Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 15 of 30

I went here and found a random lottery generator. It's pretty darn cool! I've entered in everyone's names who participated in Contest #3. If you posted both your hate and fave patterns, and if you only posted one hate or one fave pattern, I entered your name in to win. Random generator program picked out two names:

Your prizes will be in the mail tomorrow. Some sock yarn! Yum! And with the close of contest #3, I'm starting contest #4! Gotta keep SP10 Fun! This time, I'm letting my group decide what the contest will be. Email me here by Wednesday to win the chance to pick the question for the contest. You will win a prize. Then by entering the contest, there is another chance to win! I personally will choose the contest winner for the question for the contest, and the winner of entering by participating, I'll ask Jamie next time to pick a name out of a hat/bag/box, something!

This morning Jamie went to go check on Sean. He then came and woke me up to come "see"... So I went. Sean was on the other end of his crib, facing a total different direction than when I placed him in his crib last night to sleep. He did a total 180 in his crib! I can't believe this! He can crawl (or scooch, who knows) in his sleep - but he has yet to crawl during tummy time! I can feel it - any day now!!

My parents stopped by (very impromptu - which is okay - thank goodness we were home), and had brunch at our place. After they left, Jamie & I watched the movie Casino Royale. While it was a long movie, (2 hours 24 minutes) and most of it was unrealistic (but you are to expect that), I did enjoy the movie. During which, I knit up square #2:

This yarn is from Cynthia - which I believe may be left over bits from Scout's Swag (Correct me if I am wrong Cynthia!). Yes, it does have a hint of purple in it... now, while I hate the color - Sean may not. So - to be fair to him, his blankie may just have a little bit of that color in it...!

Our satelite was wonky tonight, probably due to the nasty weather outside, so we didn't get to watch Sopranos nor Entourage tonight. (I'll download them tomorrow once they are posted as a torrent). That was a little upsetting! Was looking forward to both new episodes all week.

Nothing really else to report. Packing up some SP10 stuff to mail off to my pal, so I can mail it off tomorrow when I got to the post office with Contest #3's prizes!

Jamie's cousin who is 14 had spinal surgery on Tuesday, and will hopefully return home from the hospital on this upcoming Tuesday. I was scrambling for ideas as to what to get her for a present, but I've decided on 1 book (on life as a teenager in Canada or something cute like that - it's written by teens across Canada), 2 pairs of PJ's, some yarn and some needles. I want to teach her how to knit - so she has something to do while at home. I'm going to go by Tuesday or Wednesday - depends on what day she gets home from the hospital. Unfortunately Sean is not allowed into the hospital (No children under the age of 12, can visit the Montreal Children's Hospital), so we'll wait until she gets home and visit her there. She's recovering beautifully so we've been told.

Alright, I'm going to go try and cast on one more square... (probably won't get far in it tonight, but at least I want to cast on!)


Robin said...

Yay - I'm actually first to comment today! Thanks for the random number generator site - there is a way to do it in Excel too through a formula but this is much cooler. Have a good week!

big_girlfeet said...

nice square for the blankie!! ooh that yarn was from scout but she didn't dye it, it was another albuquerque yarn girl who did it, but i can't remember her name!! scout sent me a big box of yarn as a barter for her banner(first job i did for her) and that was in it!! i loved the colours, so bright! and i'm not a huge purple fan either but the lovely blends of turquoises make it not so bad- LOL!

g-girl said...

that random # generator thing is cool. I'll have to bookmark it! that is nice that you're going to teach Jamie's cousin how to knit. ohh, entourage was good last night! you'll have to let me know when you get a chance to see it. :)

Barb said...

woo-hoo, I NEVER win :) and sock yarn too boot!!

The blanket is going to be cute, is it mitered squares?

I was wondering how your weather was, I heard on the radio this morning on the way too my parents that Quebec was getting nasty weather

Dino said...

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