Saturday, September 06, 2008

september six

Sean can now eat an apple without it being sliced up for him. He actually prefers it if it's whole and he can take bites out of it. I still need to watch him (for the core/pits) but he's such a big boy now, it's unbelievable!

I also love the fact that my child loves his fruits & veggies. He actually prefers it over junk. Sean doesn't get much junk, which is a good thing. Yes, he's tried ice cream and chocolate and chips, but it's rare that he gets "crap". He loves banana, apples, peaches, nectarines, grapes, cheese, salad, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, oh you name it... he likes it.

Please excuse Sean's messy hair. I know, I know, he needs a haircut. I gotta do it before he starts school this week (Thursday)!

Jamie had a meeting this morning for work and then went into his franchise this afternoon to help his employees catch up on work. So I was home alone all day with both boys. They both took an afternoon nap (Mack ended up cutting Sean's nap short by screaming and not being able to be soothed mid-afternoon). I ended up getting a call from my parents to see if I wanted to take both boys for a walk in my neighborhood. They packed their dog (Bosco the Great Dane) up in my mom's truck and headed on over. (I live only 5 streets away from my parents, a 2 minute drive, but to not waste any time, they headed over with Bosco to start from my house). I loaded up both boys into my double stroller, and we walked around in my neighborhood. It was a nice long walk, good conversation with my parents, and then when we got to the park that is up the street from my house (not the one that is directly in front of my house in our circle), Sean got to play for a few minutes before it started to rain, so my dad pushed Mack home, my mom had the dog on the leash and I carried Sean (running) back to the house. We got a little wet, but it was still fun! I haven't "played" in the rain in a while! At least it wasn't pouring, it was just a light rain.

Late this afternoon I spoke to a representative from Apple on the phone. You see, this morning I paid to download Readdledocs (14.99$) (so I can put my PDFs (knitting patterns) on my iPod touch). In order to actually put it on my touch, I had to update my software on the touch from 1.0 to 2.0.2. Fine. I didn't care spending the 9.99$ to update the software, I just want my PDFs on my touch. I created my account with Readdledocs, uploaded a knitting pattern to the online account I created from my laptop and then tried to connect to my account from my iPod touch so that I could download them to my touch, so I could knit & view patterns on there as well.



I'm connected to my network. The internet at home works. Never had an issue with the internet on my iPod touch before.


So after about 30 minutes on the phone with Apple, with some friendly guy in P.E.I. who asked me if I had a shop (after giving him my email address) and then telling me that all his family knits, and that he may even pick up knitting - LOL - we couldn't get it to work. We even restored my iPod setting back to the default etc... and re-set the iPod. Ugh. Not fun. So, it turns out that I will test my touch tomorrow at my parents house and see if I can connect to their WiFi because it's not working at my house, and then worse comes to worse, I took an appointment on Monday with Apple in Laval.... so I may be going to the mall there on Monday to get my iPod working again.

All because I PAID THEM to download their software!!!! I didn't crack my iPod or try to install illegal software.... I simply installed their software that I paid for and downloaded via itunes.


F*@King Apple.

And I'm having issues with my CD-rom drive on my laptop, so F*@King PC too...!

Computers are not my friend right now.

ps - for those of you who have iPod touches or iphones, there is a software you can download for FREE called Stitch Minder. It's awesome. It allows you to keep track of your rows, pattern rows, etc... It rocks! Just search in the applications in the itunes store.

I forgot to mention yesterday, I called up the daycare that I had Sean's name on the waiting list, so that I could put Mackenzie's name down on the list, and I inquired about Sean's spot, and the woman told me that someone is moving!!! She told me that she would call me next week (if I don't hear from her by Wednesday, I'm going to give her a call) and that I will be setting up an appointment to come see the facility. Apparently when they tell you this (about visiting the facility), that's your "IN" to the daycare. (I got this information from a mommy friend of mine who just got her daughter in there. Her daughter is 2 days younger than Sean). Oh.... this is GOOD news! Very good news. I'm very very happy about this. It would be so good to get Sean into this daycare. He needs to have more interaction with kids his age. Yes, I'm sure he loves to hang out at home with his mommy and brother, or run errands with his mommy, but when he's not at the Y in "class", he doesn't have much social interaction with other kids, and I want him to!

I also looked up the zoned school for my street in my borough, and I'm definitely 100% zoned for the elementary (and high school) that I want Sean & Mack to go to. I was a little worried, as I'd recently read an article about a family who had one child there and because they were re-zoned or something, they had to send their 2nd child to another school because they weren't zoned anymore for that school. The older daughter was able to stay at the elementary school where I want to send my kids to (the elementary school that I went to, as it's French Immersion) and this was an inconvenience to this family, as the father has M.S. and was hoping to have the older child escort the younger child to and from school. This caused him an inconvenience to send his younger one to another school. (And then how do you pull the older child away from their friends, etc....)

This evening I had supper with Jamie and Sean, and then Jamie slowly got ready to go play hockey with my brother. (It's a regular pick-up game on Saturday nights). Both boys are currently sleeping, so I'm going to go park my butt in either the den or the playroom and finish catching up on Monk, while attempting to do some knitting. Tomorrow is family day, so it'll be busy all day long, I think.

Before I go, I wanted to let you all know that I've re-stocked the shop of Kitchener Stitch Keychain/Dog Tags as well as Sock Blocker Keychain kits. I've got some awesome things coming into the shop shortly, so stay tuned!


Bea said...

I like Apple stuff way more then PC stuff but I think anytime you have a technical issue and have to talk to the techs that things end up sucking on either one. Hopefully it gets fixed quickly!

Amelah said...

That is awesome for Sean with daycare...but what does this mean for Monday's? Do I lose Sean & Auntie amy time ?

Frigging Apple's eh? I am still waiting for my IPhone!!! Good luck with your wifi!!

Yeah new stuff for the shop! Can't wait!

ikkinlala said...

Sean has a great smile!

g-girl said...

glad to hear sean got into the daycare! :) you're right, he needs to be able to socialize with other kids. that is so awesome that sean eats so healthily (is that a word??? Lol). i hope he stays that way! sorry to hear the troubles with apple and your pc. :P

Nell said...

Sean is getting to be such a big boy! I actually prefer my apples cut up for me. He's a tougher guy than I am!

Tara said...

Sean is going to love daycare. It'll be great for social interaction and a structured routine, and it'll give you some downtime. s'all good.