Wednesday, October 01, 2008

october one

Last night I crashed on the couch as soon as I was done blogging. I was out cold by 9:45 pm with Mack in my arms. Jamie came up around midnight last night from playing video games (since he didn't have to go into work today) and woke me to put Mackie in his crib and myself to bed. This morning..... Mack woke up at 4:50 am because he went to bed too early, and I've been up since. I got a good night's rest from 9:45 pm until 4:50 am. That's a full night's sleep right there! I couldn't go back to sleep even though Mack did... so I started doing work really early in the morning. (And now, I'm beat... this evening!)

I forgot I had Aqua Strollers this morning, and I'm kinda upset I couldn't go. Sean stayed home from daycare again today as we had a lunch at Jamie's cousin's house for the Jewish New Year. Sean was shy again at first today, but because there wasn't so many people as there were the past 2 nights, he was a bit better and the crying only lasted 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes as it did the past 2 nights.

Mack was all ready to go today.
Can you tell we're huge Habs fans?

I got Mackie the other day the most cutest sweatshirt (zip down). Fits him perfectly. I got it in 3 mos size (which he's wearing now) and in 6 mos size. I have the wrong season of clothing for 6 mos size, since Sean was 6 mos old in summer and Mack will be 6 mos old in the dead of winter.

Today's earrings. I'm having fun with this!

- I'm still not done uploading my stash to Ravelry. Slowly getting there.

Knitting deadlines:
- Oct 1st - October Sock Club Pattern - check.
- Oct 11th - Katja (?) for Bonnie's baby shower.
- Oct 31st - November sock club pattern for 1 of the 5 in the Ultimate Kit.
- November 8th - Skull Hat or Skull Cap (can't decide now that I've found this) for my nephew's 6th bday.

- Test Knit for Jenn (finish up) Moss Block Cardigan
- Test Knit (waiting on Yarn in the mail) for Woolgirl.

Ah.... I'm insane. Mom of 2 under 2 and I'm taking on the world. Lovely, eh?

I got my Debbie Bliss Magazine in the mail today. I love it. Found a few projects I want to make already. I've already got Sophia on needles (from the Rialto book) (must get back to that eventually), loving the Cabled Tank, I heart Isabella, amongst other projects.

I've been working on compiling my information for the Ravelry Fave Things Swap & the Single Sock Swap as well. I'm going to make sure pals get out by the weekend. Please be patient if you're waiting on your pal. I have another idea for another swap in my head, but that won't be for a while, must get these 2 swaps underway first!

I've also been working on the Montreal Knitting Guild newsletter, which I will have done by tomorrow so it can be emailed to members and mailed out to those without internet before the next meeting in October.

Alright. I'm enjoying some Beaujolais (my fave bottle of red) and kitchener stitching the toe on the October Sock Club pattern. I can't wait to photograph it tomorrow, it's looking smokin' hot! The November kit is now in full swing being sold.... get yours here....


Bea said...

Busy busy day! Hope you crashed at a better time last night so that you'll get up at a better time this morning!

Jennifer said...

aaaaah - Beaujolais is my fave, too!! and yay to the fact that i'll be having this baby right before the 'crop' is released (3rd weekend in november every year i guess) exciting!!

love the habs carseat cozy and mack looks adorable in his new zippy :)

Amelah said...

Mack is too cute in the Habs!!! Love the sweater! The boys look cute in no matter what you put them in it!

PS - Yes, you are crazy!!! Taking on the world!!!!

Maaike said...

Where did you get that habs carseat cozy/warmer? I need one for my new baby!

Craftlover said...

I love Mack's look! He looks so cute in the Habs. :)
I wanted to buy something like that for ERika last year, however, finally, we didn't buy any...

My list of "knitting" and "sewing" is LONG....
my TO DO LIST is getting longer ,and the WIPS are getting MORE and MORE....

g-girl said...

what is that thing mack is in in the carrier??? so adorable! love the new hoodie too! ack..your baby shower is coming up soon. I've got one next Saturday and haven't started knitting a thing myself. :P

Tara said...

Um, gotta go with Amy on this one. You're insane, girl!