Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24 of 30

I wanted to share these awesome PJ's I got... they're winnie the pooh dressed like SHEEP! If only he had knitting needles in his hands!

Today, while I out - I picked up some shoes for Sean! They are all by the company called Gagou Tagou - and I love them. They're all in the "jeans" collection. I got them in 6-9 month size, because lining up his foot to the chart - my gosh he has big feet! There is no way 3-6 month size shoes would fit him!!

Today was a good mail day, I got my April shipment for the Socks that Rock club. (I'm hoping this color will grow on me... so far... I'm not 100% impressed)....

Here is the cute little keychain that was sent as "extra emergency yarn!"

I also received in the mail today, this lovely package from Andrea in Toronto. She sent me her leftover sock yarn, for Seans blankie. I also got some point protectors, an adorable dragonfly pouch, 2 patterns for socks, and these WICKED magnets below (which are from Lettuce Knits!):

THANK YOU ANDREA - I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You rock girl! I hope the next time I'm in Toronto we can go yarn shopping together!

I also got some mail from Lainie.... some awesome stitch markers & a cotton hat for Sean:

Today I finished Square number 8 for Sean's blankie. I think I am only going to be making it 8 squares wide, after all - it's a baby's blankie! I think 8 squares wide is enough... I will start knitting two of them together when I start a new square tomorrow!

I can't decide what order to put them in, but I think I will be putting them in this order (above).

From left above to right below:

What do you think of this order? Any opinions?

Have you seen this new Will Ferrell video online? If not, click here and watch. What a potty mouth on the little girl!

What else is going on around here? Well, I went out today and did some errands, and took Sean in the snugli. I absolutely LOVE the snugli. So much better than lugging around the baby carrier, or putting Sean in the carrier in the stroller, when I don't have to! I am loving the snugli, now that he fits into it properly! I went to the library near my house and took out 5 books for myself. I had to sign up there, as I'd never been there before. I even got Sean his very own membership! He was allowed! I can't wait until he can start picking out books for himself! I got 1 reference book and 4 knitting books, I'll post their titles tomorrow, I left them in the trunk of my car, and I'm not feeling up to going to the garage to get them right now.

What else did we do today? A return at Walmart... with Sean still in the snugli - I'm loving it! Really... can you tell?

This afternoon Jamie & I caught up on two weeks worth of 24, but we still have yesterday's episode to watch. Boy, it's almost repetative what is going on - and it's as if they can't come up with new & exciting stuff... It's still good, but not as good as the first few seasons. Everything seems to be getting "old".... Even as sexy as Jack Bauer is... he's gotta hold my interest with a good storyline too, you know!

So- I really did damage to my toe on Friday night. (When I hit the couch and my toe was gushing blood...) Well - it's STILL in pain today, and it's as if just that one toe (the one next to my baby toe) is all completely numb. Post-natal aqua last night was HARD due to this.... and today, it's not feeling ANY better at all... I'm hoping it heels soon, it's really a pain to walk on! Oouch!

Alright, I must go wash baby bottles, so Sean has what to drink out of tomorrow. I also have laundry of his to put away. If I don't get it done now, while he's finally sleeping (he was really crabby all evening, refused to sleep, didn't want to eat, and kvetched the entire evening - I really had no idea what he wanted, and I don't think he knew either)..... then it will never get done!

Tomorrow I'm planning on staying in all day (besides a small trip to the post office to mail off a few things), and if it's nice, I'll put Sean in my snugli and walk over to the post office. That'll be nice. Tomorrow night Jamie has to work late, and so I will be having Angela over for some knitting & maybe a movie or something. Haven't watched a movie in a while... so maybe that will be fun. I did watch Karla last week, but that was more documentary style.

ps- don't get me wrong, I still love my Azure Wrap Sling, but right now, in the heat, I'm loving the Snugli more!


Andrea said...

This is the 2nd blog pic I've seen of this month's STR kit. I kind of like it. It's different.

More to comment - I'll just send you an e-mail.

Drea said...

loving those shoes!I think Caleb remained shoeless until he was one hah. He wasnt walking really until 13 months... so there was no point to it. Plus when he crawled shoes would always fall off.
I have some pediped shoes though for Taite. they should fit him around 1... or later because he has such tiny feet (Calebs the boy footed boy).

I have an entire collection of baby shoes i may sell... i wish I would use them but they just give me something else to do that uses my time up lol. but your a 1st time mommy, u got lots of time! ;-)

Lisa said...

ooooh my first sneak peek at this STR shipment! I like it, but I may have to see it to see if I love it. How is the pattern?

That's a lot of sock yarn! Too cool! The blankie is coming along nicely I like the color layout.

Love the cotton hat! very cute.

Ummmm where did you find those PJs? Those are the best ever!

cecily said...

if you want more sock yarn, i have some i'm not planning on using that i could send you. :)

K. said...

Love the STR! Have fun with Angela tonight!

Wendy said...

I love Sean's blankie! I think that the pattern looks great! The shoes are soo cute! I LoVe shoes and Lani already has quite a few!

ScrapHappy said...

LOVE that cutie in that hat!
Glad you got the goodies. :)

Jennifer said...

When did you get the Snugli? So when you go out with him you just leave the bucket seat in the car and put him in and out of the Snugli everywhere you go?

I like the STR kit! I don't know how it will look knit up, but in the skein it reminds me of an old-fashioned quilt. :)

g-girl said...

the STR kit is interesting..how's the pattern though? maybe it'll knit up nicely. I can't wait til you start seaming up the squares! :)

Barb said...

Very pretty STR for April :)