Sunday, April 08, 2007

April 8 of 30

This picture was on my camera from last night when I dumped my today's photos onto my computer. I had Sean in his Habs jersey last night while we listened to the game on the radio (I could have watched the game on my tv, but I was doing some stuff in my office, so it worked out better listening to it online radio). Sean's disappointed that the Habs didn't make the playoffs, but he's even happier (just like his mommy) that the Islanders kicked the Devils butts in a shootout tonight, which made sure that Toronto won't make the playoffs, pushing the Leafs into 9th spot. Phew! If the Habs can't make it to the playoffs, then the Leafs shouldn't either! They are the ones that ruined our chances - poo on them!

There is always next year!

Sean got some awesome goodies from his cousins and great-aunties today. He got two Easter Bunnies and a duck. He loves his new animals. (I see them as DUST collectors, but anyhow!)

I really do think that I have just the happiest kid in the world. He is just all smiles all the time. He's well fed and he gets diapers changed in record timing - what else is better in life?! Oh, I will say this again - I love this kid more and more each day.

I have been getting Etsy orders left and right for personalized name stitch markers. They're a hot selling item! If you haven't seen them yet, or haven't ordered yours yet - be sure to check them out! I have reduced some pricing in my Etsy shop in order to clear out some items - be sure to check them out. I do have more stuff that has been photographed - I just need to find time to post them online!

Tomorrow morning I am planning on doing a return to Walmart, and take care of a few other things. In the afternoon I'm having Kadi over, and possible Angela too. My sister is stopping by with a friend to see Sean (no one cares about me anymore, they come just to see Sean!) and since Kadi's birthday was on Thursday, I have a little birthday fun for her.

I have finally found my hate and fave pattern's - since I'm making my group post their hate and/or fave patterns ever knitted as Contest #3 - I figure I would do the same, and play along (even though I won't obviously put my name in the drawing to win)... I will be posting those tomorrow. Those who post just one (hate or fave) will be entered into the drawing once. But if you post both, you will be entered into the second drawing. Both are for some awesome vintage sock yarn! Yummy! And maybe another added surprise to go along with it!

This evening I watched the first of the final episodes of Sopranos... I can't believe there are only about 6 episodes left. Online it says that there are episodes running weekly until May 20th. I'm so sad that it's ending. It's been such an awesome show, and I've finally caught up all the episodes while pregnant. I wanted to watch Season 6 over again, the beginning of it - but never got the chance to do so this week. Oh well. Doesn't matter! It was a very good episode tonight.

Tomorrow both Scout & AJ are on Knitty Gritty, as I mentioned in yesterday's blog post (or was it two days ago?!) For those of you inquiring - I get American Satellite, so I am able to watch it on TV. It's NOT on Canadian TV. Knitty Gritty does run on HGTV - but the American version - not the Canadian one, unfortunately, which the American one, I also get on american satellite. Anyone interested in aquiring a copy of Scout on Knitty Gritty - leave me a comment. We can work something out.

I got a few more rows knitted in mini-clapotis tonight while watching the Sopranos. Progress photos to come.

I really hope there is mail delivery tomorrow - I'm waiting on that envelope from Toronto... hoping it comes asap!


Robyn said...

I love HGTV do you ever watch Buy Me? I think that is from Montreal or Quebec somewhere. I like to watch to listen to people's accents. I like the french accents but eveyone by me speaks spanish.

Barb said...

thanks for mentioning again what your contest was, I deleted the email and than went "oh !@#%" LOL i'll put it up on my blog later today :)

g-girl said...

ohhhh, i love that smiling pic of sean in his habs jersey!! so cute!

Robin said...

You are such an overachiever re: already doing your 3rd SP contest! Thanks for the heads-up on Knitty Gritty - I'll have to check tivo!