Monday, April 09, 2007

Hate & Fave Patterns - SP10 Group Contest #3

My fave pattern is the baseball tee sweater I made for Sean. It was a really fast knit - the only thing I don't like is that the pattern is only for 3 month size, and Sean literally got to wear it ONCE - on the day I finished it. I would love to have him wear it again - but that's not happening! But it was fun to knit - and it was my first 'real' sweater.

The pattern I hate the most - is the sock yarn sweater I knit for Sean from here. The pattern was poorly written, and it was my first attempt to knit a sweater for Sean. He'll never wear it - because I'm too embarrased to put him in it. I do admit it was good knitting practice for me, and it was my very first attempt at any kind of sweater, but I don't count it as knitting a sweater. I'm not even sure what it is... it turned out VERY boxed shaped, very loose and well... UGLY! I hate it!


Summer said...

Sean is so adorable in that sweater you knitted for him. Love the pictures of him. SO adorable

Maggie said...

awww, Sean is so lucky to have a mommy that can/will make him cute sweaters. I like them both!

Yasmin said...

How adorable is that. Sean is so cute in that sweater. Lol! He too doesn't look happy with the second one. Btw, even though it's your first knit sweater ( and you don't like it) it looks pretty good for a first try. I'm learning to knit too -teaching myself actually as I cannot find anyonewho knit or crochets out here.