Monday, April 02, 2007

April 2 of 30

Today upon getting our butts into gear, Sean and I headed to Ikea. I got a rug for his room (I'll photograph it's awesomeness tomorrow) and some cushions for my kitchen table chairs. They didn't have what I was looking for (isn't that usually the case?!) and I hate going there. It was a zoo (or a maze) just to get out. After leaving Ikea I met my sister at Costco and picked up a ton of items on our need list. Stocked up on fish (salmon and talapia) as well as chicken this time. Bought a tub of Feta cheese (Mmmm feta cheese!), and got a huge bag of carrots, spring mix salad box, as well as a huge tub of cherry tomatos (those will be gone in a day or so.. I LOVE cherry tomatos!) What else... I got some cute sleepers that I have for Sean in 6 month size, but got him them in 9 month and 12 month size... just because they were just too cute, and once Costco runs out of stock, that's it - you can't find them again... I also got myself a really nice lime green spring jacket, and a bunch of other items. The main item I went for was Diapers. Costco is the most economical price for Huggies. Sean was wearing stage 1-2, which are good up to 15 lbs. They were 39.99$ CAD for a box of 228 diapers. With taxes, that worked out to about 0.1999 cents a diaper. Now, the next stage up, which is stage 3 (16-28 lbs), you get 224 diapers, for 49.99 plus taxes, which work out to about 0.25 cents a diaper with tax. (approx. 0.22 cents a diaper without taxes). Not bad. Walmart was more expensive (I did the calculations). And anywhere else was more expensive than Walmart. For Sean, I've tried no name brand diapers, as well as Pampers. The Pampers swaddlers in preemie size were the best choice, and I loved them. But the Pampers in bigger sizes, Jamie & I both don't like. Huggies seem to be the best choice right now for Sean and his body and the comfort for him, and he's not peeing through them, no leakage, etc. Obviously every baby is different, and Huggies may not work for them. I went with what diaper worked best for my child. Some people don't care for the cheap-0 no name brand, and while Huggies work for my boy, it may not for another, and may be good for a baby girl. Who knows if Huggies will even be good for my next child - but we'll try, since Jamie & I perfer them in the 1-2 stage size. While in the diaper section, I noticed they had Huggies Little Swimmers - so I picked up a package (most economical at Costco). Toys R Us was selling them for 9.99 for a small pack, I think there may have been 10 in the package at most. This was 27 swimmers for 20.99$. I think that's great. Two packages equalling 20 swimmers at Toys R Us (I think Walmart was the same price too)... would have been 19.99$. I get 7 more here for .99 cents more. I plan on taking Sean swimming plenty starting soon. I was just waiting for him to fit into the swimmers, since they're only good for 16-26 lbs, and Sean may just just start fitting into them soon, but they'll still be big on him. I'm sure he's only between 14 and a half to 15 lbs now... Somewhere in there. I can't wait to take him swimming! I also picked up some wipes at Costco (their no-name brand) and I'll let you know how I like those. Right now I'm using Pampers Sensitive Wipes, but they're damn pricey. That sums up my Costco shopping today!

Yesterday, Sean's Winnie The Pooh chair got assembled. I love it. It's soo damn cute. My sister got it for Sean as a baby shower gift. It was a little retarded to put together, but in the end it was put together. Phew!

And of course today I put Sean in his new chair for a photograph before we went to the Pesach Seder at Jamie's Aunt & Uncle's house. I think Sean is just too cute in overalls!

And here is Sean at his first Passover meal. Not that he really can eat matzah or anything. (Unleavened bread used to make this cardboard like thing that Jewish people eat instead of bread for 8 days during Passover because of the lack of being able to bake bread in Egypt many many years ago...) The Kippot Sean is wearing - is the one I crochet for him while I was still pregnant.

Sean and I at dinner tonight. He was in a really good mood tonight, and he met some cousins for the first time tonight as well. He even made 5$ for his cousin finding the Afikomen. Jamie was actually the one to hide the Afikomen this year, and it was hidden inside Sean's baby carrier inside the sleeping bag thing we have attached to his car seat carrier. The kids had a hard time finding it... no one thought to look inside there! Tomorrow night, I doubt the Afikomen will be hidden, as the youngest "kid" besides Sean, will be 19 years old. I think we're all a little too old to go in search of hidden matzah! Maybe Sean will be the only one to make some money tomorrow night. If there is Afikomen hidden, maybe I'll help him search for it! Tonight though, his cousins are about 7 and 13, so they had a grand ol' time searching for the hidden piece! (A nice passover tradition!) Sean's got 5$ in his piggy bank now, but I think I'm going to go to Toys R US and pick him up one of these. It's currently on sale for half price 3.97$ online and in store, so I'll go on Wednesday and pick him up one. I'll be near a Toys R Us on Wednesday.

So I've done an assesment, I have Lemonade (x5), Grape(x1 but I hate purple, so this ain't happening), Black Cherry (x2 - which will probably get drunk), Tropical Punch (x4), Strawberry (x7), Ice Blue (x2), Lemon-Lime (x2), Pink Lemonade (x1), Orange (x6), and Cherry (x11). I've received some from Lainie in California and some from Bren, who has participated in my stitch marker swaps in the past and in the current one too. I am thinking of trying to get my hands on some more Pink Lemonade since I only have 1, and some more Lemon-Lime (green color), sinec I only have 2 of those, to do some serious dying of some yarn. I have 2 balls of Regia to be dyed, 2 balls of Lanett, and some Cascade 220 in an off white color that is dyable. I am going to see if I can find anymore Cascade 220 - it's color number 8010. I am going to call the Yarn shop in B.C. tomorrow that I ordered some Cascade Quatro from - to see if they have anymore 8010, to add into my shipment if they havent shipped it yet. I want to have a blast dying - the weather is getting warmer and it'll be a blast.

