Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 17 of 30

[Let me try this again. Wrote this entire post. Went to go press publish & all my internet windows froze - DAMN IT! Had to reboot - only have as of my last 'save' - so I have to write up more than half this post again... DAMN INTERNET!]

Last night I organized my needles in these jars I picked up. I have organized my needles by type (metal/bamboo or wood/plastic/etc...) I love them. This is sitting ontop of my desk hutch now!

Last night I didn't get enough sleep again. I have been going through some sort of funk lately, and I feel a) overwhelmed, b) stressed for no apparent reason c) ready to break down at any given moment d) frustrated on some days e) unsure of where I want to take my career once my maternity leave is over (yet I have tons of options) f) scared of the 'real world/work world'... does any of this make any sense to me? No. How do I cope? Trying to get too many things done at once, playing super-mommy to Sean, trying to maintain my house, knitting & staying up until wee hours of the night, not being able to go to sleep until everything on my list is accomplished. Sean is sleeping through the night. I should be sleeping through the night. I am not getting nearly as much sleep as I should. Last night, I got a total of about 5 or 6 hours, and 3 of them were on the couch with Sean in my arms. And that was because Sean slept in until 9:30 am this morning.

I did get some knitting done last night, while catching up on Desperate Housewives and October Road (almost caught up - I downloaded all the 4 episodes that so far exist). I have an FO to show... I've started & completed Jamie's MP3 player case. It's in blue - because he is picky with colors, and I really like it. Here's some pictures. (I knit it flat, and just ribbing k2, p2.... for the entire thing and then seamed up the sides. I think I did a fairly good job with the seaming for this, it looks clean on the outside. I used US zero needles, and I swear to god, I thought I was going to break the yarn! I have no idea what yarn this is - as I used some leftovers that someone gave me that they didn't want to use. There was no label with it unfortunately. I wish I knew what it was... as it worked well for this project. I am debating whether to add a snap onto the end of the case... I will leave that up to Jamie - but I can add one easily - if he wants one. I will be knitting another one, of the exact same thing, but in another color this time - for my sister, as she wants one. It's a VERY easy knit - so I will probably get to it this weekend or something, I want to make some more squares for Sean's blankie first.

Above is the inside of my seaming job and below is the outside seaming job - I believe I did a great job finishing off this project! On the outside, you do not see my seaming! I love the colorway I chose .... or "pattern" if you call it that. I'd seen this two-tone on something (maybe it was a cell phone pouch - and decided I wanted to copy the idea).


Pattern: knit 2, purl 2, knit flat. No pattern required.
Needles: US zero
Yarn: Embroidery Floss (Works well for tiny cases!)
Timeline: About 4-4.5 hours of knitting in one shot.

I hope Jamie likes it! If not, I'm sure my sister will like blue.... if Jamie does like it - then I'll make another one for my sister, in another color/yarn though - as I don't have enough yarn left in blue.

This morning I received lovely stitch markers from the swap I hosted/created, from the lovely Barb. Thank you very much Barb - I love them!

Today I ran a bunch of errands with my mom. I borrowed three Debbie Bliss books from the library near my mom's place - and I'm excited to go through them and see if there is any patterns I'd like to make for Sean. I also did a return at ToysRus, walmart, went to the art store, and picked up some groceries. I got a lot done today. Had lunch at my parents house. Phew! Mailed some stuff at the post office, and picked up some magazines for Jamie's cousin who just had surgery. Ran home, met Jamie and went to see his cousin.

This evening we went to visit Jamie's 14 year old cousin who just had spinal surgery a week ago. She's looking good, and feeling good, and walking around. We brought her 2 pairs of pj's, 1 book, 3 magazines (J-14, Teen & Seventeen) and 2 new releases at blockbusters. I told her that she should pick out two movies for herself, not to let anyone else pick out a movie! I am planning on spending some time with her on Thursday (since tomorrow's already packed with stuff to do), and teaching her to knit. Her parents are working during the day, and her little brother goes to school. I told her I'd keep her company. It's going to be a long month of recovery if she's home alone every day. She's very happy though about not having to do phys.ed for 2 years! And she thinks it's pretty cool that she has 14 screws in her back that will set off the metal detectors at the airport. She'll have a note from her doctor about the screws though, so she doesn't have to worry about problems! Cute... at least she's doing very well!

Tonight I have been working on these:

I have made 4 sets (4 are SP10 commissions) There is a 5th set up in my Etsy Shop, if anyone wants to snag those, they're the last pair left for now.

This is a sneak peak of what is to come in my Etsy shop. There are some awesome colors going up this week - do check in! I'll also announce when it's up!


Bumbershootska said...

welcome to mommyhood, girl - we all feel that way from time to time but it gets better.

Barb said...

*HUGS* hope your feeling better, it's all being a new mommy, it'll get easier :) I'm glad you got your markers, and the purple marble looking marker you made is very pretty :)

lisa said...

I bought a set of ipod "socks" a while ago in four different colors. I have one that looks exactly like the one you made. You did an excellent job on it! Very cool! :)

Robin said...

I think everyone feels overwhelmed and stressed at times, especially if they have a lot going on. I've been feeling that way too lately. I tend to react either by going crazy to finish everything on the to do list, or alternatively, paring it down to the "must do" list. It'll get better (at least that is what I've been telling myself.)

Love the Ipod sock and the stitch markers!

Maureen said...

Considering the fact that my 'baby' will be 5 in July, I still don't know what to do 'when I grow up'. After having my daughter 10+ years ago, I left the work world behind and just dropped out of life. I'm trying to get back into something but it's hard to decide.
BTW, I make lampwork beads in case you'd like some for stitch markers.

Joanna said...

Tee-Hee I bought the last pair of earrings! Everyone can now hate/envy me! I've been looking for cool knitty earrings and I'm really glad I stumbled across your blog.
P.s: Love the video of Sean on the April 16th post. He is really a cutie!

g-girl said...

you know, it's hard figuring out what you want to do when you 'grow up.' I think that's why they say in a person's lifetime, one will make at least 5 (I can't remember the exact number!) different career changes. Nothing wrong with that at all because we're all constantly changing. Things will fall into place though. Try be patient and allow yourself some time to sleep!!