Thursday, April 19, 2007

16 Weeks

This morning I watched the movie Karla while feeding Sean and then finished it while he slept on me for part of his morning nap. Wow - what a movie. I didn't really know the FULL story before watching this - I just knew that she and her husband were convicted for murder. So basically, it's based on real events, Paul Bernardo and his wife, Karla Homolka, kidnap, sexually abuse, and murder three young girls. One of the three young girls is Karla's sister Tammy. Anyhow, this took place in Canada, just outside of Toronto. Laura Pepron (That 70's show and now October Road), did a great job playing Karla. Karla, upon her release is now living in Montreal. For a while she was living in my area - but I seem to think that I heard she now lives on the south shore. I don't know if I would recognize her if I passed her on the street or wherever. Probably not.

Today I went over to Jamie's Aunt & Uncle's house and taught his almost 14 year old cousin how to knit. She had surgery last Tuesday on her spine, so she's at home recovering, and since she's bored during the day, (parents are out at work and brother goes to school) I went over to keep her company.

It took her a bit - but she's gotten the hang of it - however, she's very not confident, so she kept asking me if she was doing it right. I told her she was doing a great job and to keep going. I told her that today we started with just the knit stitch (I cast on for her) and that next time I come over there better be progress in her scarf! (Easy garter ridge scarf to start!) Andra is the first person I've ever taught to knit! (I did teach one of my sibling's now ex-friends to purl once, because they only knew how to do knit stitch, and to this day probably still can't figure it out! So everything is done in garter ridge without any shaping - but if you know the story, you know whom I'm talking about).

Sean was just the happiest baby today (as usual!) Look at these gorgeous smiles.... one after another! It was just non-stop! Laughing too... this kid likes to laugh!

He's got MY dimples!!!

16 Weeks today. Almost 4 months old! Wow - time flies!

I made these stitch markers for someone, and I think they are a great idea, they are up for sale in my Etsy shop here. Here is the coding behind the stitch markers!

B = "Beginning" of row

I = place where you want to do an "INCREASE"

D = pleace where you want to do a "DECREASE"

GENIOUS! Email me if you want to purchase a set. 5$ plus shipping & handling.

Still on the stitch marker front, I received these beauties above from Angela last night at the local SNB, they were a gift for me, just for hosting the stitch marker swap.
Thank you Angela - I love them!

Then in the mail today, I received these from blogless Brenda.
5 stitch markers with matching earrings! Aren't they awesome?

And these were from Jenn. Thank you so much - I love them!
Oh, I need to cast on new projects so I can use all my new markers!

Have you seen this? If you are a knitter and you haven't - you must go! It's funny!

Upon getting home from all my errands today, (Walmart, Omer DeSerres, etc), I gave Sean a bath, ate dinner, and then while watching Grey's Anatomy on TV, Sean decided to take a poop that would go down his sleeper leg, and hopefully not ruin my fave sleeper of his and his onesie. Guess what? It was so bad, Sean got another bath, within an hour from the first one. And he had to do this while I was on duty tonight - and Jamie at a friend's house to watch the hockey game, didn't he?? LOL. Oh, that was pure fun! Above, is a video of Sean's first bath tonight. He has fun splashing in the wather - he loves his bath! Oh - and he stuck out his tongue too! How cute.

Other things of note - I contacted the person I got the leftover yarn from that I used to make the blue MP3 cozy (I can't call it an Ipod cozy, because it wasn't for an ipod - but another MP3 company!) and it turns out that it was Embroidery floss. So - thinking that - that was a GENIOUS idea - I ran out and bought black and this awesome silvery grey to make Jamie's black cozy. I thought it was a genious idea - being knit on US zero needles I never would have thought that was what it was! And I'd never have thought to knit with embroidery floss. Pretty neat idea! Especially since it's sooo tiny! You know??

Other mail I got today was a pattern from Roxanne from Zen Yarn Garden. I picked out this pattern to make Metropolis Socks. (We swapped something that I had that she wanted for a pattern!) I can't wait to make a pair of socks in that pattern. I'm also wanting to cast on Jaywalkers, but I MUST finish the "married socks" first.... No more casting on until some FO's are done! Really!

This weekend I have plans with Angela (to craft!) and I want to upload a bunch of stitch markers to my online shop. Hmm, what else... I dont' really know what else is going on - all I know is that Jamie's working from home tomorrow - so I will be sleeping in!

Time for me to get to bed!


Andrea said...


(I'm not explaining this reaction right now - it will make sense sometime within the next 3-5 days).

Summer said...

That's great that you were able to teach Jamies cousin to knit. She looks very happy in the pictures. What a beautiful smile Sean has. Great video

Drea said...

Sean is way chunkier than Taite! Thats crazy. He was smaller than Taite when he was born and YOUNGER yet now bigger. Funny how things work out :-)
Taite has that same tub but I usually put the sling part up on that lip behind Seans Head. It sorta snaps into place. Taite doesnt seem to enjoy when his ears get wet... plus I know with Caleb if I let his ears get soaked like that it resulted in ear infections...:-\

Sean does look super happy though! hehe

Celena said...

What great stitch markers!

Robin said...

Sean looks super happy - you don't look too ecstatic in your picture though! What was wrong?

g-girl said...

great shots of sean (as always!). yay that you taught jamie's cousin to knit. :) it's such a great feeling teaching someone else to knit. :)

Alison said...

Good for you for teaching someone to knit! I hope she gets the hang of it -- she certainly won't be bored anymore. Plus, all the stitch markers are super lovely. And Sean just gets cuter and cuter. Love those smiles! (Too bad about the poopy leg, though...)