Friday, April 20, 2007

April 20 of 30

I got these awesome stitch markers in the mail this morning from Miss T. They were a thank you for hosting the Stitch Marker Swap. (Wow - Knitters are too kind!) I love love love them!

I also got some leftover sock yarn from Maureen in my mailbox this morning. I am loving these colors and they will look fabulous in Sean's blankie!

Today upon returning from lunch (and doing a return to Walmart), I went for a walk with Sean. When I took this picture, he was asleep.

I went to the post office to mail an Etsy order, and then sat down in the park and worked on a few rows of a mitered square. Sean woke up while I was there.

This is us upon returning home from the walk. Sean was just too cute in the Snugli. I think he liked being in there. It was such a gorgeous day. I was in a long sleeved shirt and a sweater, Sean I had in a long sleeved onesie with a sweater on top, and seat pants, socks & his Robeez. I swear he was sweating when we got home. Especially with his fleece hat (Montreal Canadiens hat!) It was our first walk ever. It was really nice. I hope this weather keeps up all weekend long!

We were pooped from walking, so we took a nap together on the couch. I had no idea this photo was taken until I dumped my memory card onto my PC tonight!

I love that the light in my den with my hideous pink blinds/drapes whatever, cast a nice color onto us when the sun is in just the right spot. Upon waking from our nap, I took some photos. I love this little guys toes!

And I love this shot. It's just very funky. I also didn't know it turned out like this until seeing it on my PC. I like the light spots the sun cast!

So I've been debating on how to "package up" my stitch markers. This is one idea that came to me, I was given some of these tags from Lindsay. Anyhow, I wrote out my Etsy shop name on them, and tied some stitch markers onto them. Not sure if this is going to stay as my solution, but it's definitely a possibility.

And once they're all packaged up, I slap on a MADE IN CANADA sticker (because hey - they were made in Canada!) and they're ready to be shipped. (This is one of the orders I mailed out today of personalized name stitch markers).

I also took a ton of photos tonight with some fun candies. The photos have been loaded into FLICKR in this set here.

And today I received the order of 20 skeins of fingering weight superwash wool sock yarn that I ordered. Once I find the time, I am going to endeavor into dying! Stay tuned for my very own line of sock yarn in my Etsy Shop! I can't wait. Look at me - Miss Entrepreneur!
I'm sitting here in pain still. I stabbed my toe on the couch that Jamie has not yet thrown out but should have. It's in the way. My toe was gushing blood. I've cleaned it, bandaged it, and have tried to stay off of it tonight. Took care of a ton of stuff in my office (couldn't see my desk- but now I can!)

Tomorrow Angela's coming over and we're going to go knitting in the park - it's supposed to be GORGEOUS out tomorrow! I hope so!!

Sean's been sleeping since about 7pm. I think it's time to wake him, feed him and let him sleep through the night... he's been sleeping almost 4 hours now! Ouch! I think he thinks it's his night time stretch! I hope not!

ps- approximetely one year ago today, Sean was conceived!


Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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Summer said...

What adorable pictures of you and Sean outside. I can't wait until you post pictures of your dyed yarn. it's nice to get outside and enjoy the warm weather since it's been a long cold winter.

Andrea said...

I love the pic of you and Sean sleeping.

Is all of the undyed yarn from Knit Picks?

Indie Mama said...

Ohhh! Very excited to see your sock yarn! Good luck!

Mei said...

OOOOOOOOOO...I hope they'll be pretty - them sock yarn! XD

Jenny said...

You really are quite the entrepreneur! That is a great idea with the packaging-I think it looks really neat.

I have one of those baby carriers too and I am so eager to use it once my little one arrives--whenever that is!

Wendy said...

I love all the stich markers that you post! Not being a knitter, I have no idea what you do with them but I love how they look! I think of beautiful earrings when I see them!

Celena said...

Cute pics of you and Sean. BTW, where did you order your sock yarn from? I want to dye some as well but I haven't decided where to buy my yarn from.