Wednesday, October 22, 2008

october twenty-two

Today's Earrings. I heart them. They're apples! Another purchase from Woodbury Common Premium Outlets on Friday in Central Valley, New York.

Sweet baby Mack before he got his 4 month shots today. He actually surprised me and did NOT cry! (Sean has cried at every shots he's ever gotten. This is Mack's second set of shots. So... you're all dying to know the stats?

Mack now weighs as of today 13 lbs and 12.5 oz (another 3.5 ounces to go and he's at 14 lbs!) Wow! However, for 4 months old, this still keeps Mack in the 25th percentile for weight (meaning 75 % of babies at 4 months old weigh more than Mack).

Though Mack may be skinny, he's tall! For his height, for 4 months old, he's in the 50-75th percentile range. I have a tall skinny baby. I'm okay with that. He's getting well fed though, so we're not concerned at all.

On the way back to the West from Mack's doctor's appointment, I stopped by Kadi's house to pick up my Snugli that I lost at the Ravelry party on Saturday night. One of the Yknit guys (Stephen to be precise) found it under a table. It must have fallen out of my stroller. I am sooo super happy that it has made it back into my hands and isn't lost. I must thank Stephen tomorrow - I am super happy it is not lost!

This afternoon I went to go see the movie The Secret Life of Bees with my mom and Mackenzie for the Mom & Baby movie. It was fabulous. My mom had read the book (I had gotten it for her one year for her birthday). I really enjoyed the performances by Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifa and Jennifer Hudson. I definitely recommend you go to see this movie.

This evening Jamie went to go play poker so I had Madeleine over and we chatted and knitted. It was nice to just chill back on the couch (after Sean went to bed) and knit. I think Madeleine just wanted to come over to hold Mack. (LOL). My sister also stopped by for a few minutes to pick up something and hug her nephews.

Tomorrow night I have tickets to a show, I will tell you more about that after I go and see it! very excited to get out sans les boys. Girls night out with my mom, sister & grandmother.


Amelah said...

Yeah! Exccited for the show!!!!

I always LOVE a hug from both nephews!!! :)

Cute earings

Stephen said...

I'm so happy it got back to you!

Bea said...

He's so cute! I love the earrings.

g-girl said...

that was SO nice of Stephen to get your snugli back to about luck! great earrings. :)

Tara said...

I love that shot of Mack, he was "dream-sucking", wasn't he?

Good to know the movie was also good. I read the book and really liked it, but I'm always afraid they're just going to massacre it when they turn a book I loved into a film!