Monday, October 20, 2008

october twenty

Today's earrings.

Sean started coughing on Friday and it lasted until today. I think it was a combination of the air conditioning in the car and in the hotel room. (And being outside on Friday and on Saturday). Anyhow, I kept him home from daycare today though because I wanted to be safe. He doesn't look so sick though in my slippers, does he?

Here's my copy of Free Range Knitter that Stephanie autographed on Saturday night.

My precious sneakers (which I love) are dying. I probably have a few days with them before it's just not cool to wear them anymore, but I will run them down until I can't wear them anymore. I'm hoping maybe I can find another pair exactly the same, but I'm not going to go out of my way to look. Also - I'm in love with these boots and a pair of shoes from Aldo that I can't find the link right now because Aldo's site is being rediculous. I'll share that info later.

These are the lovely gifts that the boys got from Karen as a gift. Thank you again Karen - they love them! Sean promises to share them with Mack when he's old enough to play with them.

Tonight there was a Habs game on, and my boys all geared up enjoyed the game!

Tomorrow is my 3 year blogaversary! I plan on announcing the winners of my contest and showing you the loot I got at Rhinebeck!


Caroline said...

omg, I LOVE the boots! LOVE. I think I may need them.

Amelah said...

Hope Sean is feeling better!!! SO cute Sean & Jamie in their Habs gear!!
I LOVE those boots too, AND they come in blue!!! So $$$$ tho!

T of Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Happy blogaversary! Good for you...and go Habs!

Craftlover said...

you have contest?
I must missed it .....
(let me check when is mine...)

Drea said...

Did you dye ur hair?!
Love the earrings. To cute.
And is that Seans bottle or Macs?
We used those w/ Taite.

Kimber said...

Happy Blogaversary! I am an UGG addict (I get a pair or two each year) but I don't have that style and oddly enough I was eyeing that one this year. Can't wait to see what colour you get!

Tara said...

OK, I'm still laughing that you've even got Habs slippers. You're obsessed, girl!

g-girl said...

you'll love the boots if you get them (I have a classic pair). A lot of the girls at school have the ones you want!