Friday, October 24, 2008

october twenty-four :: 95 weeks old

Sean is 95 weeks old today.

Today's Earrings.

I received a gift from Carolyn in the mail today. She had made a hat for her son, but it was too small. So she emailed me to find out if I wanted it for sean. It was super sweet of her to send it over. She also sent a gift for Mr. Mack. A super cute onesie. (Totally true as well!)

Totally fits Sean well! Thanks Carolyn! He needed a hat to keep in his school bag, so we'll definitely get use out of it! Really appreciate it! And Sean likes it!

Today, I made some time to do a photo shoot. Been meaning to do it for a while (before Mack got too big.... but just never had the chance, until today)

The good thing about this photo shoot is I got to test the size of the halloween costumes. Mack CANNOT grow another centimeter before next Friday (halloween) or he will NOT fit into the banana costume. He is going to be Sean's Banana. Sean will be a Monkey!

Anyhow, I had too much fun today with this photoshoot. I had a good time and Mack was a good sport. (Very glad about that! Or today's photoshoot would not have been possible.

Mark, a guy I went to elementary & high school with - is entering (for the 4th time!) the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. I cant believe that something like this actually exists! Check out the story here. Insane!

Robyn's Nest got in ABS Stitch Markers that lock! They're a must have! These best selling Stitch Markers snap shut securely to mark or hold stitches. They are useful for marking the location of knit or crocheted stitches within a row also great for marking rows when increasing/decreasing. I have received them in pacakges of 40, instead of the regular 20 pack you find in shops, and for also half the price! Be sure to pick some up the next time you are placing an order!

Do not forget that the next 100 orders (less than that now actually) will be receiving a free pair of circular knitting needles. So be sure to not miss out on that!

Just a reminder that the November kits are on sale until next Friday only. It's going to be an awesome kit regardless if you get the Mini or the Ultimate. Though, I have to tell you if you miss out on the Ultimate, you may regret it! The Ultimate kit comes with 3 x 100g of sock yarn, 5 patterns, 4 sets of DPNs (for sock knitting), 2 sets of stitch markers, a tote bag, a tape measure and a ton of other goodies. You surely do NOT want to miss out on this one! Also - I've already listed the December 2008 Sock Club - and all I have to say is "Bling Bling...!" on the yarn front! Holy cow, gorgeousness. It's a few bucks more, but the yarn is totally worth it...!

Must go now and figure out what the heck I'm going to wear to my 10 Year High School Reunion tomorrow night. Holy cow, this past June was 10 years!


Bea said...

Macks photo shoot is so cute! He looked really happy to be a duck! And for that matter he looked like he liked the peapod a lot too.

I don't think my highschool did a 10 year reunion or at the least they didn't invite me.

Amelah said...

OMG! Plz dump those pics in sharing! he is too cute!!! Where did you do it?? Love them!!! Love the one of him naked in the net!!!
I plan to do a collage in a frame of Mack like i did of Sean and want that to be one of the pics please lol!!!

I will also take a pack of those notions! too cute! :) Can't wait for my November kit!

Amelah said...

forgot to comment Sean is prices with his Habs shirt and that hat!!! LOVE IT!!!

And really nice pic of you and Sean!

Caroline said...

I love the pics!!! You're a great photographer.

dawn said...

Those pictures are adorable! He looks so happy too.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

The Strawberry SeanCake pics are cuter than 100 puppies playing with 100 kittens playing with 100 balls of MMMalabrigo. All the pics are great, but that strawberry outfit just tickles me fancy.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

The Strawberry MackCake pics are cuter than 100 puppies playing with 100 kittens playing with 100 balls of MMMalabrigo. All the pics are great, but that strawberry outfit just tickles me fancy.

LittleRed said...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photo in the net! Did someone hold him for you? How did you do that??

g-girl said...

love, love, love the pics of mack! i love all the cute costumes he was in!

Tara said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE the strawberry costume! It's just adorable. Congrats on a great photoshoot!