Saturday, April 07, 2007

April 7 of 30

I apologize if any of the colors in my pictures are off right now. My new screen that I got - I cannot seem to figure out how to calibrate it for the life of me. I'm going to see if I can get someone who knows what they are doing to fix it. But the colors are waaaaayyyy off on my end - so I'm trusting photoshop and the shortcuts I use to usually fix colors to do them for me, until I get this monitor situation fixed....

Today we vegged out and watched TV most of the afternoon. I did get out of the house to pick up some groceries, go to the bank, the post office, and all that jazz. We caught up on Prison Break (I believe we watched the Season Finale for Season 2?) We watched Lost from this week as well. While I ran my errands, Jamie caught up on 3 weeks ago's 24, and then after returning from my errands, we watched the last two weeks, since we were very behind. Jamie's VERY bored with Lost and 24... He feels that 24 is not exciting anymore (I kind of agree with him) and Lost - he's just confused I think, having only seen part of Season 1, and now most of Season 3. We have it all for him to watch on the Eureka (downloaded), but he just hasn't had time. But anyhow, - regardless - he says that Lost is just dragging on and the story is not going anywhere. I kind of agree - but I just feel like I want to know where the F*#! they are, so I am going to continue watching until I get my damn answers!

Prison Break on the other hand..... I wish I didn't just see the season finale and I wish there were more episodes to watch....! It was soooooo addictive - I want more! I won't be able to wait until next season - are you kidding me!? I WANT MORE!

Some Mini-Clapotis progress for you (Yes I have knitting A.D.D. - I can't just work on 1 project at a time - (my grandmother asked me this - because she used to only knit 1 project at a time, and only buy yarn for 1 project at a time... if only she saw my yarn stash. I don't even know how many skeins I own.... I'm too afraid to count!)

This is where I am with mini-clapotis. I have a problem though - above is the length that it tells you to do before doing the decrease section to end the scarf... Well - this is WAY too short for me, so I'm continuing on with the repeats, for at least double or triple what the pattern says to do. I am a LONG scarf lover... not a short one! I can't even wrap this one once around my neck and tie it to stay with this length. I just don't get it. Anyhow - I'm continuing on...

Here is a close up of my mini-clap, however it bunches up so I'm going to be blocking it so it doesn't. I don't like the fact that it bunches in... But that's just me.

I'd perfer it "spread out" like this above. To me, that's how it should be - and I want this side to be the front - not the other side, like clapotis is supposed to be worn according to the original pattern.

Mini-clapotis is a VERY very fast knit. (Regular sized Clapotis on the other hand - that's a whole other story!)

Here is my very happy baby. All we get from him all day is smiles (Knock on wood should that ever change!) Ain't he the cutest thing in the world? I love his frog sleeper from Old Navy - it's one of my favourites right now.

I was going to get some sewing done today, but got distracted. Oh well. There's always next week. I do plan on wiping up some sewn stuff. For me, for my Sp10 pal, and for Sean too. (Got some cute seseme street material, as well as some jungle animal (I think) material too.

Other stuff that's going on... Hmmm... we've got a Easter "party" if you want to call it that, with Jamie's step-family tomorrow, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing that side of the family. (We don't get to see them often, so it's always fun when we all get together!)

I've finally found some small little hoop earrings in sterling silver that I wanted - and ordered them off ebay. I ordered myself 7 pairs, (they were super cheap!) and I plan on seeing which of my 14 holes (7 in each ear - not all matching up to the same spot though), still exist. I've been meaning to do so for a while now, but I didn't want to put my studs back in, and I wanted to keep it small and clean and simple, so I was looking into very small hoops. I found 10mm (from side to side), and 2mm thick I believe, hoops. I'll post a picture once I get them, I'm hoping will be this upcoming week. I only just bought them and paid for them, but the seller has emailed me to let me know they HAVE been shipped! Great!

The other day I got some really funky headbands while out. I hope to do my hair straight for the Easter "party" tomorrow, and wear one of my new funky headbands. I'll definitely post a picture. I bought 5 different ones, and they are sooo awesome. I'm not usually "into" headbands, but I fell in love with their patterns, so I just had to. Usually I just throw my hair up into a pony tail or half-ass bun... and call it a day. (I'm very low maintenance...) but something about these headbands drew my attention!

