Monday, April 09, 2007

April 9 of 30

Today I slept in with Sean. I had bad insomnia last night until 3:40 am. That's when I went to bed. I don't think I feel asleep before seeing 4 am on the clock. Thank heavens Sean slept in until 10:45 am this morning.

I was damn disappointed that there was no mail today. Hopefully there will be a ton of mail coming at me tomorrow! A bunch of things I'm waiting for via postal mail!

Today Kadi came over in the afternoon and we got some knitting done. We also watched Knitty Gritty with Scout and also AJ as a knitster. She was about 8 months pregnant at the time of taping, and too adorable for words. I have the episode on DVD - so if you are looking for it - leave me a comment with your email address and we'll work something out.

Today I *FINALLY* ordered me some Scout's Swag. I've been eying appletini for the looooooongest time!

I also ordered a skein of Snowbunny with the turquoise colorway instead of the regular blue. It's just too damn gorgeous. I ordered both skeins in a 100% superwash merino, fingering weight. Oh I can't wait to touch it! Thank you Scout.
I was eyeing these in both the small & large size when I was in Michaels last. I should have picked them up... (no Michaels here in Quebec). Oh well. I added them to my froogle wishlist.

I'm also eyeing this Cascade 220 in turquoise. Besides lime green - I am HOT for turquoise right now, like you wouldn't believe. I was going to pick up some of this above in the Yarn Shop when I was in Jersey, however, a girl got to it before I did - and there was only 2 skeins left. Oh well.

Last night while having my insomnia, I organized my alphabet bead letters. They each got their own container. I loved organizing this.

Here are some fun photos I took of the alphabet beads. They were a great photography subject!

And on the lids of the little jars I put the letter corresponding, so I can see from "top view".... and I put them into a container, and they're easily accessible and neatly stored.

Sean's eyes are STILL blue. Knock on wood. I hope they stay this way! They are gorgeous!

I know exactly where he gets his lip snarl from... can you guess who?? (If you know my family well, you'll be able to guess this one!) And it's certainly not from me!

I gave Sean some tummy time today. I've been giving him some tummy time here and there - but he sleeps on his tummy, so he definitely doesn't lack tummy time. And without fail - every morning he's at the opposite end of his crib. We put a pillow in the corner of the bed (the one his doctor recommended we use to elevate his head while sleeping on his back (which he doesn't do - so the pillow is pointless) and put it in the corner, so that he doesn't hit his head on the head/foot board of the crib. This child ends up "crawling" or "scooching" whatever you want to call it, without fail now, EVERY day. If I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom - then I check in on him, and if I see he's moved, I try to casually bring him back a little, so that he has more "moving" room... but without fail, he still ends up in the corner of the crib upon morning!

Today - during his nap, I tried to stamp his hand onto cardstock (for my "scrapbooking" purposes). (I say "scrapbooking" in quotes, because I do not scrapbook. But I do have a baby book for him, where I am putting things in - and recording things, and I want to put his hand & feet stamp in it...) His feet were NO problem to stamp at all - it's his hands that I cannot get. He's a clencher - and he's not out of that phase yet.

Speaking of "phases"... Sean has outgrown 3 of my fave 3 month sleepers that I had. (They'll be put away of course for his brother or sister). I am sooo upset. I *SWEAR* he fit into them yesterday. YESTERDAY. I did laundry, and they were clean for him to wear again, and today - not fitting. I don't know when this kid had time to grow - but he did. In a matter of no time as well. He was NOT able to stretch his legs out at all in them.... when I swear two days ago he was able to!

Now, because I know I'm going to get emails/comments - when I talk about brother/sister for Sean.... I am not pregnant. (I got that question in the last day or so, I think). And I'm not trying either.... yet. We want to enjoy Sean for a while first. However, I want NO MORE than a 3 year age difference between Sean and his future brother or sister... so when Sean hits the 2 year mark, (around) we will try again for a second child. And then, if the second child is a boy, I will try again in the same time frame (2-3 years in between again) for a third child. If the second child is a girl, I definitely want another boy! (I looooooooove having a boy). (And if you remember, I really really really wanted a girl first.... but you know what? I love love love love love beyond words can describe having a boy first!) But, if I'm meant to breed all boys, then I don't mind having 3 boys either... but at 3... I will stop. (Especially since Jamie only wants 2.. LOL). (I'm working on him!) So yeah - not pregnant now, not even trying. I want to lose all the baby weight first, and I will not do the same thing with my 2nd pregnancy. I will not take the "eating for two" literally, as I do NOT want to gain the same amount of weight with the 2nd pregnancy as I did with the first. I will NOT let that happen.

