Thursday, April 26, 2007

17 Weeks

As promised here are some gifts that I got last night from Angela. It was really nice of her to bring me some presents, she really didn't have to. She even treated me to dinner last night. It was my lucky night last night! I love the Sheep Piggy Bank she got me (above).

And I love the Tinkerbelle box she also got me. Right now there are some beads & stuff in there that I put to store in there!

She got Sean some magnets and stickers for when he's a little older, and she got me some Tinkerbelle stickers as well. I love tinkerbelle, but probably not as much as Angela does! (I got myself some really nice tinkerbelle earrings while I was in Europe in September, I'll have to photograph those, they're soo cute).

And lastly, my FAVE item of the night, Angela got me these alphabet letters. OH do I have plans for these letters. (Mind working in overdrive!) Just wait & see!

Today I got some nice mail. I got these Knit Diva notecards from Cynthia - who sent them to me as a thank you for sending her a DVD of Knitty Gritty with Scout as guest star. Cynthia - they're not tooo purpley for me. They're more magenta! THANK YOU! You can find her cards here for sale.

And my Scout's Swag arrived! It was mailed last Monday, so it took exactly 9 business days to get to me from Texas. (I think that's where Scout is - Texas?)

Let's just say I AM IN LOVE with my Appletini and I am loving Snowbunny as well. But Appletini I'm drooling over. I've been eyeing it for MONTHS, and finally, I get to touch!

Here is a mini progress on my square number 9. Square number 9 is joining square from the original batch. I didn't get much knitting time in today, so this is where I'm at. Hopefully there will be more knitting time tomorrow!

Today I did some retail therapy. It wasn't so bad the damage, but still! While out, I got some fun stuff, and these awesome pushpins were in the bunch of things I got. I got not one, not two, but THREE purses. Two of them are Alfred Sung - whomever he is. (I just googled his name, he's canadian and I see he makes bridal dresses).(The exact same purse, just in 2 different sizes - lol...) Hey - when you like a style! (All three purses are black... and tres cute. I will photograph them tomorrow!) I have NOT purchased a purse for myself in a long time - and well, today I just wanted them. I didn't need them... but WANTED. And you know what? Today I feel I deserve them! For no reason at all. Happy early mother's day to me! (Hee hee!)

Speaking of mother's day - I told Jamie that whatever he does for Mother's Day will be reciprocated for father's day in June (which is the day after my birthday this year). So he said good - I don't want anything for Father's day, so I won't do anything for mother's day. Shit! Can he get away with that? I better get a card with some thoughtful words... that's all I really want. I am hoping to finish his "married" socks by Father's day, that's what he's getting. I have just over a month & a half to cast on sock #2 and finish them up. I know I can do it!

Today I made up a sample pair of earrings for my 'new line' of earrings, to post in my Etsy Shop. You can get whatever letters you desire. Two first name initials, or one first name and one last name initials... I have them up in my Etsy shop. Need a gift for someone? Secret Pal maybe? For your mom for mother's day?? For yourself? For a friends birthday? Come support a stay-at-home mom in her attempt to better the world with her jewelry! (And yes, I'm obsessed with my electril drill and drilling holes!! You have to see how many holes I've made! I'm addicted to my electric drill - and it's MY drill, not Jamie's! He doesn't even have one! He shares mine with me!)

Some other things I want to talk about - but that will have to be tomorrow. It's late and I want to get to bed sometime before midnight. (We'll see if that actually happens). Tomorrow I will talk about my Pre-Post Natal Aqua class... I have some words to say about that. And the sushi story. (Jamie was in the doghouse for that one!) Oh, and some mail I got from some jewelry I ordered on Etsy. I'll post it tomorrow, I haven't photographed those yet.

17 Weeks! Wow. This Saturday he turns 4 months old. Wow. Where has time gone? He's becoming a big boy, doing all these incredible things. Everyday is a new adventure, and new things to get excited about. I'm going to make a list of things and post it Saturday when he turns 4 months old!


Celena said...

oh my gosh, wherever did she get that sheep bank??? I've been looking for a bank for my boys and that is tres cute!

Lisa said...

I LOVE Tinkerbell! I also love that sheep bank! :) Cute earrings! I always look at earrings and never buy because I wear the same ones every single day. They were my grandmothers so I never remove them :) well...except to clean them! ;)
Can't wait to come back tomorrow to see week 17 pic!

g-girl said...

the notecards cynthia sent you are so cool! :) and the scout's swag--gorgeous! I love that appletini too!

jen said...

oooh what freakin' pretty yarn!!!

oh man i can never get enough of sean's little chubby cheeks in all the mirror photos! SO CUTE!

i totally raided some stitch markers for myself.

oh me i have a little thing to ask you!

Robin said...

Love the Knit Diva notecards, and THAT YARN!! Her stuff is gorgeous. I like the pic of you and Sean - he does look like such a big boy in that picture, and I like the headband on you. Have you knitted Calorimetry yet from a few Knittys (Knitties?) ago?

AJ said...

The sheep bank is too cute! I love sheepy stuff! Sounds like all is well with you! Good! :)

a friend to knit with said...

LOVE the appletini and the snowbunny! What will you be making?

Barb said...

I love the headband and your Scout's Swag is yummy :)