Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11 of 30

I did not get enough sleep last night. I had insomnia again. I played on my computer for a bit, and then went into the den and caught up on this past week's Desperate Housewives & CSI. I hadn't watched them yet - but they were downloaded onto Jamie's Eureka.

Somehow, Sean woke up at 7:30 am this morning. This is UNLIKE him! I think it's a conspiracy against me because I didn't get enough sleep. Maybe he was woken up to make me feel bad for going to bed so late? Who knows. I'll never know. I'm pooped right now.

This morning the service guy came and had to replace the entire element casing in my dryer. Now it won't take me 2 complete dryer cycles to dry a load of clothes. It'll take 1 dryer cycle - like normal people's dryer. I have a 1 year warranty on the part - which is good - because the dryer is going upstairs to our new tenants come the summer, and I will be getting a new washer & dryer, which has now become a birthday present from my parents to me. (I'm so happy!) I was told to look into front loading washing machines - apparently they are more economical or something. I shall definitely look into them. But I won't be purchasing them until June/July, only after my current tenant moves out - and before my new tenants move in (when school starts up in August) (We will be doing renovations upstairs as soon as my current tenant moves out).

Today was a fun mail day. I got a thank you card from some friends in Washington, (not the D.C. washington), that we met on the cruise. I sent them a baby gift - as they're pregnant with their first child - a baby boy due in July (or maybe June if he's early!). It was nice to hear from her. They've already named their son, it was kind of nice to read her write his name! What else did I get in the mail today? An invite to my cousin's baby shower, and those hoop earrings I ordered on Ebay on Friday night. (BOY that was fast service!). I plan on cleaning them tomorrow and putting them in my ears. That letter from Toronto - still not here. I'm wondering where it is??!

Today, my mom came over, and we picked up my grandmother and went to the mall near her house to have lunch.

She loved holding Sean while my mom & I ate lunch (she wasn't hungry!). This is my dad's mother, Sean's great grandmother! We were FOUR generations out for lunch today!

The sun was in Sean's way today, at lunch, so I put on his sunglasses. Ain't he the coolest kid?

This afternoon my mother & I did a ton of errands, Walmart, Toys R Us, Sears, and I ran to the post office to mail a TON of things I had to mail out. If you're expecting mail from me - it's been mailed!

Sean was fantastic while we were out today, and slept in his car seat. When we headed home, my mother was in the front seat, Sean in the back in his carrier. All of a sudden, in mid conversation with my mother, Sean woke up, freaked out and started to SCREAM. Screaming almost as bad as those 24 hours Sean was just screaming a few weeks back. In the middle of traffic, bumper to bumper, my mother got out of the car, ran around the car, and hopped into the back seat. I threw the parcel from the backseat into the front, so my mom could sit in the back with Sean. Not even my mom could calm him down. He wanted out of his car seat. Finally - I got out of traffic, after yelling at a few idiot drivers - no swearing - just anger - which probably Sean felt - so it kept him angry - I have to NOT do that - (I'm learning) - I pulled into the parking lot for the post office - my mother took Sean out of the car seat, while I ran in to mail some packages. Sean apparently just needed to burb - and couldn't do it in his car seat. I swear - every thought crossed my mind while sitting in traffic. Is Sean's seatbelt too tight? Are his hands or his feet caught in something? Did he hurt himself? Is his body twisted in an uncomfortable position? Is he hungry? He's spitting out his bottle - okay - he's not. He doesn't want his suss - he's spitting that out too... but - while stopped my mom said he was all smiles after he let out a good burp. Poor kid. Too bad I couldn't take him out of his car seat sooner. Not in the middle of traffic. Not that he understands this or anything!

I'm 98% going to see the Yarn Harlot at Webs on May 30th. I just need to figure out if Kadi can come with me - I don't want to drive alone, especially not with Sean in the car (he's coming with!) and I need to figure out the fine details - however, I've got my spot + 1 + Sean reserved for the event (you need to reserve a spot). Webs is only about a 5 hour drive from my house - so I am very excited. A couple of people in my SP10 group are attending - so that will be wicked fun to meet them!

Alright - I'm beat. I'm dreaming of the Enterlac socks in the current issue of Interweave Knits. I'm thinking that will be a project I want to cast on soon - but not until I finish a few others. Casting on will happen for Sean's blankie - hopefully tomorrow. I'm done the mini-clap - as you saw yesterday, so once it's blocked I'll take it's "final" photo! Tomorrow I plan on: working on a logo for Tara, sewing, watching tv, reading, knitting, and hanging out with Sean. (We'll see if any of this happens!)

Jamie found a wishbone in our chicken the other night. He dried it up so we can make a wish and pull it apart. (Whomever gets the top part gets their wish). I better start thinking of what I wish for - maybe we'll do this sometime this weekend - so I better think of something good!


Andrea said...

My pal ordered my Silk Garden Lite from Webs. I would go just to buy more of that. Long drive though.

Love Sean's sunglasses.

Barb said...

I love the sunglasses, so cute!! That would be nice too go to Webs, I hear it's a blast going there :)

Wendy said...

Those pics of Sean in the sunglasses are so cute! I keep trying some on Lani and she just rips them off her face and growls at me! Such an attitude :p

Jennifer said...

Going to Webs? Oh I am SO JEALOUS! I listen to their podcast and woud love to walk through their huge wool rooms. Plus the YH? You'd better take photos! (And some of my money so I can get a souvenir!)

g-girl said...

i love the pic of sean and his great grandmother!

Kimber said...

Sean is one cool baby! I also love the picture of him and great grandma -too adorable (that's a frameable one).

Congrats on the new washer and dryer, you will love them!

I don't know about this WEBS, I am a Webs ludite!

Maggie said...

you've been busy busy busy! Sean looks so cool in his sunglasses!