Thursday, April 05, 2007

14 Weeks

Gosh Sean is getting big - he's 14 weeks old already - I can't believe how fast time flies. Really - where does it go? Today Sean wore his Habs jersey, hoping they'd win tonight. We unfortunately lost 3-1 against the Rangers. If we lose against Toronto on Saturday, that's it for us for the playoffs. But we'll win - right?

Sean loves being in the bath - I don't bathe him everyday, because he's not crawling yet, and there is no need to - but he certainly gets cleaned on a regular basis, and he realized tonight that if he kicks his legs, it splashes. That wasn't fun on my part! Yes, I got wet!

Sean watching the Habs game tonight in his new Bumba chair... he loves it! And so do I!

The doorbell rang tonight, and when I went upstairs (thank heavens I was home), because the postman just left the package on my stairs and left. (I'm not very happy about that - because what if I wasn't home? He's supposed to ring the bell, and if I don't answer, leave a slip for me to go to the local post office to pick up my parcel.... but he didn't do that. What if I was out of town for a week? My parcel would just sit on my stairs til I got home? Yeah right, I'm sure it would be gone by the time I'd return.... so - that's why I'm not really happy in regards to the postman tonight!) But.... I did get my FIRST SP10 package - so I am very excited about this! Wanna see what was inside the pink tissue...? Look below!

Malabrigo! Whoot! I've seen it before, but never bought any received any before, and never knit with it, touched it either! I'm loving the colorway, and I need to find a project to use it for! Anyone have any suggestions - what have you knit Malabrigo for? THANK YOU SO DARN MUCH SECRET PAL 10!

So this is the couch situation in my basement. Jazz has completely DISTROYED our couches. Why? Because he has claws. (I recommend de-clawing!) (But, Jazz is Jamie's cat, and I've only known Jazz the last 5 years of his life, since meeting Jamie - and Jazz is about 14 years old or so right now. (Jamie moved out at 18 years old, and has been living on his own since then with Jazz who was a kitten back then - so that makes Jazz about 14 years old)....

And here is the solution to the ugly couch situation... we chucked 1 couch, (well, it's getting chucked), we have the couch from Jamie's cousin that has been Febreezed, and is now covered) and Jazz & Zeus are both enjoying (and getting cat hair all over) the new couch covers. I really love the shade of green that they are. They actually match my Woven Trellis Scarf - which I haven't knitted since being pregnant.... I should get that WIP to an FO! Soon soon....!

Today I'm all about cherry tomatos. I had a nice salad for lunch with whole wheat pasta with melted garlic butter ontop (no sauce in the house - lol).... (well I had my homemade meatsauce in the freezer, but I was too lazy to wait for it to defrost!)

Today I organized my office a bit more, caught up on a few episodes of the L Word Season 4 (almost at the end), and organized more paperwork for my new tenants to sign tomorrow. I've spoken to 3 of the 4 parents, so everything is looking like it's a "go".... I'm very excited to get that out of the way, since now I'm going to have to deal with my current tenant, and the situation with the damage caused with the installation of the washer & dryer. I'm waiting for my lawyer to email me the draft of the letter they are writing up - so I can approve it before they mail it off to her. It'll probably be next week. They're taking care of it - and they're going to mail it to her from their office on lawyer stationary. (LOL)... I even waited on hold today for 30 minutes about, to speak to a Rental Board employee. I explained my situation to him, and he was totally on my side. He explained what I needed to do (starting with a registered letter that she is repsonsible for the damage). He even explained to me how to trace her after she moves out if the situation is not solved by then. I know she is going to fight the letter - I'm 100% sure of it. Anyhow, what's going to happen, is that she has the option to either "put the apartment back to it's original state" or "up to building code". Obviously I want it up to "building code" so that my next tenants can use the washer & dryer. Obviously it's cheaper for her to just put the apartment "back to it's original state" so, in the registered letter it's going to state that she cannot get anyone to do the work herself, that I will get the estimate, and then do the work once she moves out. This way, I'll get whatever money I can "to repair the damage back to original state" (because I know she's going to opt for the cheaper way), and then I'll then be willing to pay the difference for the damage to be fixed "up to building code". (Proper ventilation of the dryer - which is currently damaging my attic with humidity while being used). I am doing this for the principle. Because I can afford to fix it, that's not the problem. It's the principle that she hired a jobber who did a half-ass job, and how is that my fault? And I know - all of you - my blog readers agree with me on it - because I have been receiving emails and comments about how I am so right - and how she should be held responsible, since it's marked CLEARLY in her lease. She herself signed it...

