Friday, October 24, 2008

Computer Geek Help....!

Anyone? Bueller?

I am using Vista on my new laptop. Everything is fine in Windows Mail (Vista's version of Outlook Express) and everything is fine in Internet Explorer. However, I'm a Firefox User. Somehow (not sure how?) my keyboard in Firefox ONLY, is set to French. So instead of ? I'm getting É. And instead of apostraphe (') I'm getting (`). Ugh! How do I set it back - in just Firefox to an English keyboard? It is driving me nuts that I have to use the Character Map to copy and paste characters...

HELP! Please! (I can't even find the info in Google...)(That or I'm looking it up wrong...)


Erin said...

This dude seems to be having the same problem. One of the commenters there theorises the problem is with Vista, and not Firefox.

I would have a similar issue, with Vista randomly switching my default keyboard language to French. What worked was disabling all other languages but English.

Ann-Marie said...

ugh--my son has change something on hubby's laptop that makes it do that. the only thing that has worked for us is a reboot.
I seriously have not idea how he does it, or how to actually fix it.

twinsetellen said...

I found two options, both at Yahoo questions:

Go to Start>Control Panel Click on the Regional and Languages Options icon (Classic view) To change to classic view click on that link upper left of control panel screen. On the current format screen make sure you have
English (United States) listed as current format. Then click on the keyboard and language tab and make sure you have Choose display language as English. Now near the top of the box click the Change keyboard tab and Make sure the language is English (United States)-US.
Click apply and OK.


Right click on the task bar (bottom of your screen) and click on Toolbars. A menu should pop out with the option for Language Bar. Click on that to make it active and you'll see a small box in the task bar that probably says FR. Click on that and you can change the language settings.

good luck! I have no idea if these will really solve your problem.

Amelah said...

when you go to tools....then options, click on the content tab, and choose for languages, Is it set to English/United States [en-us]???

Casey said...

I wish I knew! I have that problem with my Vista too but I don't use firefox, the only way I've ever been able to get it working right again is to restart my computer, it's a pain in the butt

Kimber said...

If you've read my blog you'll see I HATE Vista and have had nothing but trouble with it - it randomly will switch in general and a reboot is the only fix.

Anonymous said...

There's also a keyboard shortcut to switch, it's something like ctrl-alt or ctrl-keyboard. Shoot I had to do it a few weeks ago when for some reason only my wordpress screen was in French. If you search for "keyboard shortcut to change language" you'll find it.