Friday, October 31, 2008

october thirty-one :: 96 weeks old :: Hallowe'en!

This is how my day went! (Picture heavy post!)

Today's fun earrings. Feathers!

This morning I dressed Sean as a dragon.

And then I took Sean to daycare. Sean is 96 weeks old today.

Sean had a Halloween party at his daycare, and was in his costume all morning. When it came time to take their costumes off for lunch, Sean wanted to keep his on. Cute. I hope I don't have this issue in the future, where he'll want to go grocery shopping in his costume.
Though, that would be cute!

I came home to find a package at my door. It was my Fave Things Swap package from Tracee. Thank you Miss Tracee! I love it all! I can't wait to try out your fave things!

She sent me this awesome black yarn, which is Naturally Sensations in Black. So soft!

And I also got this awesome scarf hand knit for me! WOW!
I'm not sure what the yarn is though, or what pattern.

I put our pumpkin together, and placed it outside.
To be honest, I didn't feel like carving it, so I got a Mr. Potato Head Kit type
decorations for it, and voila - my pumpkin is ready for Halloween!

My decorations this year were simple. Maybe next year when Sean understand it more, I'll decorate more, but I didn't want to put any energy into it this year when my kids don't understand yet what is going on, and my street is unenthusiastic about Halloween.

Then I ran and dropped my car off to get my winter tires put on and went to the mall with my mom while I waited. I brought my JJ Cole Bundle Me to Stitch It to get the zipper fixed. I was prepared to pay to get the entire zipper replaced, and the lady was able to pull off the top clip, put on a new zipper, and then put on a new clip (so that the zipper as a stopper - the part at the top) and voila... finished! 12$ plus taxes. (A brand new JJ Cole Bundle Me from the urban collection that it's from, is about 50$ US).

My car wasn't ready, so I got dropped off by my mother at playgroup for the Halloween party.

We had a lot of food for the party. I made the pasta salad that is in the yellow bowl (left hand side of the table). It's very simple and very delicious. It's 1 box/bag of pasta (approx 350g) to half a bottle of Kraft Golden Italian salad dressing. I used 2 bags to 1 full bottle of dressing. I've been eating it all day. The girl who's house it was at wasn't going to be home all weekend so she sent me home with the leftovers. Mmmm! I even got the Oriental Salad recipe that is the salad that is in line with my salad but on the right hand side of the table. Soooo good!

Monkey/Banana Sandwich. Mackie in the middle!

Mackie and one of this 2 best friends.

I love it!

I am so happy he didn't grow any one bit this past week and actually fit into the costume!

Mackie and his other best friend.

9 of the 11 kids that were there today. (Not too sure what happened to the other 2?)

Our playgroup. (I think though, we do have a few girls missing that couldn't make it with their children, but these are the "main" gang, including the one girl we wish to eliminate but can't). (Ages range from 3 months to 9 months) (The oldest baby was born at the end of January 2008)

I got dropped off at my car by a mommy in playgroup, and then picked up Sean from daycare. He didn't want to leave today. He wanted to play with the lego and just didn't want to leave. I can't believe it! I think we're 100% settled into routine now, and he's even 150% now on a sippy cup for his milk! Whoot! I am so happy! Before his 2nd birthday he's been weaned off the bottle. I am so happy. Let me tell ya!

Sean checked out our pumpkin upon returning home, and then we walked across the street from our house to the park that we live in front of, and played in the leaves:

It was actually really warm out, but Sean refused to take off his hat and jacket. Funny kid.

I love these photos in the leaves!

My sister came over after she was done work and we dressed this kids for trick or treating.

Mack got back into his banana costume as Sean was going to be his Monkey.

We went around my area, some houses were lit, some weren't and we got a ton of candy. Some Sean can eat and some Sean can't (those will be eaten by his parents - LOL). I think Sean got a lot more candy because he had his side kick banana with him! Mack ended up falling asleep while I was carrying him. I wish I had a baby carrier that would have held him on me properly, but all my carriers (and I have more than one of them) all need each leg through a part of the carrier, and well, as a banana, it's down to one!

Today was a long day, and I'm pooped. We had a fabulous time, and got great photos.


Amelah said...

LOVE the pics of the kids & the one of Mack alone in the leaves! So cute!!! If i did not know it was sooo warm out i would say u were crazy for having Mack with no jacket lol! Looks funny next to Sean who is dressed for the winter!!!

I had fun trick or treating with the boys! Thanks for some yummy candy lol! :)

Nell said...

OMG! Your boys are so cute!

illahee said...

oh, i am so glad you did the monkey/banana thing. soooo cute!!

Sharon said...

Those are the best pictures ever! The Monkey and Banana thing is just too hilarious.

Secretly Spun said...

Love the pictures - I like the Mr Potato Head pumpkin decorations. Mom always cooked ours afterward so we never got to carve it but just drew a face on with a black marker. These would have worked even better.

Bea said...

halloween looks like it was a ton of fun for all three of you! The kids are so cute in their costumes. I really like the first dragon picture. He's so so cute.

Oh we have those earrings around here somewhere. Chris got them for a photo shoot at some point.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures that you've taken of the boys! I love the expression Mack has in the picture after the "sandwich" one. You made my day in the adorable factor - thank you!

Craftlover said...

OMG! :)
If I were there, I MUST give them a BiG BIG HUG!! :)

LOve the scarf that you wore, it's so pretty. :)

Jenny Girl said...

Oh these babies are just too cute!
This is a big playgroup Wow!

Tara said...

Great post, great day, great pics. :)

g-girl said...

love all the pics especially of mack and his playgroup buddies all in costume!! great package. really cute scarf! I like the buttons! Oh, I miss trick-or-treating!!