Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30 of 30

The other day, I got some stuff for Sean's room. I first picked up this "Original Six" poster for 7.00$ at Zellers. It's the 6 original NHL teams that existed when NHL first started.

Then I also bought him this from the same store. The evolution of the Habs Jersey clock. It was marked $19.97, $15.00. Got to the cash, paid for my huge order in my basket, and went home. Was looking at the bill when I got home, and noticed I was charged $19.97 for it. So, pissed I ran back to Zellers (5 minutes away from my house). (I tried on some clothes I got, and did some returns at the same time). Not only did they give me the clock for $15.00, but consumer protection, because the item scanned wrong at the cash, I got 10$ taken off my purchase. So in the end, this clock cost me $5.00! I'm not complaining. (The law is, if the item scans in wrong at the cash, if it's under $10, it's free - and if it's more thatn $10, they remove $10 off the purchase. I've been meaning to blog about this - but never got around to it. I think this was Thursday.

Last night after blogging I plopped myself on the couch, watched Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy from Thursday (on loan from my mom on DVD-R from her Tivo) and I knit Square #11. It's leftover socketta (spelling?) that I used on my first pair of finished socks ever.

Uhm, when did gas become 1.18$ a liter?? I don't fill up gas often, maybe once every third week (Yeah, I don't go far - lol - all the shopping I do is not far from my house!) but, 1.18$?! Insane!

So....... I did something TOTALLY CRAZY TODAY! ...........................................

Yep I got a knitting tattoo! I love it!
Ignore my thick calves - I've always had thick ones,
maybe it was all that rugby in high school!

Oh - and some cherries too.

(I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone... tattoo artist charges mainly for the set up, so it was cheaper to do both at the same time, and my sister paid for half of everything, as a birthday present!)

Sean had some cereal again this morning - I don't think he quite gets the "swallow the cereal" part yet.... he kind of wonders what to do with it while it's in his mouth. Boy - what a mess!

Today, I caught Sean holding his own bottle again, while Auntie Amy (my sister) was feeding him. What a big boy he's becoming. He can "hold" onto the bottle, but actually angling it once there is no more coming out - that's what he will eventually learn!

I swear - I have a happiest baby in the world - here's your daily dose of smiles! (Without fail!)

And here is Sean with his Auntie Amy - whom is blogless, and spent the entire day pretty much holding Sean. She held Sean while I got both my tattoos done, and entertained him, and fed him, and boy what a day we had!

Sean received his RaZ-Berry teethers today in the mail from Drea. Thank you Drea! I can't believe they left North Carolina on Thursday and arrived at my door 9 am this morning! Talk about service! Sean has not yet tested them out - but he shall soon, I'm sure of it. I'll report back with his opinion soon!

So, I was thinking about using the April's Sock Club Kit Yarn from BMFA (Walking on the Wild Tide), for Calorimetry from Knitty...

...But then I saw Jen Minnis' socks on her blog - she just cast on. And I am starting to think, that the yarn wound up in a cake, looks TOTALLY different than the skein that was shipped, so maybe just maybe it will grow on me. (And in regards to my previous post with my disappointment - I very well am allowed to be disappointed - maybe the colors are just not ones I'd pick out - but I don't HATE them.... they're just "not me"... If I said hate in any of my previous posts, I do apologize, because HATE is a very strong word). But, I think I will give a go at casting them on - but once I'd done my current WIPs!

Gotta go wake up Sean to give him a bottle so he sleeps in tomorrow morning. He fell asleep around 8:30pm or so, and there is no way he'll sleep past 6 am, if I dont give him one last bottle now. Off to go feed Sean and possible read some chapters in my book!


K. said...

LOVE the new tats! How was the pain factor on the ankle?

Andrea said...

Nice tatoo!

Lisa said...

Very cool tattoos! :) I've always wondered what the cherries would look like if the cherries were actually balls of yarn LOL Anyway how cute is he?! He is full of smiles and the one with the stuffed animals is awesome because they have basically the same smile! :-)

Drea said...

I love that knitting Tattoo! GIRL WHY YOU TEMPTING ME TO GET MINE! lol. I figured I wouldnt because being a Pastors wife I have to be very careful what I put on my body... but I seriously LOVE tattoos and that one is so cute! and so you.

And your welcome :-)
If he is like Taite, he'll love those.

big_girlfeet said...

cute tattoos!!

Kimber said...

LOVE your new tattoos! Both of them are so cute! Are these your first? What did Sean think of the tattoo shop?

I hope he likes his teethers - they look pretty neat. I love his cereal face - adorable!

Summer said...

I also love your tatoos. They are very cool. Very adorable pictures of Sean. He is full of smiles isn't he.

Jennifer said...

The tats are awesome! Did you tell Jamie before doing them or surprise him? I'm torn...I like the knitting one but the cherries are SO cute! A bit early for your bday though... :)

pixieriot said...

GREAT tattoos! The cherries are such a vivid colour, I love them. And I want a knitting tattoo eventually, but #8 and #9 are already being designed, so it's going to be a while before my finances catch up with my desire to be tattooed. ;-)

I wonder what the outside of the ankle is like compared to the inside... inside didn't hurt much to get done, but while it was healing, every time I stood up and the blood rushed down there... yeowch!

You're raising your son right. Habs for life. *grin*

Are you doing all of your squares the same, just out of different types of yarn? I'm saving scraps from ALL of my projects to make a knitted blanket of squares, but I can't quite decide what to do pattern-wise for the sqaures.

Tammy said...

Love the tattoos!

Ack, those are high gas prices. I'm lucky we haven't gone over a buck...yet.

Celena said...

Love the knitting tattoo!

Raesha D said...

I love the tattoos!! I'm totally itching for a new one:)

g-girl said...

wow! cool tattoos. I don't know which one I like more--the cherries or the ball of yarn! great pics of sean in today's post! The one of your sister and him is so cute! And so is the laughing one!! oooh, you got some razberries! I still have yet to receive the one I ordered last month!! Ugh. :P

Barb said...

I looove that yarn tattoo!!! I'm such a HUGE baby I could NEVER get a tattoo, I want one to honor the girls somehow, but i'm WAY too chicken :)