Monday, October 27, 2008

october twenty-seven

Today's earrings. I love these earrings. They were a fun find. The petals are actual shells.

This morning Sean was playing "daddy". He wanted to feed Mack his bottle, so I put on the bottle holder just in case. What was cute, is he wiped Mack's mouth with his bib after Mack was done drinking. It was too cute. The bottle holder now is pretty much useless. Mack isn't yet holding his own bottle yet, but he moves way too much now and the bottle goes flying. I can still sometimes use it in the car when Mack deperately needs his bottle and we have a long drive, otherwise, I don't use it so much anymore. Sean is such a big boy! I can't believe it. Tomorow he turns 22 months old.

Today we had Mack's playgroup. We didn't take any photos today, we were too lazy just chatting away. We'll be having an extra playgroup this week on Friday for Halloween. (I'm bringing a pasta salad - I'm researching recipes right now to decide how I want to make it). I cannot wait for the Halloween party this week. I hope that Mack will fit into the Banana costume because one of his two best friends will be a monkey (just like Sean will be at night while trick or treating)(I'm actually sending Sean to daycare in the morning as a Dragon incase it gets dirty - I dont want to risk that).

I got this tea infuser today. I cannot wait to pick up some loose tea to use it. It looks really neat. I'm HUGE on tea during the winter. Keeps me cozy.

Today's sunset. It was too gorgeous not to capture.

This evening Jamie & I sat on the couch and vegged out. I got some knitting done.

I was tagged by Cynthia!

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**Random Facts About Me**
1. I prefer white chocolate over regular chocolate.
2. I have 3 tattoos and I'm thinking about another one. I want to do something in honor of the boys, but their initials are S.&M. - 'nuff said. (I'm not getting that on my body! What would people think? Get your minds out of the gutter!)
3. I cannot stand the smell or taste of peanut butter. Makes me gag. Jamie has to eat it in the other room if he wants it.
4. I like to answer all my emails, but I'm super behind since Mack's birth. I hope to get back to catching up soon. I want my inbox cleaned out before the end of the year.
5. I don't drink coffee. Never even tried it. Though, I've tried coffee flavored things. Not a fan.
6. I used to take Tap, Ballet (pointe shoes) and Jazz.

I tag: Nadine, Lillian, Carolyn, Zonda, Tara, Jenny & Bertha.

Yarns I'm coveting:
Malabrigo Sock Yarn
Mama Blue Simple or Mama Blue Stripes
I'm still wanting some BMFA, but I've got a 10% off coupon (for being in the club) and a gift certificate from my SP12 Group for being their hostess, so I plan on using that.
I was coveting Sundara Sock yarn, but I'm splitting a membership to a sock club by Sundara, so I'll be getting 6 skeins of Sundara Sock yarn over the course of the winter! Finally, getting my hands on some Sundara!


Amelah said...

Oh my God! Sean is such a big boy!!!! That is the cutest picture ever!!!!!

Cute earrings !

Love the Mame Blue SImple :) Oh so pretty!

Fall Swap Partner said...

Oh! I wish I had known about the chocolate before I mailed your package! I'll fix it in the next one!

Tara said...

You're actually going to get your hands on some Sundara??? So jealous. Now why didn't I think of splitting a sock club with someone?

g-girl said...

wow, really--the petals are made from shells?? that's so cool! :) that is just about the cutest thing I've heard today that Sean was playing daddy! lol. s&m hadn't crossed my mind till you pointed it out! ;)

Craftlover said...

I extremely love the last sunset photo. VERY STUNNING... :)

Nell said...

Have you seen Adagio Teas? They have a gadget called Ingenuitea. It has a filter on the bottom that helps the tea brew. I don't work for them or anything. I just love their clever product.

Bea said...

Cute earrings. Do you like English Breakfast Tea? No word on your being sick so I'm hoping that is a good sign but I have a few more days to read yet. I've got mama blue in my stash but not the simple merino. I've traded off all my sundara as I decided I really don't like it much.