Tuesday, September 02, 2008

september two :: 11 weeks old

Mack is 11 weeks old today.
Somehow he is fitting into Sean's old 3-6 month old navy sleepers.
Aren't the frogs cute?

Mack took a snooze today in playgroup.

And then he woke up and was joined by his friend Jake. So there were 2.

Then there were 3 when Jordan joined in the fun.

And then everyone else wanted to join in the fun. From left to right you have:
Marshall, Ella, Dylan, Jordan, Mack & Jake.

Oh, but we had to do circle time too! Mack's on the bottom in his baseball pants and then clockwise from him you have Jake, Ella, Jordan, Dylan & Marshall.

Mack was being such a good boy during the paparazzi!
He'll have to get used to the idea that his mom is also a professional photographer.

Not really sure why his shirt kept riding up - but maybe he wanted to show you his belly button!

After playgroup I ran over to my parents house and hung out there until dinner. I was joined by Jamie and we had dinner with my entire immediate family. Amy was there since she was watching Sean (she took him for lunch at her boyfriend's work today and he tried Jell-o for the first time ever and then swimming in my parents pool since it was super hot out today. A lot of firsts for Sean this week! Mr. Freeze & Jell-o! Lucky kid.

Sean in my dad's size 15 slippers. My dad has big feet. Sean likes big shoes. It's too cute.

This evening Jamie took Sean to watch a baseball game that his best friend was playing in. Mack was sleeping in the crib at my parents house, so I left him there, ran an errand (turns out the place was closed at 7pm and I was a few minutes too late) and so I went to get gas for my car since tomorrow is a busy day and I don't want to have to start getting gas tomorrow). Picked up Mack, headed home and got some Robyn's Nest orders ready for shipment. Don't forget that everything in the shop is 20% off until Thursday night. It's my 3 day Labor Day sale!

Just watched tonight's episode of Big Brother with Jamie, and an episode of Monk to finish off Season 6. Wow... I'm just about caught up! Season 7 is currently on TV and I'm on Season 7 now...! There's about 6 episodes left for me to catch up on!


MLJ1954 said...

It is amazing that he is already 11 weeks old. WOW.

Those babes are darling and they all managed to be happy at the same time. Very impressive.

Amelah said...

It was a pleasure hanging out with Sean all afternoon! He was such a good boy!!!

Mack is adorable! I have 2 of the cutest nephews ever, as we all know!!

KarenS said...

Your photos are always great. I love Mack's little red shoes!

Tara said...

I'm definitely getting my baby fix from your blog lately! All of them together are just too cute for words.

Anonymous said...

An 11 week old and you can still find time to run errands and fill orders! I'm so impressed!

--Fall yarn pal

Fall Yarn Swap Partner said...

Oh! I can't believe I didn't say this. Mac is adorable!

dawn said...

I love frogs. I wonder if they make them in my size?

Craftlover said...

I love the picture with all the babies in a circle! :)
very cute!

babies are just so cute! :)

but time flies, they grow so fast!

Bea said...

Cute pictures. Time sure flies.

Jennifer said...

oh boy - the baby pics are adorable!

g-girl said...

love the pics from mack's playgroup!! that pic of sean in the pool is the best too! :)