Thursday, April 12, 2007

15 Weeks

My Harry Potter name would be Miss Mandy Kedavra. Sean's - is Basil Longbottom. Want to know what your Harry Potter name would be? Click here if you are a female. Click here if you are male.

Speaking of Harry Potter - I've gotten all 6 books on audio CD. I plan on starting to listen to them in the car while driving! What a genious idea that is. I want to catch up before book number 7 is released in July. I'm a little bit behind - how sad - I know. In actual book front - I'm still reading Knitting Under the Influence. I'll let you know more of a review once I get somewhere in it.

Today I got some sewing done. I'm only going to show you this one, since it's mine. I made myself a DPN case for my sock DPN's. (Size US 0/2mm and US 1/2.25mm). I have two sets of each (incase I want to knit two pairs of socks at the same time, or two socks from the same set at the same time).

I put a little band (which I need to get a snap for [tomorrow when I go out]) so I can attach some stitch markers to it, for my projects. I saw this idea that someone had made, and I thought it was a great idea. Right now I can't remember where I saw it, but when I do - I'll reference my idea. I just tried archive surfing (sites I've been to on the net) and nothing is popping up right now. Sorry to whomever's idea this was! It was a fantastic idea nonetheless! I made three others, two as comission for people for SP10 gifts, and another which I may use for my 2.75mm DPN's and my 3mm DPN's that I got not too long ago - the perly ones. I have two sets of each of those as well.

Today I received some gifts in the mail (I will send out a thank you email tomorrow - I just didn't have the chance to today), above is a gift from Rhoda! She sent me some Kool-aid for some yarn dying and a very cute onesie for Sean. It's a good thing she sent me 6 month size - that' s just what Sean is currrently fitting into!

Here is a close-up of the stitch markers Rhoda sent me! Thank you girl! They rock!

And this is a gift from Lia - who happens to also be in my SP10 group! Thank you Lia. She sent along some sock yarn to knit Sean some socks, and then use the leftovers for Sean's blankie! Thank you! Thank you!

We have maybe 5 diapers left in the Size 1-2 Huggies. I'm not ready yet for Sean to be in Size 3 Huggies - which he will be on tomorrow - once the others are gone in size 1-2 (which is up to 15 lbs). We figured Sean is somewhere around 15-16 lbs now, so we didn't buy another box of size 1-2, we went with size 3 instead. Size 3 is 16-26 lbs. Last trip to Costco I picked up 2 boxes.

This was Sean in my favourite sleeper that I got for him, at 2 weeks old. It was Preemie size. (Remember, Sean was born 5 lbs 5 oz and left the hospital the next day at 4 lbs 14 oz).

Here is Sean today - at 15 weeks old, in the same sleeper but in 6 month size. Yes, you read that correct - SIX MONTH SIZE NOW FITS HIM!

Yeah, you can say I'm shocked. Here is a photograph of both sleepers. The preemie size is meant to fit babies up to 7 lbs. Sean's new 6 month one, (which I still love! And it's one of my current fave sleepers), is meant for babies around 16 lbs. SIXTEEN POUNDS! I'm NOT ready for this yet. By the way - when you lay the preemie size OVER the 6 month size, it doesn't even come down to the 6 month size's crotch.. that's how small it is!!!

Sean in the preemie sleeper (it's the best photograph I could find - sorry!)............

And today in the 6 month one... Ok, to be honest, I'm still in shock. SIX MONTH SIZE? What!!!

This morning I got up early, and took Sean to see his doctor during her walk-in hours. She does Thursday mornings. Got there, and was soo happy to not see anyone in the waiting room - I thought it was my lucky day. I'd be seen first, no waiting, etc. Yeah right. His doctor called in sick. The receptionist (Jamie's cousin), sent the 6 people who'd been waiting since 8 am for the 9-11 am walk in hours - home. However, because she likes us, and we're family - I got squeezed in Monday at 4pm. It's nice having family working in a doctor's office! Sean will have his thrush checked out (I think there may be a little left in his mouth), and I want her to listen to his breathing, and also - I want him to get weighed. I'll leave his 4 month shots for May 15th - when we go back. I just realized, I have a lot of doctor's apointments next month. I believe my dentist apt. is on the 2nd, Sean's 4 month check up is on the 15th, and I have my 6 month OB check up on the 29th. However, I just noticed she write down the 27th is the Tuesday on my "reminder slip". I'm going to call tomorrow - I can't make it on the 29th - I'm planning on leaving to go to Canton, MA to see my friend Sherrie the night before the Yarn Harlot is at Webs. I'm going to see if I can re-schedule that apointment, hopefully I won't lose out.

