Tuesday, October 07, 2008

october seven :: 16 weeks old

Mack is 16 weeks old today. Here is a picture of Sean at 16 weeks (scroll down). They look NOTHING alike, and Sean was chunkier than Mack at 16 weeks old.

Today's earrings. Cute hearts. (Like the green stars, I have them in a few colors. FUN!)

Knitting Progress:

Here is Boheme after 2 pattern repeats.

And it being modeled by Sean's Boy Cabbage Patch Doll. In relation to size, they are not any relation to a 6 month old baby (which is the size I'm knitting). I need to find a 6 month old baby girl to try this on...!

Until then, this doll is going to enjoy cross dressing. LOL.

Today was a crappy day. Sean didn't go to daycare again. Jamie made me keep him home, even though he's barely coughing anymore. (I only heard him cough once today). He was grumpy all day though, horribly. I ran some errands today with my mother, and he remained grumpy. It was a long day. Like you wouldn't believe. I am happy now that both kids are asleep, and I'm finally enjoying some peace & quiet.

I finished Boheme tonight, just 5 minutes ago. I'm hoping it will block some. I'm not sure how far I'll get though, with 100% superwash yarn. It's curling bad though. I'll try to block it tomorrow. All that's left is to sew on the buttons and weave in 2 ends. (It's knit in 1 piece).

I'm just hoping it can be blocked. Never thought that the body would curl from the bottom (knew it would curl length wise though. It's supposed to.

Did find some great finds though today. Will talk about those over the next couple of days. I'm beat. I'm off to bed. Mack's been doing some great nights lately (two nights ago he slept 12+ hours and last night it was 10 hours), and I'm hoping he's still sleeping when I take Sean to daycare tomorrow morning.


Amelah said...

I kept telling everyone baby Sean & Mack do not look alike!!!! You can see a resemblance, but nothing more then that! They are both adorable in their own ways!!!!

Poor lil guy being grumpy!! Hope he is in a better mood!!!

Cute knitting - its looking great!

Tara said...

Boheme looks great! Can't sait to see it finished.

Shannon said...

Have you tried to steam block it? That always works for me when something curls and it won't be fixed any other way. Hope that helps.

carolynswafford said...

Robyn, my heart just stopped when I looked at those pictures of Sean at 16 weeks....what a happy guy! My Cole was the same way - fat and full of smiles. :) Mack is adorable, too, of course. Can you tell me how much he is weighing and what size he is in? Ahem...just asking... :)

g-girl said...

wow, sean was super chubby when he was 16 weeks old! mack looks completely different. how weird is that. hopefully blocking will make the curling stop. hopefully sean was back @ daycare today!

Jenny said...

The boheme came out very cute and that yarn is gorgeous. Show us how it comes out after you block it.

Not An Artist said...

I do think both your boys look like you though! I am loving the earring series too :) I can't wait to see some of them (like the stars?) turn up in your shop soon.

Bea said...

I think Sean and Mack do look alike. Sean was chunkier but there is definitely a resemblance there. I see a resemblance to you and your sister too.