Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 22 of 30

Sean loves being on his changing table. Here is a happy baby after a clean diaper is put on!

This evening my sister straightened my hair while we were at my parents house for a BBQ. Mmmm Steaks! Anyhow, I feel like a million bucks with my hair done!

So much so that I took a 16 and a half weeks self portrait with Sean! I know I usually do this on Thursdays, but I couldn't resist!

Upon returning home from my parents house, Sean fell asleep in my arms after half a feeding.

And I got to finish Square number 6 for Sean's blankie. Number 7 has been cast on. I am not sure what this yarn is - and cannot remember where it's from. If you recognize it as your leftover donation - please let me know (Kadi - was this from you?? A few locals SNB'ers in my group donated some yarn, which I forgot to photograph... oops!) I apologize! For some reason - the purple in this yarn does not bother me. Is purple starting to grow on me as a color? Hmmm! (I dono!!)

Here is a shot of my 6 squares together... Looking quite spiffy! I'm going to do a few more, and then decide how wide I want to make the blanket, and then start joining squares! Joining of squares will probably happen sometime in the next week.
I forcast that!

I leave you tonight with a video of Sean the Lizzard:

Tomorrow I go walking with another new mommy -
whom I met in my Pre-Natal Aqua class. I can't wait!!!



Kimber said...

Sean is so adorable (I hope you never get sick of reading that, but you wouldn't I imagine!). I like your hair straight. I have wavy/curly hair and I always love it straight - it just takes so much work!

I'm a purple lover, so reading that purple just might be growing on you in the tiniest bit makes me happy! :)

Hey, as for the blanket, they are coming along nicely and the colours are so lovely. I would definately join a KAL if you were to start one!

Summer said...

You look great with your hair like that. Can't wait until you post a finished of Seans blankie. It looks good already. Great video of Sean. It's great when they start copying you.

Drea said...

love ur hair straight, so purdy :) Seans doing what Taite does w/ the tongue. Does be blow bubbles? So cute. I love the pic of him sleeping.

Robin said...

Your hair looks great! I just noticed your new ticker at the top for when the tenant moves out LOL!

K. said...

Yes...yes it is my yarn...and I'm glad to see that you're not minding the purple-ish-ness of it :-D

Creative Genius? said...

Just a quickie comment....


And Sean is of course totally adorbale too!

g-girl said...

your hair is getting long! it looks nice straight. :) the blanket is coming along nicely too. I can't wait to see when you start seaming the squares together. love the video of sean being a lizard too! lol.