Something really odd that happened tonight while I was watching the Habs game... (They lost by the way, not making the playoffs. It was a VERY good game though, they lost to Toronto 6-5. That is still very amazing, pulling off 5 goals... Ryder getting a hatrick tonight, his first of the season (I'm not sure if it was his first ever?). Anyhow, there is always next year. Okay - onto the weird thing that happened tonight... this guy rings my bell. I'm home alone because Jamie went to a friends house to watch the game, and I was in my office with Sean, during intermission. Anyhow, the bells rings. It's this guy, in a tshirt - says he's from next door. It's obviously freezing outside, and he's got no jacket on. He's locked himself out of his room he says. Next door is also a duplex, but they've built it into one home, instead of a house and an apartment above. He says that he can use the balcony to hop over since he left his bedroom balcony door open, and that's his room. I ring my tenants bell (really didnt want to see her face, but she was very pleasant tonight - but that's besides the point). Anyhow, after ringing her bell three times I finally knock on her door and she asks who is there. I tell her what happens, she says just a moment. (I assume they're in pj's or something). Anyhow, they open the door, I explain what happened. The guy climbes over the balcony onto the other balcony....

I have no idea who this guy is - or if he actually does live next door.... never seen him before.

I say goodnight to my tenant, I go into my home. About to make a bottle for Sean, and I get a knock on my door. It's my tenant's daughter the guy couldn't get into his room, so he hopped back over the balcony back into hers. He says that the indoor balcony door is open, but the outside one is locked. He can't get in. He says he can get into the house, but not into his room. (I guess there is individual locks on the doors - since there is all kinds of people living there - I have no idea what kind of home this is (when it was the old neighbors there, it was a foster home for Jewish Orthodox (religious) kids). But since the new owner, I have seen ALL kinds of people coming in and out of the house. I'm curious now to know who lives next door, or what they are using the house for.

To be honest, this guy scared me. I have no idea who he is. The next time I see the owner, I'm going to tell him what happened, and ask him who lives there, because incase this or anything like this happens again, I have no idea who they are.


Really freakin' weird!

Alrighty, off to go catch up on the last 2 weeks of CSI (yes, I've been VERY bad with TV lately!)

Oh ps - On Monday's Knitty Gritty, two very awesome people are on the show. First there's Scout showing off her handpainted sock yarn, and then there's AJ who is a knitster on the show (who was VERY pregnant at the time it was filmed). As a gift for AJ (I don't know if she'll read this, but if so - who cares) - I'm planning on burning the episode onto DVD for her and mail it to her. I have NO idea how to do this - but I have a very technologicaly advanced father who will do this for me. Maybe Scout wants a copy as well? If only I lived in the USA - I'd LOVE to be a knitster on the show. Maybe one day it could happen... that would be damn cool!


Drea said...

Its 4:32am right now.
Yup Taite got up at 4am... JOY lol
And im using my father-in-laws computer. Its on dial up... oh my gosh this is so slow!!!

Any how.
I am hooked on Lost as well.
I love it haha... but I agree its kinda dragging on and on...
I hope to have some closure soon!
Travis gave up watching it. He couldnt take it anymore :-)
He stopped watching at this season.

He watched 24 up until this season as well. Hes so busy he doesnt have time 2 watch TV.
He will most likely rent 24 once its out on DVD..

And yes Sean is very cute :-)I think he out weighs Taite now ;-) hes a chunk! hahaha

Robin said...

Did you see Stefanie Japel on Knitty Gritty on Thursday? I think she came across as very nice and down to earth (even a little nervous.) I love that show - I'm with you - I'd love to be on it too.

~Jo~ said...

Oh my goodness, Sean is the happiest baby ever! :)

How in the world do you get Knitty Gritty, I'd love to see the show.

Barb said...

What a happy baby Sean is :) Mini-Clap looks great, I bookmarked the pattern you linked :)

big_girlfeet said...

hey!!! what channel do you get knitty gritty on up here? i'm dying to see scout's episode....!!!?? :))

Andrea said...

I'm going to add another comment about what channel do you get Knitty Gritty on?? I'm willing to upgrade my cable pacakge to watch it!

AJ said...

Ahhh Robyn you are so damn sweet! I'm so excited to see the show tomorrow! :) Then again, I'm not sure if I want to reminisce my pregnant days, LOL. I'm sure I look huge on TV! But it was a fun experience and I hope I can go back on again. (One of the girls, Charlene, on the show with me has been on FOUR shows! She's a sweetheart too.) I can't wait!