Friday, October 10, 2008

october ten :: 93 weeks old

Sean is 93 weeks old today.

These are today's earrings.

Fall is my fave time of the year. With the leaves changing, the colors are beautiful.

I picked my pumpkin. It's looking good. I plan on carving it a day or two before Halloween.

Despite the frost, I have 2 Zucchinis still growing! I hope they make it. I just need them both to grow a little bit larger. (One more than the other).

I received my final SP12 package in the mail today. I received Knit Simple's August 2008 issue, which I already have, but also the September 2008 one that my usual newstand hasn't gotten in yet, and I've been checking for, for the last month. She usually get them in around the 15th of the month, and she should have had the September issue around mid-August. Never arrived. So it's a good thing she never got it, or I would have ended up with 2 issues the same! I also received a bunch of other British Magazines that I've never heard of before, (which seem to not be in the Ravelry Library, I tried to add them). They look pretty neat, I've been browsing through them. Thank you SP12 Pal! Now I just need to go through my office and find the card from the last package that has your reveal in it... I am a tad disorganized right now, and need to remember where I put it! I had put it away until I received the last package, and now that I have, I must pull it out!

Tonight we had dinner with a cousin of mine from Rio de Janeiro. It was great to see her, and for years she's been begging me to come down with my husband and now with the kids. Maybe one day I'll get to go to Rio! I want to travel the world, so that's definitely on my list of places to visit. She lives right on Cococabana beach. That sounds like heaven!


Bea said...

I like your tree and the magazine package rocks.

Jennifer said...

your pumpkin looks great!!

carolynswafford said...

Your veggies have looked awesome and you should be so proud! Is this the first year you've grown them? Congrats on the pumpkin!

Amelah said...

Really cute picture of you & Sean!!

Congrats on your only pumpkin LOL

Secretly Spun said...

Glad they got there OK and I hope you enjoy them. If you ca't find the card let me know and I'll let you know who I am and what the sock yarns were.

g-girl said...

wow, love that tree! how cool that you grew and just now picked your very own pumpkin! :)