Saturday, October 11, 2008

october eleven

Today's earrings.

This morning we had swimming lessons. We attended the classes and Mack was great in the water and Sean just wasn't into the class. All the kids in his class are way younger than him. It sucks. So I made a decision. After we got out of the water I went to the registration desk. Mack's class is now on Tuesday mornings and Sean is now in the later class on Saturday mornings with the kids his age. He was accidently registered in Duck, which is for 13-18 month old kids. And now he's in Sea Turtle for 19-24 month old kids. (He'll be 22 months old at the end of the month). Anyhow, it will also be a lot less stressed out on Saturday mornings and I will also be able to sleep in a bit longer on the weekends too. Jamie didn't really like sitting around the pool where it's majorly humid and whatnot. Also - this morning he got a bit of each kid on him... First, while watching the end of Mack's swim class, after changing Sean into his bathing suit, Sean went to the bathroom on Jamie. When I lifted Sean off of Jamie to take him into the pool, Jamie's jeans were wet. Fun! And then when Sean was in the pool with me, for his swim class, Mack spat up all over Jamie's shirt. It wasn't Jamie's morning. Anyhow, he's super happy that the swimming lessons are now spread out and easier. I also think it'll be a lot easier.

After swimming Mack helped me put together the last touches on the baby shower gift before we headed on the road to Ottawa.

I used a laundry basket and filled the bottom row with rolled up diapers.

And then filled up the rest of the basket with the goodies. The hat and shirt I knit, were put into a gift bag and Mack & Sean each got the baby a gift that were put into another two seperate gift bags. What a spoiled baby-to-be! I had a lot of fun shopping for this baby shower as she's having a girl, and I got to shop pink! I hope Jamie's uncle (the father of the mom-to-be) took a picture of the finished wrapped up gift, I forgot to.... grr!

I got to knit a bit (and read a bit) on the way to Ottawa, while my step-mother-in-law drove down. The baby shower was a lot of fun, we played silly games and I won a prize and it was a lot of fun. I drove home and Mack was an angel for both car rides and slept the entire way there and the entire way back. Hopefully he'll do just the same to and from Rhinebeck next weekend!

When I got back from Ottawa, my sister was over watching Sean. Jamie had something this evening, so she came over to watch Sean until I got back, and then I made us dinner and hung out the rest of the evening on the couch, watching TV and knitting. While Amy & I ate dinner, Sean entertained Mack. It was too cute.

My future chef. He loves helpign out in the kitchen!

It's my father-in-law's birthday today. What do you get someone who is hard to shop for?


Bea said...

Love the little chair mack is in. I think splitting the swimming lessons was a good idea for all of you. I haven't a clue what to get for someone who is hard to shop for its why I have such a hard time with Christmas gifts for Chris.

carolynswafford said...

Ahhhh, Mack is such a cutie! Just like his older brother!!! That little sweater is adorable.

Amelah said...

Meh is he as hard as dad is to shop for????

Love the earings, I still say they look like the needle gauge thing, only bigger!

I had fun chilling, knitting & talking!

And Sean was good while I watched him, as always!

Child Swimming Lessons said...

How cute! It's nice to see kids loving swimming lessons :)

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures of the boys! Glad Mack was a good lil boy for you.

g-girl said...

i love sean's apron! so cute! awww, i love that sean entertained mack while you and amy had dinner! what a great idea to fill up a laundry basket full of baby goodies!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jamie! Was Sean sitting on him while wearing a little swimmers? I remember when we first started putting those on Jakob and didn't realize they weren't waterproof! It only took one of our friends' kids to leak through in their carseat before we learned not to put it on him until just before his class!

Tara said...

Damn, you know how to put a shower gift together, girl!

MW Knitgirl said...

What an awesome idea for a shower gift, I'll be sure to tuck that one in my idea bin for future use.

Mack is really growing so fast, they both look like they're having fun. :-)