What else is going on here? That letter mailed on March 22 from Toronto, STILL HAS NOT arrived in Montreal! I don't get it. We're going on a week and a half. From a place that is a 6 hour drive from here. It better arrive tomorrow.

I received a package from one of my group members in SP10 today with some leftover sock yarn for Sean's blankie. It's going to be started this week. I need to make my camera case and an Ipod cozy for Jamie & one for my sister, and start Sean's blankie. Sean's blankie is going to be quite the project. I hope to have it finished before he starts getting "attached" to a blankie...! I wonder what he will attach himself to. A blankie? A teddy? Hmm... Me - I had 3 baby blankets (never attached myself a teddy), BUT, I did have 3 sussies on me at all times. I'd have one in each hand, and 1 in my mouth, and the one in my mouth, my parents say I used to twirl in my mouth, and I'd rotate them from hand to mouth, etc.... Cute... wonder what Sean's thing will be? I won't post who it was from, so that her spoilee doesn't check out her blog and discover that it's her sending to them, incase this person talks about SP10 things on her blog. I will send her a thank you tomorrow via email- but I'm thanking A.M. here on my blog - and after SP10 is over, I will thank all those in my group whom have donated leftover bits to Sean's blankie project! Toss me an email if you want to help out this project and donate your leftover sock yarn bits that you don't know what to do with - for Sean's blankie! My email is in my sidebar!

Alright, got more spring cleaning and laundry to do tomorrow, so I'm out of here for the night. I've caught up on my blog reading for my SP10 group, and cleared out my bloglines for all the other blogs I read (boy do I love

I'll update my blog weight loss countdown tomorrow, but I'm down another half a pound, so that's 8.5 lbs lost since about the beginning of March. Almost 10 lbs down - I'm sooo freakin' proud of myself. I'm not 100% following my "lifestyle change" (I'm not calling it a diet) during Pesach, because it's just too hard, but I'll be back to normal once the seders are over and Pesach is done...

I'm so very excited, Jamie's step-family is doing Easter on Sunday this week - so Sean will get to go to his first Easter party. I love Jamie's step family...they are so great, and so celebratory (is that the correct conjugation?) and we do Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with them. Half of Jamie's step-family celebrates that (I'm not sure if that makes them Catholic, or Protestant or what not...) but they are part-Italian, and most of them are half Jewish as well, because Jamie's step-mom, her mother was Jewish and her father was Italian. (Great combo - My step-mom is a great cook - Italian and Jewish dishes! The best in the world!)

That letter better come from Toronto tomorrow. And my order with my Yarn Harlot's new book... I've been waiting too damn long for it! It finally says it's been shipped!


Drea said...

Caleb got attached to this white knitted blanket an old lady gave him when he was born. It was very small and the reason he got attached to is was because its the only one Id use on him for a long time. He would pull the covers over top of his head so because I had a fear hed sufficate... I used the smallest blanket I had with HUGE holes in it HAHAHA. THis way if it was on his head he'd be ok. Which he as.
He never really got attached to it though until I took his pacifier away (at a yr. old, highly recommend this!)
He'd drag that WHITE blanket everywhere... it got so nasty looking so my mom knitted a duplicate... he took to that as well (you can view all this stuff on past blog entries on his blog).. any how on his 2nd birthday my mom knitted him a BLUE ONE... now that is his blanket aka "BINKIT"(he has a book where a dinosaur calls his blanket a BINKIT, so now his blanket is a BINKIT).
Now he wont take to either WHITE one but just the blue one :-)

He has also gotten attached to this soft puppy dog he got on valentines day this year. He loves it. He calls it his "Oof."

So its neat how he has transitioned from favorites :-)

BTW u look fab

Drea said...

Oh and the bebepods here in the US are like 30 dollars I believe. My mom got it for Taite.
I hear they are nice to have when you travel.. u use it as a seat to fed your baby in when theres no high chair or stroller around. We saw a lady who was using one in her own store feeding her 5 month old on top of the counter. was SO CUTE

Drea said...

check ebay for one, sorry lol 3 comments

Penni said...

yikes! Here in Australia Huggies are $38 for a box of 72 (not sure how the size equates but it fits 6 - 11kg)! The newborn ones are the same price for a box of 108. We're being ripped off. The cheapie brands aren't that much cheaper either.

Carrie said...

Wow you should be proud of yourself! It takes dedication to take baby weight off. Cute pic of you and Sean, and his Pooh chair is adorable! Have a great holiday with the family. I'm sure Sean will be covered with kisses!

Summer said...

I like the picture of Sean in his chair. He looks so grown up.

Drea said...

Hey I thought I'd share this site with you

Swimmer diapers are really expensive... and in the summer I went through a lot. Im investing in some cloth ones this year. They are $6.99 each. You only really need two. One for the day... and a back up incase one gets messy that same day.

SO thts like 14 dollars for two.
You just wash them after each use... thats it.

Swimmers dont hold pee .. they just hold poop. So if you were to put sean in a swimmer and he pee'd it go straight through. Not many people know that :-)

So check it out. Plus they are way cuter lol

Summer said...

That ticker is funny. You can tell that you can't wait until she moves out. That bad, hey? I hope the next tenants you get won't be a pain in your butt!! Good luck with finding a new tentant

g-girl said...

somehow i missed this post! ooh, i love cherry tomatoes too. :) yay for finding $5. :) cute chair..though I see why drea suggested the bebe pod..that one is cuter and does a better job of helping sean to sit up.