Back to the clothing for Sean... He doesn't fit into 3 month size anymore. He's in 3-6 month size. However, that's an odd one to begin with. I picked him up some more 3-6 month size sleepers the other day at Walmart, the package said 3-6 month size.... however, the tag - upon opening up the package reads only 6 months on the inside of the sleepers. This however is TOO big for Sean. He is not that long yet. While the width fits, the length does not. (Tried one on him today). Then, that leads to me the fact that I have barely anything for him to wear. He does fit into Old Navy's 3-6 month sleepers - but they may not fit him in two weeks from now. They're getting there in the length on him... And 6 months is way too big. Ugh... he's "in between sizes" - I swear! I do have a lot of pants & onesies, so maybe for a while, until he fits into the 6 month size, he'll have to make do. And what's even funnier - is that not all 3-6 month sizes are the same. They're all completely different in their own way. Different company, different size. So there are some 3-6 month size sleepers that are too big, and some that are already too small. Onesies he has plenty that fit. Because you don't need feet to put in them, just a torso. Oh - I can't wait til the end of spring/and all of summer, when Sean can be in just a diaper... and doesn't even need a onesie or sleeper! Then I won't have to worry about doing laundry every other day so that Sean has what to wear!

I got some knitting done on my mini-clapotis. That should be done in a day or two. Once that is done, I plan on casting on Sean's blankie. And hopefully finishing my thrum mittens (have less than half of one to do) and the "married" socks need progress as well! I'm also dying to cast on Dream Swatch Head Wrap from Knit & Tonic.


Andrea said...

I'm not really a baby person, but Sean is way too cute.

I ordered some Snow Bunny and Hedgehog from Scout last week. She shipped them on the week-end so they should be here soon.

Drea said...

we couldnt wait until the 2 yr mark :-D
But with our 3rd I will wait or try to wait until Taite is 3. I'll be 25-ish then

Barb said...

I LOVE the snarl pic, so cute :) Tha Scout's Swag is really pretty I LOVE snowbunny, strawberry quick, hedgehogs, and tarzhay (very crazy colors LOVE it :))I wanted no more than a 2 yr. diffrence between my kids, I figured do the diaper/bottle thing all at once, get it over with, and I wanted them too be close in age :) No more babies here, I got my tubes tied at the same time I had Les, I figured why not, I was having a c-section anyway, might as well while your in there :)

g-girl said...

ooh, the appletini yarn is such a great shade of green! I like that other one too--can't remember the name of it right now. haha. what a great lil snarl!

mommaofone_07 said...

Sean is so cute. He's getting so big. Love the snarl!

Your Knitting said...

1. I'd love to borrow the Knitty Gritty DVD, I've never seen an episode. Let me know if that would be possible.

2. I'd also love to see a pic of your sock yarn stash!

3. I used to always imagine having a girl as my first child, but for the past year, I've been having lots of dreams where I'm having a boy. (No, I'm not pregnant, but I think about it a lot ;) )

Caroline said...

Ooops, I used the wrong address for that last comment! It was from me!

Andrea said...

Okay - I just looked at Scout's blog. Can I get a copy of the DVD? I'll trade yarn!

Summer said...

That snarl on Sean's face is so adorable.

LotusKnits said...

Sean is too cute!!

I was wondering if I could still get a copy of Scout's KG episode? Hers didn't record the whole thing! Please let me know!


la lotus

Robin said...

Love the Appletini and Snow Bunny colorways!! I wouldn't have thought of it as a snarl, but now that you mention it, I guess Sean does have one!! (Just picture it when he's a teenager - LOL!!) The alphabet bead pics were very interesting too - I read your other entries, but damn, I could sit here and comment just on your blog all day!! I'd never read anyone else's!! :)