Tuesday, September 30, 2008

september thirty :: 15 weeks old

Mack is 15 weeks old today.

(Do you like his apple pj's? First thing, I call him MacIntosh sometimes, so the apple pjs are perfect, and secondly, It's the Jewish New Year, and you eat apples with honey for a sweet new Year - how perfect are these pjs now?!) I love this set - they're from Joe at Loblaws.

He spent most of his day lounging around on the sofa.

Sean was kept home today from daycare as he woke up with a fever of 101.5, which was down from the 103.1 he went to bed with last night. Sean got up at 5:30 am this morning, got some tempra, had some milk and then slept in until 10 am. Mack, slept in until 7 am this morning. (Yesterday it was 6 am). I'm loving this sleeping through the night business. Finally! Sean still had slight temperature at 10 am when waking up, but it went away by noon and stayed away all day/evening. I took it again this evening before he went to bed - and nothing. He's cutting his 2 year old molars. (The 2nd set of molars for kids). I am hoping it's not a long process for all four to come in.

Today's earrings of the day! Now that I have the haircut to show off earrings - I'm taking advantage. I'll wear a different pair each day for the month of October... I think this will be fun!

I got some lovely mail today, which is my angel package from the Fave Color Swap 3 that I got burned in. This lovely package that I received today was a mixture of things from different people who wanted to help out to put it together.

This skein of Mama Llama Squish in Vino is from Lillian.

The skein of All Things Heather in Deep Raspberry is from Rhoda.

This gorgeous project bag is also from Rhoda.

And these hand knit Cherries are from Rhoda.
(Thanks Rhoda, I love them!)

And the rest is from donations from J.P.
(whom I spoiled in this swap back in the spring)
and from Sunny.

Panda Silk in 3011.

Orbit Gum - YUM!

"R" note cards and really cute sock needle caps.

And of course, in spirit of Halloween - Halloween themed cookie cutters. MMM, I smell cookies!

Thank you to Rhoda, Lillian, J.P. & Sunny for your thoughtfulness in being my angels for this swap. I love everything that was sent and can't wait to use it all! Also a thanks to the hostess for taking care of organizing this! I really appreciate it!

I've been tagged by I'm Loving Motherhood. Now I must share seven weird and crazy facts about myself.

1. I check the car at least 3 times before leaving it to make sure it's locked. And I always press the lock button on the clicker 3 times.

2. I use 2 wash cloths every morning to wash my face (one wet one dry). I then use another 1 in the shower. They have to be of a certain texture, or I don't like them.

3. (Just like Kelly does): I have to sleep on the left side of the bed (when you are looking at it from the foot of the bed). Because I sleep mostly on my right side and that allows me to face the edge of the bed.

4. I keep a cap on my toothbrush (like the travel ones) so that no dirt or dust will touch my toothbrush.

5. I'm a disorganized person, but my messes are organized in neat piles.

6. I check my mailbox in the morning obsessively, even though I know what time my mailman comes. Usually he rings my bell anyhow to say hello and see the kiddies.

7. I like it when links open up in a new window or new tab (Firefox). I can't stand it when you're on a website and the link opens in the same window. I can't explain why I like new windows/tabs, I just do!

I tag: Cynthia, Rhoda, Tara, Bertha, Lillian, Andrea & Caroline. (Amy, I'd tag you but you were tagged by Kelly, and Bea, I'd tag you too - but I think you were just tagged? If not, tag you're both it!)

This evening we went to my Aunt's house for dinner. It was great to see everyone. Sean was upset when we got there, I think there was way too many people for his liking. I'm not really sure what's going on - but maybe he's still not feeling 100%, maybe his molar is cutting and hurting, or maybe starting daycare is having negative effects on him (like maybe he thinks I may leave him places whenever we go out). I really cannot wait until this "getting used to" daycare phase is over with..... because it's just killing me inside. Poor little guy. He has to understand that I am coming back to pick him up! Also - he has fun at daycare playing and such, so I hope it doesn't take too much longer for him to get adjusted. It just sucks that he missed out today (because of the fever) and he's missing out tomorrow because we have a lunch for Rosh Hashanah with Jamie's mom's side of the family.

Thursday I do not have a babysitter for Mack in the morning, so Sean will be going to daycare instead of the program at the Y... which brought me to my decision that I'm pulling Sean out of the Y, unfortunately, and he'll just be going to daycare only. It'll be too much to bring him to the Y twice a week to drop him off for 2 hours, to then have to go back and pick him up to bring him to daycare. It's a schlep for no reason. I've emailed the coordinator of the Y, to find out how much they'll be refunding me, (I've already given a deposit plus 2 payments, I'll be losing my deposit and they'll figure out how much I owe for the 3 classes we did attend). It's too bad, but I can't see it working by leaving him in the class there as well. It's just too much.

I'm off to feed Mack and close my eyes. I started a new book, but I'm too tired to read tonight.


Big Girl Feet said...

awww I hope Sean feels better soon.
Love your earrings- very cute!!
and yay! you got some great goodies!!
and thanks for tagging me- yay!!

Nichole D. said...

I'm so glad the package got there okay, and that you liked everything!

Tara said...

Finally, we get to see the earring collection! I NEVER change my earrings, so I'll live vicariously through you. ;)

Amelah said...

Very yummy yarn!
I think its fine to pull him out, too much for the lil guy anyways!!!

Once he calmed down yesterday eh was fine though, although really clingy to Bubbie!!

Glad his fever went away yesterday afternoon!

Cute earrings!

Drea said...

your new hair cut is so cute! sorry to hear seans feeling bad.. thats never easy....

Shelley said...

Love the new hair cut - it's super cute! Hope Sean is feeling better now, too.

Lots of yummy yarn! Can't wait to see what you make with it all.

Bea said...

I'm pretty sure I've done this random meme about 8 times. The last was last week or the week before. I'm running out of random things! :)