mack will only have seen Dr. F, so another reason to stay with her.
4. We like you (Dr. F) better. And I want to be happy with my doc.

Anyhoot - I also plan on getting Mackie weighed tomorrow. I want to make sure he's still on track. Born in the 10th percentile and going to the 25th percentile by 2 months old. He'll be 3 months on Wednesday, I'm hoping for an improvement above 25th percentile. I got to remember to bring Mack's record book as well, she forgot to put his 2 month shots into his record book last appointment. Better go pull those out before I forget.

Today was a great day. I'm going to go to bed on that note!


Amelah said...

Aww all the babies are soo cute! I love your play group too, heehe, I get me and Sean time!!!

Nice you got to meet her! I remember how happy you were when you finally found book one!!!

OMG, seriously? They BOTH slept for Jamie??!? Wow! That is funny!! Well then it is a good thing, since he will watch the 2 them alone more often, which means you can go out more without both kids!!! LOL

Tara said...

Hey, look at the bright side, at least Jamie will let you out of the house on your own again!

And no thanks required for the Regia enabling. It's all a public service, and I'm happy to do it. :)

Laural Dawn said...

So glad that you had fun at the event :)

Bea said...

Cute babies!

g-girl said...

oh i love when you have playgroup. i love seeing the pics of all the kiddies in mack's playgroup and their cute lil outfits! :)
wow, they both slept for jamie? that was their li plan. they want him to take care of them more often, that's all! must you have posted the link for regia landscape??? must. remain. strong. hope you're able to stick with dr. f!

Nell said...

Those pictures just kicked my baby fever into another gear! They are all so cute.