Friday, April 06, 2007

April 6 of 30

Here is finally a photo of some of the yarn I've received in the mail (sock yarn) for Sean's blankie project. If anyone wants to help and has leftover sock yarn to donate for the purpose of this blankie - please email me or leave a comment, I'll send you the details. I am almost ready to start this project. As soon as there is headway, I'll post photographs. I'm just in the middle of getting it organized.

Today for lunch I made myself a "greek style" salad. It was delish! I am a huge fan of cuccumbers, cherry tomatos (or grape tomatos if you want to call them that), and feta. Mmmm feta! And it's such a healthy thing to eat. (Especially since it's "Light" feta!) I could eat this all day long for all three meals of the day. MMmmmmm!

Mini-clapotis got started on Wednesday night while I was at my parents house. I wasn't able to make the knitting meetup - that I really wanted to go to - so instead - I knit anyhow, but on my own. Here is the progress of it - up to date. (Patty - recognize the stitch markers? And Lainie - recognize yours? It's the one that I used as part of the stitch marker swap button!) I am using the Cascade Quatro yarn that I picked up in New Jersey two weeks ago for the mini-clapotis.

Sean loves standing on his two feet, leaning against the arm of the couch... He can't obviously stand on his own, he's only just over 3 months old - but he's got GREAT neck control, and can hold himself up for a few seconds just by leaning against the couch armrest. What a kid! I'm going to be chasing after him before I know it!

Sean also has been holding onto his bottle better and better lately. Before you know it - he'll be holding it all by himself all the time, and won't need his mommy to feed him! (or daddy!)

We had our usual Friday night poker game at our house, and the first game was a big game, with about 7 people, but the 2nd game was just 4 people, Jamie, my father, Jamie's dad and Jamie's step-mom... in the end my dad ended up winning and he gave his winnings plus some to Sean. As you can see above - Sean had quite the grasp on the 50$ bill and wouldn't let go of it! (The money is now securely in his piggy bank - but it will be deposited into the savings account we have for him shortly). Lucky Sean!

I have some sewing projects that I want to do - I will try to get to them soon. (Time - who has time!?) Anyhow, and I also want to make more time in the day for reading. I'm in the middle of reading Knitting Under the Influence - so I want to get to finish that!

I am IN LOVE with Scout's Snowbunny with the turquoise. I'm loving it. Oh wow... She did it for a special order, I wonder if she's got anymore! I love that one, and her appletini is on the top of my list still.... Oh delish sock yarn!

Anyhow, I'm off for now...


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lmao ;)

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Know how you feel!! Hope everything goes good for your next post.

Barb said...

yummy that salad looks good :), and I LOVE that snowbunny colorway, very pretty :)