Monday, April 23, 2007

April 23 of 30

This morning I headed to the west island, and went walking with my friend Debra. Debra and I met in the pre-natal aqua class. We've kept in touch. Our boys are exactly a month apart. We both delivered exactly 2 weeks early, and our experiences were almost identical (forceps and all!) Look at Sean trying to hold his own bottle!

Above is baby Noah - my friend Debra's son. He's got quite the THICK hair on his head. I can't believe how much hair he has compared to Sean's lack of hair! (And Sean has some hair!)

We had a good time walking over to the Market for lunch. It was really humid out - I can't believe how warm it was today. A week ago we were in winter jackets due to SNOW and today - tshirts and sweat! LOL... The wind made a great resistance against the strollers for a nice workout. I'm pooped!

Tonight I went to my post-natal aqua class and surprisingly there was not a single pregnant woman there (it's pre&post natal together). Just myself & Marie - who had a baby boy 10 weeks ago, named Asher (I like that name). Asher actually slept the entire time during our class in his carrier, and when I left after the class, Marie took him out for a dip in the pool. I have set up a private lesson on the 8th of May for Sean to go into the pool. I want to "learn" how to properly take him in the pool and what to do with him while in the pool.

This evening Jamie & I caught up with the last 2 weeks of Lost. We watched tonight's episode of Heroes, and I'll download 24 tomorrow. (We're still 2 weeks behind on 24, and as of tonight, 3 weeks behind!) (Life with a baby! All good!)

While watching TV, I finished up Square number 7, which I did cast on last night, and I then started square number 8. Square number 7 is Regia in Canadian color 4744. I really love the color, enough to want to buy some for socks for me! I'm loving the shades all together!

What's on tap for tomorrow? Knit up some more squares, and I'm thinking of the size for Sean's blankie. I think 8 squares wide will probably be good. I will then start joining them together. It's just a blankie for Sean. I do plan on making a bigger version of this blankie for our den... but that will be after Sean's "blankie" is done!

I also plan on perhaps walking over to the library near my house and joining. Also - perhaps running a few errands (Sean's bundle me zipper busted, and I want to see if I can exchange it - or if not, just get the zipper fixed. It should NOT be busted after 3 months of usage. The JJ Cole Bundle Me seamed to be a good brand - so I don't know why it busted.

What else... Hmmm.. got some things around the house I could do... so maybe I'll get to that. Oh - and sleep in! That's a must! And maybe get some reading done in the book I'm currently reading.

I did get some mail today, I'll blog about that tomorrow. (Punk Girl Rock arrived - Thanks Melanie! As well as some mail from a friend we met on our honeymoon!)

Alright - off to bed! Must go cuddle with Jamie!

ps - I've heard that some people started receiving their April Sock Club Kit from Blue Moon - does that mean mine will arrive soon? I'm an international participatant - hopefully I'll get to see what's coming shortly! Whoohoo! I can't wait to see what the next colorway is... (Yeah, I'm BAAAD, I have NOT yet cast on my February shipment yet for 2 reasons. 1 being I have too many WIP's right now, and 2 - I'm kind of not fond of the pattern that was given - and while people are having troubles with it - I need to find a new pattern to do it in, so I'll do it when it's right. Promise!)


Drea said...

i remember when caleb was finally able to hold his own bottle it was like a huge milestone! made shopping so much easier. I did use a PODEE system with him though. Google it. Google "Podee Bottle"
THEY ROCK I loaned mine to someone and she never gave it back, grrr

Tammy said...

I received my sock kit today and I'm International. Hopefully you get yours in the next day or two.

knitgirl63 said...

I love seeing the pictures of Sean, he's such a happy baby!

LotusKnits said...

Yay! Glad you got your Punk Rock Girl! I just got my DVD today! Thanks soooo much!