Wednesday, October 08, 2008

october eight

Today's Earrings. (Blue-ish Purple Circles)

Today's cool find. (Picked them up a couple of days ago, but wanted to show you!) I suck at using chopsticks when I eat sushi. I usually tie an elastic around them, so they open and close easily without issues, so I can actually pick up the food. I found these, and they're like clothes pins in the way they open and shut, and they're meant for people to have ease with eating sushi, or other foods you'd use chopsticks for! How genius! And they're reusable!

I've got an Finished Object to Show you!

This morning I wet blocked the sweater. I pined it onto foam pads (like the ones that are for children's playrooms), and sprayed it wet. Left it all day to dry/take shape.

This evening at the West Island Knits meeting I sewed on the buttons. Here's the finished Boheme:

Pattern: Boheme
For: Jamie's unborn cousin. His cousin Bonnie is due in November
with a little girl, Hannah-Rose. Baby shower is this Saturday.
Yarn: Louet Gems Sport Morning Dove (3/4 of a skein)
Needle: 4.0mm / US 6 32" circulars
Size: 6 months
Timeline: Saturday, October 4th, Wednesday, October 8th
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Love it! Can't wait to get pictures of her daughter wearing it!

The back.

The buttons. (They're on sale in my shop!)

The close-up of the pattern.

I also started another project tonight:

The skull hat. The deadline for this one isn't until November 8th - the day of my nephew's 6th birthday party. Right now, I'm working on the inside lining of the hat. (It's worked first). I may be doing a few modifications to the pattern, but we'll see as I go along. This should be a really quick knit. I'm hoping, because I still have a ton of other stuff on my plate with deadlines to finish!

I have my high school 10 year reunion in 2 and a half weeks. They're looking for old photos from high school, so I started digging through my old photo box. I found a few, which I'll be scanning and emailing in for the slide show, it's bringing back some crazy memories. They'll have to be scanned though, this was pre-digital age! After I'm done going through the photo box, I'll have to go through my old albums, not everything had extra copies in the photo box.

Sean has been talking more and more lately, but not as much as other kids his age. He does repeat words now, so we have to be careful what we say. Today he repeated Bird and Fish after I said both of those words. He can also put two words together, like "down peas" (for Down Please), and "up peas" (for Up Please). He is also very good at saying No. He's been saying No to a lot of things, even if he meant to say yes.

The drop off to daycare today was a bit more brutal because he missed out the last 2 days because of the cough he had on the weekend. So, it was almost as if we started from scratch today. He cried. (They said he cried off and on all morning here and there - at least it's not all day anymore). And he DID NOT cry when I went to pick him up, though he still ran to give me a hug! He was playing nicely outside when I went to pick him up today, and they said he ate well, napped pretty decent and didn't cry at all in the afternoon.

This morning I had aqua-strollers with Mack. It was a lot of fun. I love that class, and I love being in the water. Mack was really good in the water, and he's fitting better and better into the floatation device that he sits in while I work out. The little guy is growing!

At lunch I went to go see Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. I really liked Michael Cera in Juno, and loved him even more in this one. And Kat Dennings, was great too. I LOVED this movie. I recommend it!

Robyn's Nest received in some Dream in Color Classy into the shop today. It's delicious! Until Monday, the Canadian Thanksgiving, I'm offering for every 2 skeins purchased, a free copy of the Dream in Color Shrug pattern. All you need is 2 skeins to make the shrug!

Anyone going to Rhinebeck and want to save on shipping charges? I'm offering local pick up at Rhinebeck next weekend. If you want to arrange this - please email me at for more information. Going to Rhinebeck and want to meet me?! I want to meet you! Contact me either via email or by leaving a comment and we'll arrange to meet up!

Today I heart Waffles and I want it in both sizes! You can actually buy it as a bundle. Maybe somehow the PDF will end up in my inbox.

This evening we were at Java U for West Island knits. It was a lot of fun. It was great to get out of the house and work on the Skull hat. (And sew on the buttons for Boheme). I think next week we'll go back to Java U - we liked it there, had good service, great lighting (to knit!), and no one screwed up on our orders! Great place, great service. We like!


Tara said...

I got my eye on the Gothic Rose DIC... We'll see how the budgy holds up after Rhinebeck!

Caroline said...

I love the chopsticks! Where did you get them?

Boheme looks great, good job!

dawn said...

My oldest took forever to start talking, but my second son was talking very early. Everyone tells me it helps to have a older sibling. Both sean and mack sure are cuties.

Jennifer said...

Boheme is adorable!! And those chopsticks are such a clever fun!

ahufford said...

I love that color that you used for the sweater! I think that's a cute sweater and the buttons are perfect for it!

Big Girl Feet said...

The sweater turned out so cute!!! and I am jealous of Rhinebeck....!!

Amelah said...

Cute sweater!!! Came out nice! Good thing it was a fast knit that you finished it in time!

Poor Sean, I am sure it will get easier faster this time! Hey you think the day care accepts dogs lol! Jokes...

Bea said...

I really like that sweater. So so cute. Especially the buttons!

Bea said...

Oh also so sad that I can't go to Rhinebeck. It was on the list of things to do this year but then our November vacation took the days away :(

g-girl said...

your boheme is gorgeous!!! makes me wonder if I should knit one of those for the shower I'm going to next saturday!! down peas..I love it! My niece uses peas too. :) oh is back to square one with daycare since he was out those two days but he's sounding very resilient and that's awesome! i heart waffles too!

Nell said...

I have to get some of those chopsticks for my Dad's girlfriend. She can't use the regular ones at all!