Anyhow, I don't want to discuss it anymore. I'm feeling SO much better right now about the entire situation, and I'm in a much better mood. But I'm still counting down the days until I never have to see her face again - and I'm just praying that she doesn't screw me over for May & June's rent - (which I will win at the rental board if she does try to stiff me - but Jamie says that she's too scared of him that she wouldn't do that!)

This weekend we have friends coming over to watch the FINAL Habs game Saturday night, and an Easter party with Jamie's step-family on Sunday - and I'm having friends over on Monday for some knitting - as Jamie has to work Monday (he has tomorrow off for Easter - which kind of sucks for him - since he already works from home on Fridays)... at least tomorrow he won't have to log into the office!

Wish me luck for a lease signed tomorrow with no problems (I'm still missing info on 1 of the 4 kids - but the other 3 check out 100% a-okay!)

I knitted 2 rows on mini-clapotis tonight. I should have enough progress to show you a picture tomorrow - so stay tuned!


AJ said...

I ♥ the Malabrigo! Very pretty.

And yes, the Knitty Gritty show on the 9th is MY show! ;) I was a Knitster back in December, (a week before Scout was born), and Scout (from Scout's Swag), was on the show doing handpainted yarns! Watch it for sure if you can.

BTW, I don't know Cookie's show number, but go to the DIY Network website and it will give you all the show numbers and when they will re-air.

Andrea said...

Pretty yarn! I've never knit with Malabrigo, I've just pet it. I think it would be nice as a mitt/hat combo.

Drea said...

wow that cat did get claw happy! grief lol.

That is the same bath we have :-) Its nice. Taite doesnt take a bath but once every 2-3 days haha. Unless he has a massive blow out of his diaper leaks.

Barb said...

oohhh that Malabrigo looks so pretty, i've never seen it before either, can't wait too see what you make :) The mailman did that too me yesterday too, left my parcel against the door, never rang the bell, I onlt knew it was there because I seen the truck out front and got it right away, what's up with Canada Post lately??

Jenny said...

That little habs sweater is so cute! We have some boston redsox stuff for our girl, but not any Avalanche stuff yet!

We still have a glimmer of hope for the playoffs so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Summer said...

Great pictures of Sean, as always.

ScrapHappy said...

Callie says, "Hi Baby Sean!"
Great pics.. and your cherry tomatoes look great!

jennifer said...

oh man i can just smell that lil baby! (love their smell)
he is so dang adorable!

i am hoarding my malabrigo for a my-so-called scarf for myself. But i haven't knit myself a scarf since 2003. I am a gift knitter which means i seem to knit nothing for myself. ugh

i don't understand keeping claws IF AND ONLY IF the cat is strictly an indoor cat and never ever sees the outside. Cause nat's (strictly indoor) cat tore up a perfectly good sofa) and now we have an OAK futon he can't scratch it so it makes him mad. Silly cat.

The Knitstress said...

I've made two pairs of fingersless gloves out of malabrigio, and also calorimtry from Knitty's winter issue


Jennifer said...

That lunch looks yummy...I didn't know pasta was Kosher for Passover! :)

Firefly said...

My SP8 patner uses this on her cats to prevent the scratching up of couches...she is a total granola mom so they are probably quite safe.