This evening I vegged out on my couch - with Sean - watched some TV, (and a bit of the Islander/Buffalo game) (We're rooting for Buffalo - Jamie went heavy on their players for his playoff pool), and I caught up on some magazine reading. I also worked on my friend Tara's logo for her home based business today - and gave her 4 options that I came up with. The first one I hated - but I wanted to show her my thought process, and then my last one, I loved loved loved. I will talk about it more if I'm given permission. It was a fun project to work on, and I emailed her jpg's of the images I worked on - which was actually done in Adobe Illustrator. Gosh I love that program. I love drawing on the computer, it's so much fun - especially since I cannot for the LIFE OF ME draw in real life!

Alright - bed time. I'm beat.

ps- did you know that the average amount of dust collected in a Canadian household is equivalent to 40 lbs each year. No wonder we're always sneezing in this household! I can't keep up with that! (Even though swiffer dusters are my best friend! LOL)....


Drea said...

Sean should still fit into size 2's for a while. I remember Caleb (and he was beyond fat!) fit into those for months.. so Sean should at his size for a good while... unless your one of those mommys who loves big diapers :-) Ive seen moms use diapers that are HUGE on their babies... just because they felt the bigger the longer they could go between pees.

He'll be in 6 month clothing before you know it though. THEY GROW TO FAST!!!!!

Taites still in size 1 diapers... but can fit into size 2s fine. Im getting rid of the disposables very soon though as soon as I get all my cloth ones in. I really do like them better.
Its not hard to use at all.... and they are so much nicer on the skin of the baby.

Plus cheaper!
I love that dino onesie your friend mailed you. SO CUTE. Me and dinos are huge fans :-) Caleb adores them so I do now. heehee

Drea said...

oh and if u didnt live in canada I'd so mail you something !!!

Andrea said...

I'm also reading Knitting Under the Influence. I ordered it and Friday Night Knitting club from Chapters the other week. I'm liking it alright so far.

Summer said...

Sean sure has grown in the last 15 weeks. He's such a big boy. Love the pics of him. I also like the dino onesie that you recieved.

g-girl said...

yay! I'm glad everything arrived safely and that you liked everything. :) glad you like the onesie--I was hoping you'd think it was cute too! :) And yay that you love your stitchmarkers! Ohhh, just wait until Sean is around 6 months--then he'll be wearing 12 month stuff like my niece! It's crazy!!

Robin said...

I liked the Harry Potter books! I love audiobooks, but I read those as they were pre-my discovery of

I did the HP name thing and mine would be Phyllida Crookshanks! Yikes!

Have a great weekend!

Barb said...

My HP name is Avada Acromantula LOL, I love the DPN holder, mine are in a little pencil case type thinghy that I have too hide, it has winnie the pooh on it and Megan thinks it's hers :)

Jenny said...

Wow, he sure is getting big! I really do like that little sleeper but it sure is funny to compare the preemie size to the 6 month size and see how much he has grown.

Wendy said...

Sean is so adorable! He was a tiny one! I need to go back and look at some of your archives very soon!

I love seeing all of your knitting projects! I keep telling the hubby that I want to learn but then I never do! What do you think is the easiest way to begin?

Maggie said...

oh my gosh those comparison pictures are too much! Look at his chub! He's turned into an adorable little fat man (just like Oliver!)

My HP name is Cassandra Bloomfleet and Oliver's is Albus Crockford. hehehe, what fun!

Poor thing, you never have very good luck at your dr's office, do you? Good thing you have a connection there. Won't they weigh him anytime? We can take Oliver up to ours anytime and they will weigh him and measure his height. Although we've never gone up there just for that.