Thursday, October 30, 2008

october thirty

This morning I gave Mack some tummy time. He is such a cutie when he is discovering new things. He just loved tummy time and I plan to give it to him as much as he will tolerate it!

This morning a knitter in my area whom happens to know my mother (Hi Betty!) came by with a stash of yarn she did not want anymore. So I took it off her hands. I am deciding which colorways I want, and the rest (if there is any) I will be selling. Betty was super nice to allow me to sell it back to her if I did not want it and I could not sell whatever does not sell. I do not think I will have an issue selling it if I do not end up wanting it - as there is Sundara, Yarn Pirate and Socks that Rock in the loot. I have to sit down and go through it all (as well as photograph it), but I did not get a chance to do that today, so I will do that either tomorrow or over the weekend.

As soon as my cleaning lady left today I headed out the door. I had about a 40 minute drive (with no traffic) to go and visit Marie-Michèle whom I have met before through the Laval Knits Group. We decided that we were going to do a swap. She was looking for a manly colored skein of Noro (for a Fake Isle Hat) and also some girly colored yarn for her son's daycare teacher's present for Christmas. So we swapped. I will photograph that loot as well and show you tomorrow or over the weekend.

I made it back in time to pick up Sean at daycare, at the usual time I pick him up. I was really worried about traffic, but I did not get caught in any. Phew.

First I stopped by a local dry cleaners to see if they could fix the zipper on my JJ Cole bundle me. I do not think the Habs cozy that Mack has will be warm enough for the winter. I will pull that back out again in the spring. But for the dead nasty winters we have here in Montreal, I want the JJ Cole Bundle Me fixed. Apparently they no longer have a seamstress at the dry cleaners, so I have to find elsewhere. Someone recommended an alteration place in the local mall. I will go and check that out soon. I have no idea how much it will cost to be fixed, but it must be cheaper than buying a new one.

This evening I took the boys to Walmart to see if they had a few things. I also was going to get Sean his passport picture taken, but the line up at the Photo Studio was not so pleasant. (Another time). I also learned that they will not do Mack'passport photo, I have to go to a photo studio for that (pricey!)

This evening I took it easy and made the pasta salad for Mack's Halloween party tomorrow with his playgroup. I am looking forward to that. Imagine the photos that will be taken tomorrow!

I've been sitting on the couch, knitting and catching up some blog reading and some emails. Trying to clean out my inbox - which is a nasty mess.

ps - This morning I non-shalantly inquired from both of Sean's daycare teachers fave colors. So I am set, and I just need to figure out what yarn I will use for each and which pattern I will use. I have 2 or 3 that I like, and I have to see what yarn suits the pattern, that I have in my stash already (good plan to stash bust!)

pps- Tomorrow is the deadline for my November Sock Club kit...!


Anonymous said...

You don't have to go to a photo studio for Mack's passport photo, and you don't have to spend a lot. I got Jakob's photo done at Sooters next to Jean Coutu when he was about 6 months old. It cost the same $6-10 bucks (I forget) it costs for my own photo, and if the photo is refused they'll redo it for free.

Nell said...

I got my passport photo at Kinkos. Maybe they'd do it there.

Tara said...

Those pictures of Mack are adorable!!! And MAN! I need to score some new friends, pronto. Last time I was gifted with yarn someone didn't want anymore, it was mostly Hed Heart and Bernat baby. And you've got friggin' SUNDARA!!! Unbelievable.

Bea said...

What a cutie! I hope you guys have a fun Halloween. I can't wait to see them in costume together!!

Craftlover said...

I can't wait to see Mack and Sean in halloween costume.....

g-girl said...

good luck finding a place to take mack's passport photo-weird about walmart! cute pics of Mac! Can't wait to see what you picked up from Betty.