Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 21 of 30

Today I got together with Angela. We set fort for some craft shopping & also some crafting as well. First we went to a wholesale bead place called Club Bead Plus. You literally buy in bulk there. Some of the prices were outrageous, but if you think about it - it's sooooo worth it for the quantity you purchase. Like almost 300$ for some beading wire (like in those stitch markers I got the other day), but you get 1000 feet. (I purchased 3o feet for 3.49$) the other day. 33 goes in 1000 = 33. 33333333 times.... so that's 3.3 x $3.49 = 116$ or so - so actually how is that worth it? Hmmm, weird. Maybe it was a different guage? Anyhow, they are a small shop (was expecting bigger), and they are located on Cremazie Boulevard on the service road of the Trans-Canada Highway. You need to buy over 100$ worth of stuff to get membership, or you get regular price. I only bought 1 package of 1000 crimps so I got regular price (which was like 13$ with tax). Not bad for 1000 crimps compared to Omer DeSerres or elsewhere.

Then we ended up in the West Island at Extreme Pita for lunch. I love their Bruchetta Pita on Whole Wheat. Mmmmm Feta! (Angela - you forgot the feta in my fridge!) Too bad there isn't any Extreme Pita's near my place - I love their food! So healthy too - and right on for my "diet".

Then we checked out Beadsbilles which is on Boulevard Gouin. Uhm, yeah, they suck. They have no stock and they are kind of pricey. Wasn't worth the visit - but how were we supposed to know. They were tiny! So much so that with other people shopping in there, there was not enough room for me & the baby carrier.

Here is Sean being patient while mommy & Angela eat lunch. He was such a good boy.

After the bead place we went to Walmart near my house, Angela wanted some material to make a bag, and I checked out some clothing. Didn't try anything on, so I have to see what fits, and what if anything needs to go back. We were there until closing.

Here is my system for knitting up the mitered squares. I have a checklist that I use for each row - or I never remember where I'm at. (Knitting A.D.D.!) This way, I know where I am. Yeah - don't ask - I do not know why in earth I'm using a PURPLE marker? Maybe it's because I need a new set of markers, and purple is the only one that hasn't been used because I hated purple? And never end up using that color?

Here is a start to 1 mitered square. I like the way the colors started. But then, there was an overload in the maroon color department:

I stil like the way it turned out in the end. I believe this is a Regia Colorway? (I'm emailing Caroline who donated this sock yarn to find out) but it's definitely an overload in the maroon department!

I actually have another square to show off today. I managed to finisht he one above, plus this one! This is leftover bits from Maureen in my SP10 group and I've already emailed her to find out what yarn this is - if she knows. Sean's blankie now has 5 squares. I haven't decided how wide I'm going to make it yet.

Tonight after Angela left, Jamie & I caught up on last week's Entourage & Sopranos, which I had to download because of our dish being down due to nasty weather (It's funny that last week it was snowing and our dish went down, and this week it's gorgeous weather, so much so I was out in a T-SHIRT today! What's with this weather!??

Anyhow, I'm off to bed. And I'm sleeping in tomorrow!


Kimber said...

We love Extreme Pita too, even more since I got mouldy veggies in my veggie sub from Subway last month! I've never had a bad pita.

Sounds like you had a nice day shopping too.

I love your squares! This blanket will be beautiful when you are done. Until then I will be content to just sit back and watch it grow!

Andrea said...

He he - I read your post wrong at first and thought that you went to Club BREAD plus. Buying bread in bulk seemed a bit odd and paying $300 for breading wire!

(I'm at work on a sunday and tired).

Firefly said...

YOu should check out ebay, you can sell off any extra/leftover beading supplies, that is where I get a lot of my stuff. I <3 ebay, but it helps not having to pay the extrashipping/duty. Anyway the blanket looks great!

K. said...

Purple marker...hmm...strange...!

g-girl said...

the squares look nice! seems as though you're getting the hang of things and are able to get more finished.