Sunday, October 26, 2008

october twenty-six

Mack's a tall baby. He's getting a little tall for his tub. However, the next tub I have for him, he needs to be sitting. He's not there yet. Sean I believe started sitting in his 5th month, so I'm hoping Mack will sit early too - so that we can start using the duck tub that I have for him.

Mr. Mack is getting to be such a redhead! I love it!

I've been doing some test knitting and here is some progress on Tesserae. It's a knitspot pattern by Anne Hanson. Her patterns rock! I wish I would have known what she looked like before going to Rhinebeck, now knowing what she looks like (from other people blogging about meeting her - I totally saw her at Rhinebeck! I wish I'd known it was her!)

Today was a relaxing day. I got to see Karine for a bit - she came over before heading to the mall nearby and got to finally meet Mack. I also had Tara and her beautiful daugther Émilie over. I bought Tara's Jumperoo off her, since her son Maxime outgrew it a long time ago and it was just sitting in her storage taking up space. She stayed for a while, Sean had a field day playing with a girl older than him and Tara and I got to chat and fondle yarn.

This evening we had dinner at my parents house, and came home to give both boys a bath and then it was bedtime. It's amazing how fast time flies. When we got home, and both boys were bathed and in bed, I was like "Hey, you want to go sit on the couch and watch something on TV"... and the hubby was like "Do you realize what time it is? I have to get to bed, there's work tomorrow!" Wow. The days fly by when you have kids. They surely keep me on my toes, and busy!

I'm taking the day off from wearing earrings today. Giving the ears a little breather. Plus, I'm trying to nurse myself from getting sick (I felt like I was perhaps coming down with something), so I just felt like not wearing any earrings today. I'll be back tomorrow though, with something fun!

I was tagged for a meme by Cynthia, but I will play tomorrow. I'm beat, time to hit the sack!


Amelah said...

Aww no earrings! :( lol
nice u got the one u wanted no? for the jumper thing?

jeloca said...

Oy he's so big!

g-girl said...

what yarn are you using for the tessare?? it's pretty! :)

Tara said...

It was great to see you, Robyn! I'm glad the jumperoo worked out.

Bea said...

He's getting so big. And he is very tall.