Sunday, October 12, 2008

october twelve

Today's earrings. A little bit fanicer for Thanksgiving dinner, but fun at the same time. Happy Thanksgiving Canadian blog readers! Hope you had some yummy turkey!

Today I got to sleep in with Mack. Sean had woken up in the middle of the night, around 3 am, just as Jamie was getting home. I was passed out on the sofa with Mack in my arms when he got home. The garage door must have woken Sean. (It usually doesn't). Anyhow, I put Mack in his crib, and brought Sean into bed with us. Not sure if his molars were bothering him or if he was having a nightmare but it was nice to cuddle with him, I must admit. I don't get to cuddle with him in bed anymore as often now that he's been sleeping through the night again in his own room, so I didn't mind bringing him into our bed for one night of a few hours. Anyhow, this morning, Jamie got up with Sean and I got to sleep in after getting up early to feed Mack. I was happy that he was able to go back to sleep. Some mornings he doesn't and wants to be entertained.

Today was just a sit on the couch type of day. In the afternoon all the boys napped. Sean and Jamie both napped for about 3 hours and Mack napped off an on. I tried to close my eyes for a bit, but it didn't last very long. I did get some work done this afternoon, and then we had to start getting ready for dinner at Jamie's step-aunt & step-uncle's house.

I tried blowdrying my hair first before straightening it today and I really like the way it came out. I find that with this short of hair, I am actually able to straighten it myself. Super easy and takes 2 minutes. (I really don't have much hair). I actually put some make-up on, and my contact lenses too (though I think they may be the cause of my small headache that I got towards the later part of the evening - but that I'm not 100% certain). I need to try them out a couple more times to determine whether or not it's my contacts that are causing it or not. I used to wear my contact lenses daily, you'd never catch me in my glasses. I wouldn't feel "washed up" if I wasn't wearing my contacts. Now though, I feel odd wearing them. It started I believe around the time I got pregnant with Sean, but they do say that your eyes can get a bit wonky when pregnant. I should get my eyes checked now that I'm no longer pregnant. They say to wait 6 months after giving birth - so that will bring me just after the new year, so I'll make an appointment for after we get back from Florida or whatnot. I probably don't have to call though for a while. Getting an appointment at the eye doctor is not like getting an appointment with my OBGYN. (That's a whole other story, and I need to remind myself to actually call and change an appointment that I do have for a regular 6 month check-up, but it's during the time I'll actually be on the flight to Florida, so I need to get another time).

Today in Mack's bath I noticed that his scalp is getting better with the craddle cap. It's still not 100% perfect, but it's getting there. I use a baby comb to ease the dry scalp and scrape off whatever will come off his little head. Sean's craddle cap did not last this long, that I remember. Mack's got sensitve skin maybe and maybe that's why he still has the craddle cap. I know eventually it will go away.

This evening we went to Jamie's step-aunt and step-uncle's house as I just mentioned before. They live about 10 minutes away from our house, and we got to see the entire family. Jamie's step-brother and his wife came in with their son from Toronto and it was just good to see everyone. The kids were really good with Sean tonight. The youngest of the bunch is about 5 or 6 years old and the oldest is 12 now. But Sean was able to keep up with them, and he had a blast. Mack was an angel and was passed around to all his cousins and aunts & uncles. By the end of the evening he passed out on me after having a bottle on the couch. I had brought pj's for both kids, so they both had been changed into them and it was an easy transfer upon getting home from dinner. Mack got a gift from Jamie's step-brother & his wife, which I forgot at Jamie's step-aunt & step-uncle's house, but they don't live far, so I'll call tomorrow to see if it's still there or if my in-laws took it home. Some nice 6-12 month size stuff from the GAP. I love GAP stuff! My in-laws also asked me what to get Mack (they wanted to wait until after he was born and after a few months to see if there was anything that I really wanted, just to tell them). They finally asked again, (I'd forgotten about it) and I finally had something to tell them that I wanted. I've been hearing bad things about using an Exersaucer for Mack. We have one and I don't know if I'll be using it for Mack once he really is into it. Apparently the new thing is the Jumperoo. I want to get this Rainforest one from Fisher Price. So they told me to go pick it up and they'll give me the money for it. I think I am going to wait to see if it goes on sale or anything, because it seems like every other week Toys R Us has stuff on sale. I'll keep my eye open, as I don't need it tomorrow. Mack is still a wee too small for it. (He goes on the 23rd for his 4 month check-up, I'm dying to know what percentile he's in now and how much he currently weighs).

