Tuesday, September 09, 2008

september nine :: 12 weeks old

Mack is 12 weeks old today.
(Not really sure what that weird shadow on my lip is? Weird)!
(Please ignore it). Thanks.

He likes to be cozy in mommy's hand knit sweaters. This one's a little bit too big for him right now, but I just had to put him in it to see if it fit. Soon, soon!

This morning I took both boys to a gym for kids near by, and met up with Sean's friend Dylan and his brother and mother. Sean took a class with Dylan and I became friendly with his mom. Sean had a field day running around the play area. I definitely want to take him back there again soon! He didn't want to leave.

This chair is neat. It's in the larger stall in the bathroom where there is also a changing table. I got to put Sean sitting in it while I changed Mack's diaper. I've never seen this before, and I find it great. I wish all bathrooms had that!

I am just simply in love with these shots that I did take in the bathroom there. Odd place for a photo shoot, I know, but they photos came out great! My handsome little man with his new haircut.

And after Sean ran around silly, climbed up things, jumped around, we packed up and headed out to a restaurant for lunch with 2 of the mommy's from Mack's playgroup with 2 of Mack's friends.

Mack got passed around, and everyone thought he was so light. (And their boys are just a few weeks older than Mack!) Mack was surprisingly is a fantastic mood today. He's been in great moods lately, and I'm hoping that those crying days are over. Happy baby = happy mommy!

Sean was a really good boy too at lunch. It's hit or miss with him in regards to his patience. I do admit he did lose his patience after a while, but it was pretty nice the amount of time that he was good today.

He did have fun coloring. I was very happy that the restaurant had given us some crayons for him to play with, as I'd forgotten his crayons today.

I had good conversation, and I always learn things off other moms. The two moms that I went out for lunch with today, I've gotten closer with than any other other moms in the playgroup, but there is nothing wrong with that.

After lunch we came straight home so that Sean could go down for a nap. It was long overdue after the busy morning. I was able to get Mack down for a nap as well and sat on the couch and did some work, played on Ravelry (adding Stash) and just reading some blogs. (Slowly but surely I'm catching up on my blog reading.

This evening I went to the Montreal Knitting Guild Meeting, paid my dues, dropped off an order, and got to knit a few rows on a square on my blanket project. Mack passed out in the car on the way there, and while I was praying that he'd be a be a good boy and not say a peep during the "official" meeting part of the Guild Meeting, during Presidential voting and all that jazz (I think that's what all that was), he was a very very very good boy and slept from passing out in the car, to transferring him into my sling rider, and even to transfer him back into the bucket, until now. I'm about to wake him up for a late night snack as he is indeed stirring. I'm hoping that he will be able to be put into his crib for another bunch of hours. That would be nice.

Been sitting on the couch watching today's Oprah and catching up on some tivo'd Jon & Kate Plus 8. I'm a tad behind. Yep, I'm a tad behind on a lot of things lately. (Emails, blog reading, tv shows, updating my photos to flickr, you name it...) I will one day hopefully have my life back and organized again...!

I'm almost done uploading my entire pattern library (pdfs) to Readdledocs - a software on my iPod touch. I love this new software, and I'm super happy I bought it. After that's done, I also downloaded a (free) software that allows me to catalog the books I own. What's even cooler is that it lets you browse online for the books you're cataloging and shows you reviews, what the book looks like, etc. Stores all this info. It's great!

There is ONE newly available August Sock Club kit (I designed the pattern!) If you're interested in it, please email me or leave a comment.


Amelah said...

Aww Sean looks like he had a blast!!! Happy Mack is good! I am glad he is not fussing or crying! He breaks my heart when he does it!

Jude said...

Oh me! I want to make the mathy socks!

I think you can contact me through blogger...I must admit I'm not sure.

Tara said...

Cute pictures! It always surprises me how blonde Sean actually is whenever he gets a haircut.

Shelley said...

Sean's haircut looks fabulous on him - so cute! And, I've already commented on how cute Mack is in his sweater you knit over on Facebook :o).

Anonymous said...

They both look so cute! I like Sean's haircut and Mack's ever cute in the sweater.

g-girl said...

that chair in that bathroom stall was neat! mack just keeps getting cuter and cuter. :) look at that great crayon grip sean has! did you see the camping episode of jon & kate+8 yet??