Wednesday, October 15, 2008

october fifteen

Today's earrings. Blue tear drops. (I know, I know, hard to see. Try clicking on the photo, maybe it'll open larger? Darn blogger, reduced my photo size smaller than what I'd edited it as!)

Ah! I love mornings. Both my boys drinking milk in bed watching Playhouse on the dish. Sean's got his hockey magazine (drags it all over the house these days (Jamie's last year's hockey yearbook that he no longer needs) and he's got his Nunu. Mack's got his bottle holder to help him hold his milk, though, he's got a good grip at holding it (as you see!) Too cute. I love it. I love morning cuddle time with both boys. Though, we need a King size bed. Two adults and two kids don't fit so well in a Queen. Maybe in the new year after new carpets or a new couch. (Actually I'm now thinking maybe a new front door - but need to run that one by Jamie first. I really want a new front door - almost more badly than new carpets or new den couches).

Today I finished my paperwork. Whoot! I can now go to Rhinebeck stress free. Still a few things I need to take care of before leaving, but I still have all day tomorrow (and a long list!)

Late afternoon I got stuck in NASTY traffic after picking up Sean from daycare (more on that later). Bumper to bumper traffic. A 20 minute drive that took almost an hour and a half. What does a girl do when stuck and both kids are quiet? KNIT! (Color has been elimiated from the yarn to not give away the November Sock Club pattern! I'm designing one of the 5 patterns in the Ultimate kit!)

Daycare is going good! I'm still getting a bit of a cry in the mornings but apparently there is a new kid at daycare and he's now the crier that Sean has taken a backseat and letting him cry/scream. He goes down for naptime without any issues and today when I picked him up, he gave me a "Hi".... (not running in tears to grab on to me!) I'm very impressed. I'm hoping in the next week or two we'll eliminate the morning cry and he'll wave me off! Getting there - that's for sure.

Today I got some yummy mail. Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett in Landscape Fire. I'd seen it on Ravelry and fell in love after Tara pointed it out to me. (Thanks girl!) Stripping yarn! Oh deliciousness. I found it online from a seller who offers free shipping on any amount to anywhere in the world. So all I paid for was the yarn. No complaints! Yey! It was on backorder when I originally ordered it, but it arrived in my mailbox today. They ship when it's available again, if on their site it says it's out of stock.

This evening I had dinner at my in-laws to meet Jamie's first cousin Andy. He lives in Liverpool and was in Toronto until yesterday morning for business. (He works in animation film). Being in our neck of the woods he took the train here yesterday and is staying until Sunday morning. Because I am at Rhinebeck this weekend, we arranged to get together tonight. Jamie's going to see him again before he leaves though. Andy's a nice guy, just a few months older than me, and has a nice British accent. He's lived in England since he was 12 but was born and raised for the first 12 years in California. He plans to come back next summer with his girlfriend hopefully around Jazz Fest time/Just For Laughs. Nice guy, glad we got to meet him while he was here. Jamie hasn't seen him since Andy was about 2 (or maybe just a little bit older than that). It's been a long long long time.

Must go take Nunu out of the washing machine to hang to dry so he's ready to go to daycare tomorrow. (He sleeps with his blankie and sometimes also with Nunu, but we managed to get Nunu to stay in the diaper bag tonight upon returning home, so that I could wash it. That bear certainly gets abused and dragged in dirt outside and stepped on, etc..! He needed a good washing before we head to NY this weekend!) Ciao!

ps - For those of you guessing on how many photos I'll take this weekend - don't forget that even if I have my hands busy with 2 kids - I do have my mom and sister with me this weekend.... I won't be always holding 2 kids! LOL. And, I'm bringing with my THREE (3) cameras. Ya never know...! I'm a professional photographer..... and people are guessing I'll only take 50 pictures in 3 days? I'm loving these answers. Aim for higher numbers. Seriously!


Amelah said...

I revise mine, 3 cameras? Plus mine? Plus mom's? You are insane! I guess


When i went to Toronto 2 yrs ago for Port Dover in 4 and a half days I took over 600! I have faith in you lol!

halloweenlover said...

I don't know how your boys are so big! It makes me want to cry, they are so cute!

I'm glad to hear that Sean is doing well at the drop-off. It must be such a relief for you. I'm sure he just needed the adjustment time.

I keep meaning to email you also to tell you that I ALWAYS read your blog! I'm just bad at commenting, but I never miss a post ; )


Jenny said...

425 photos, easy!

Tara said...

I actually bought some Kaffe Fassett Regia in Rhinebeck, but I don't know if I managed to score that exact colourway. It's not written on the package!

g-girl said...

glad to hear sean is getting used to daycare. :) oooh, love the landscape fire! what are you going to make with it?