Friday, October 17, 2008

october seventeen :: 94 weeks old & 4 months old

Today's Earrings. I love my Boye Needle Earrings. (They're on sale in my shop!)

This morning we left (bright & early - I was standing ready at 5:45 am with both boys in the dark!) for New York State. There was knitting in the car with beautiful scenery passing us by.

I sat between both car seats in the back the entire weekend. It was interesting, let me tell you. I was "stuck" back there. The only way out was for my mom or sister to let me out by taking one of the 2 boys out! And if both boys were sleeping and we were at a truck stop for me to use the bathroom, I had to climb out from the front seat. Yep, interesting.

Sean enjoyed having his mommy in the backseat next to him. It's rare that I'm not the driver.

Sean is 94 weeks old today. Here he is with his Auntie Amy at a rest stop (where we had really nasty hot dogs for lunch).

Mack is 4 months old today. We did some self-portrait photos in the rest stop bathroom!

Mr. Blue Eyes.

We finally arrived at the Woodbury Commom Premium Outlets in Central Valley, New York. It was about a 5 hour drive from Montreal. My mom's been there a few times before, so she knows the place very well, and knew where to start, where she wanted to go, and had everything organized.

Sean found his good friend Ernie.

And gave him a kiss hello.

Us girls had a great time shopping. I got myself a pair of shoes and some earrings (which I'll showcase in my earring photos). I got some toys for the boys, and some clothing from Carters and The Children's Place. I checked at Carters, they no longer have the same Nunu that Sean has. Dang it!

After dinner at the Olive Garden (I love the Olive Garden - haven't been in years, so I was happy to eat there!) we went to check into the hotel, Mack chilled for a bit, and then both boys crashed.

Very excited for Rhinebeck tomorrow. Will I see you there?


Teena in Toronto said...

Sean and Ernie are just too cute!

Happy blogoversary!

Nell said...

Olive Garden is perfect with kids.

I love that he kissed Ernie!

Bea said...

Got to say your hair looks awesome!