This upcoming week is a busy week, and only really a 3 day week. Monday is the official Thanksgiving Holiday (even though we celebrated today) and Friday morning I'm leaving with my mom and sister and the boys to Rhinebeck. This week is going to FLY by!

Tonight while watching some TV with Jamie I finished the Skull Cap. I'm going to try it on Sean's head tomorrow to make sure it's big on him (It's for my almost 6 year old nephew). I need to see if I can find a 6 year old kid to try it on. (Anyone have a 6 year old in Montreal that I could borrow their head for size?) I kind of modified the pattern that's why I need a head for size. I don't want to travel to my nephew's birthday party to find that the hat doesn't fit him. (It certainly doesn't fit me! I cast on the lower number of stitches that it called for, for a child's hat). Pictures will come tomorrow, it's too dark and too late to start photographing now. I haven't graphed the top shut yet, incase I need to pull back due to miscalculations with my mods. I'll know more soon, but the hat is only due for November 8th - my nephew's 6th birthday party.


Shan said...

Wow! Busy, busy day (weekend) but it sound like it was mostly fun :-)

Amelah said...

I really like that picture of you! Your hair looks good! See - you don't need me ;) lol

Congrats on finishing the skull hat! Looks like you may just meet most of your deadlines!

Craftlover said...

Hay, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too. :)

I like your look without glasses. :)
looks very charming (and young!)

We had busy weekends as well, not very 'relaxing' though, because my daughter Erika is quite fussy on eating. :( sigh....

Turtle said...

hey there, my daughter has super sensitive skin and we got her cradle cap to go away bu using a baby melaluca (aka tea tree oil) shampoo, made all the difference!~

Laural Dawn said...

That's weird about the contacts.
I've found the same thing though. I started wearing contacts after Matthew was born, but when I got pregnant with Chloe I just couldn't stand having them in my eyes. Now they still really bother me.

Maggie said...

what bad things have you heard about the exersaucer? I think I have the same one as you do and I was planning to use it with Wyatt once he's big enough.

Also, for the cradle cap - try rubbing his head down with baby oil and then using the comb to get the flakes off. Of course, do it right before a bath so you can wash the oil out. This worked for Oliver when he had it and now I'm doing it with Wyatt, too.

Anonymous said...

That's a great photo of you!

When Jakob had cradle cap, I would use a cotton ball to put some baby oil on his head about 15 minutes before a bath. Then right before shampooing, I'd use a baby comb. It would get the majority of it off (but it was gross to keep cleaning out the gunk from the comb!). For us it worked better than dry combing. Good luck!

We have the Rainforest jumperoo instead of an exersaucer. Jakob LOVED it! I remember when he was little-er :) there was a sale on it once to about $70/80 but I don't know if it has dropped again recently.

p.s. in your sidebar you still have my blog linked to the Blogger addy!

Sharon said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Bean has cradle cap, too. I've been dousing her head with Burts Bees Apricot oil and letting it sit for about 15 minutes before I give her a bath. Then, during her bath, I shampoo her head and take a baby toothbrush to her head. I scrub her head with it and it gets most of it off. It's helped a ton. Of course, now that I've got her cradle cap under control her hair is starting to all fall out....sigh.

Tara said...

This is the problem with being behind in blog reading: I've got the jumperoo. Did you get it yet? 'Cause I can sell you mine. I'm pretty sure I'm done having babies. Let me know.

Nell said...

I hope you're having a blast at Rhinebeck!