Sunday, September 14, 2008

september fourteen

Today was lazy day. We slept in, napped all afternoon - it was great. I am not complaining. I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from before Mack starting to sleep through the night. It's only been about a week now, even if it's in the swing.

This evening I did get my buttox in gear, and headed to my parents house for dinner with both boys. It was just a simple BBQ - but nice nonetheless. My siblings were there too. Nice & quiet.

Mackie enjoyed a new chair my parents got, while we ate dinner. Then after dinner (below) Sean enjoyed it. It turns into a toddler chair as well!

I have some knitting that apparently I can show you! I'm testing knitting Jennifer's pattern that she plans on releasing on October 1st. It's called the Moss Block Cardigan.

First I actually swatched (which is rare around here for baby knits!) and then cast on. There's something UBER special about this yarb - which I will reveal sometime this week. All I have to say - is get excited!!!

These are the two awesome handmade bibs I got at Roxham on Saturday morning. Sean wanted to model them for you:

And here is the yarn I got at Roxham. I have to get more information, as I don't have yardage - before I can upload it to Ravelry. I may have to run it through my yardage reader to get numbers, as there is no information except for weight.





Fingering Weight.

Lace Weight.
This lace weight is my fave purchase from yesterday.
All is from the same seller - Lady Godiva. I asked, she's not online.

Have you seen the Fall 2008 Knitty? I'm loving Kinetic, Hug is cute, Hourglass, L'illo because I have 2 boys, and OpArt.

That's all for today. It was really a lazy Sunday - but that was much needed. More to come! I'm going to go put Mackie to bed for the night, and hit the sack! All my other men are already asleep!


Amelah said...

Quiet dinner eh? LOL!
Glad i got Mack quiet for a bit!! Poor little guy!!

Love the yarn! Specially the...yup you guess it - the blue one!!! :)

Cute bibs!

g-girl said...

is that a mummy sweatshirt Mack has on??? it is SO adorable! I love it! the moss black cardi is sooo cute! can't wait to see yours. something special about the yarn you're using?? hmmm....nice handmade bibs. what kind of material did they use? look at all that yarn!!

twinsetellen said...

I always have to laugh when you say it is a lazy day and you've done more than I do in a week of Sundays. The kids are getting cuter all the time. Congratulations on getting to sleeping through the night.

Bea said...

Nice new yarn. A chair that is for babies and toddlers is a very good chair.

Jennifer Lori said...

The knitting looks great so far! I think I have last year's model of that chair- for babies it stays stationary and for toddlers the front thing folds up and it's a rocking chair, right? Jakob still uses his to watch tv, it's a riot to see him climb in, settle back and cross his legs. :)

p.s. LOVE the yarn! An expanding stash is always a good thing!

Tara said...

I agree, Mack's shirt is adorable. Very cute. What are you going to do with your laceweight? Just look at it for now? :)

Labrador Lover said...

I love your yarn photos! They're beautiful!