Wednesday, September 10, 2008

september ten

Last night I got to bed early! I'm very happy about that. Mack crashed right upon getting to the knitting guild meeting, and then slept until 4 am this morning. 7pm to 4am. I'm not complaining. Now if I could only get him to sleep in until at least 6 am. That is the goal. So, upon blogging last night, I hit the sack around 10:30 pm. It felt great to get sleep. I didn't even hear Jamie get in, he drove his friend home last night to Laval after I got home from the Guild Meeting. I must have been out cold.

Got up feeling refreshed today. I also stepped on the scale this morning to see that I've lost 3 lbs. Very happy about this. I kinda started a diet if you will, but not 100%. Though, since we've been so busy lately, being active helps too. Though, I must admit that being on the "go-go-go" is making me tired, and I really need a few days of just chilling out. It's much needed. Maybe next week.

Today, I met up with some of the mommies in Mack's playgroup at the mall. I left earlier than the meeting time though, so that I could go to the post office before meeting them all. I couldn't believe how long it took me to pack the car before heading out. It's unreal. The amount of stuff that I need to take for 2 kids for a day out..... it's insane. I don't even want to think about packing 2 kids for Florida. Or even Rhinebeck. (HOTEL IS BOOKED!!!) Why do kids need so much stuff?

Mack was a cutie and a good boy while we were at the mall. I just love this pic of him. And I love his pouty lips! He's so sweet looking when he sleeps. We had lunch, we talked, we gossiped, it was fun. I love hanging out with other moms who are going through the same thing that I am. We feed off each other, learn things, get information, it's great. And it's a great support group for anything you may be going through with your child.

Since the last time (about 2-3 weeks ago) we were at the mall, and I could have sworn I'd taken a photograph of 3 regular strollers and 1 double stroller in the elevator, and then got home and lost it - I had to re-take the photo today. However, today it was 1 elevator, 2 double strollers, 2 regular strollers, 4 mommies and 1 set of twins. We all fit. Though, the elevator did start beeping at us! And someone accidentally hit the call button and it called security.

Yep, not sure how we fit. But we did.

I am really not sure how I feel about this monkey backpack/leash business. I decided to test it out today. I like the fact that it allows Sean to roam around and not go too far from me. (He takes off, as he's an active child). But, it's still "a child on a leash"... have any of you used one like this with your child? What's your opinion of these? I'm still not sure if I like it.

Though, it's super cute. I got the monkey one, since I call Sean my monkey....

Speaking of Monkey... In Old Navy today at the mall - they had the Monkey & Dragon costume at 30% off. All the baby stuff was on sale 30% off. I picked up some feetless sleepers for Mack that are just too darn cute. I can't wait for him to fit into them. So I was able to get a price adjustment on the two costumes - since I'd just gotten them. At that price, I'm definitely keeping both and one he'll be for Halloween (Monkey as Mack will be his banana), and the other for Purim in his class at the Y in the spring.

This evening Sean was "Happy, happy, Happy"... It's his new word. I love to say it over and over again. (We've been teaching him "If you're happy and you know it... clap your hands....!"

And he's been wanting to draw/color a lot lately. I make sure now that there are crayons in his diaper bag (great to have when in a restaurant incase they don't have). Maybe he'll be an artist one day!

Sean was being silly this evening and out of no where started to kiss his own knee. It was so funny. He kisses everything now. This could be a good and bad thing! LOL.

I leave you tonight with some video footage. I'm testing it out - so bare with me. I've never uploaded video to FLICKR before. Still trying to figure things out with it.

This is a video of Sean in the pool at my parents out this past summer. He is fearless in the water now! It's great.

Sean all giggles
Originally uploaded by MontrealMama

This is a video my sister took of Sean all giggles. It's a few months old now this video.

And these last two videos are of Sean's wicked hockey swing....Future Habs player?

My blanket has 64 squares. I'll be casting on square 65 tomorrow. It's coming along. I need to take a progress picture. Hopefully tomorrow. Sean starts classes tomorrow at the Y - I'm super excited. My mom will be babysitting Mack while I go to school with Sean! More tomorrow! Off to bed early tonight again!


Hattie said...

I have those leash things for both of my kids. I used to think parents were horrible who used them, but when I had kids, I realized that I'd rather be safe than sorry. My son is a runner too.

Besides, he likes his! He wants it on when we are home too.

dawn said...

Those videos are so cute. What a little hockey player! I had that same monkey backpack/leash for my oldest cause he was very active and used it a few times when I couldn't use a cart or didn't want the stroller. I think it can be very useful especially for you with two so little to keep Sean safe and by your side. Then you don't have to worry about chasing Sean and being distracted from Mack for even a small period of time.

Jennifer said...

love the vids, especially the great hockey swings - too cute!
got behind on my blog reading again and realized that i get most behind on the ones that i like to actually read and not just skim, so your's always gets backed up lol

Kelly said...

Robyn...I have the same "leash" for my daughter. We haven't had a chance to use it in public yet, but she loves wearing it around the house. She had it on for over and hour the other day. I don't see anything wrong with them. There comes a time when they don't want to sit in the stroller, and they don't want to hold your hand... so that's the only other option that I know of. So, don't feel bad about using it.

Barb said...

Hi, DO NOT think it's horrible to use the backpack, i had to with Megan and with any comments I got I just responded with " at least she's safe this way" and kept walking, Meg was a runner too she also thought it was a game when mommy chased her and so she NEVER stopped, and the day she took off through a full, and VERY busy parking lot when she was 2 1/2 and damn near gave me a heart attack was the day she got the backpack, so if Sean's a runner too i highly recomend it for his safety

Tara said...

Great vids. The quality is actually pretty good! And I love Mack's "baboune" (that's a pouty lip in French). Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Aw! Mack is so cute! I take it you will have Sean in hockey when he's older? Great videos!

Georgi said...

The leash things are great, and they save our kids from wandering too far and other people from grabbing them. It may seem wrong, but they are a necessary evil. When my family traveled cross country, my daughter thought it was great fund to open the patio door (at 2) and take herself swimming or walking. I locked that door so no one could open it, but she was on a leash for the rest of the trip. Use the leash, it is a safety device.

MLJ1954 said...

When my oldest daughter (she is now 22) was little, a friend gave us a leash type thing. It actually was a wrist strap. We both loved it. My Mom loved it when she would be with Sarah and I shopping since she could then sit down with Sarah and let her wander around without having to continue running after her. And to anyone who says that they wouldn't use it, my money is on the fact that they don't have kids or they don't have kids that constantly run.

Amelah said...

Aww Mack is so CUTE in the Tiger outfit! I remember when you put Sean in it!

Cute Elevator pic!! Glad this one did not get deleted!!

Love the video's! Save them, because when Sean does play for the NHL it could be cute to see how is career got started lol!!!!
He amazes me every day that kid!!!

Nothing wrong with a leash! Gives him the freedom and you dont have to chase him.

g-girl said...

oh my gosh, LOVE the fearless swimmer video. that is so awesome that he just got in the pool and starting swimming all on his own! you know, i have to say that i don't like the leash thing but that is because where I grew up and often times go visit once in a while, I see parents using these at the mall and they literally yank the things when their child has gone too far and it's just disturbing to watch. I understand the reasons for it but if you saw these people using these things on their kids, you wouldn't be too fond of them either. What's funny is I don't really see them where I live now.